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Use Ershin,Ursula, or the main character to use the action button against villagers in towns. Sometimes they will drop Zenny.

Defeating Dragonne:
Avoid using Earth Attacks because of its high defense against it. Keep using strong combos or Dragon attacks to get rid of his regeneration ability. Be sure to have equipment which can stand against instant death attacks

Healing with apples:
When you go into the woods to find the mayor, you have to use "apples" to lure out an animal. If you run out, find the tree that the man told you about where you can find more. Use Ershil's personal action and head butt the tree. An apple will drop down. The apple is a great healing item for early in the game, healing 100 HP. This may not seem like much, but if many apples, they work well. Stock up to get a full 99.

Easy money:
Go to the question mark west of Fou-Lou's Temple. Go to the area where there was a burning forest. When you fight a Gold Gang and kill it with physical attacks you will get slightly over 1,000 Zenny. If you want even more money, kill it with magical attacks for over 10,000 Zenny. Repeat this as needed.

Go to one of the apple trees and stock up 99 of them. Then, go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10 Zenny to get a total of 990 Zenny. This is useful at the start of the game, but is not worth the effort later.

Go to the island south of Lyp. There is a Moza plant at that location from which you can cut Moza Grass off. Stock up until you have 99 and sell them for 50 Zenny each, for 5,000 Zenny.

Practicing Combos:
Return to the hidden village by Chek after the battle. You will encounter monsters that have high HP and regenerating powers. You will fight six at a time, so you can practice your combos to very high scores.

Defeating Maman:
In the woods where you find the mayor is a tree full of apples. Hit it with Ershin and stock up on apples. Head through the forest to where you find the mayor. You have to fight Maman at this location. Use an apple to distract it for a turn. If you have enough, the Maman will not attack during the entire battle.

The following list explains how to get the Masters.

Abbess: Talk to her in the Village of Chek after talking to all the dragons in their physical forms.

Bunyan: Get the ability to apprentice with all the other eleven Masters. Then, find Bunyan by going to the question mark spot above the Highway and go through a secret passageway mid-way through the mountain range. Go up to his hut and talk to him.

Gyorim: After getting over 3,000 points in fishing, talk to the fishing frog in Lyp.

Kahn: After defeating him for the third time you can find him on the upper west continent in a question mark spot near the flowing tides.

Kryrik: After the sea voyage event, return to Shikk and talk to him. He will apprentice you only if you have gotten 25 or more hits in a combo. Practicing in Chek is recommended.

Lyta: After the Sea Voyage, talk to Sister Lyta in the orphanage in Synesta. You must have already learned Ward for her to apprentice you.

Marlok: Buy the "treasure" from the frog in Sarai for 500 Zenny. Trade it around from city to city until you get a Tin Ball or better. Then, talk to Marlok in Synesta after finishing the sandflier event.

Momo: Just talk to her in the windmill in Wyndia.

Njomo: After working with the Faerie Village after awhile, go to the question mark spot with the house in it. Talk to the fairy upstairs.

Rwolf: Just talk to him near the entrance of Kurok.

Stoll: Pay him all your Zenny in the Bandits Hideout after the Marlok events.

Una: After beating up Kahn for the second time, talk to her in Worent.

Fast Experience From Bots in Sinchon
After the part where Ershin (Deis) summons the Dragon Gods, go back to the ruins in Sinchon. You will battle Bots there that change when hit with combo magic. Be sure you have Ershin with you and remove his red cape. (Too heavy)

You'll need the following:

Burn - give it to Cray
Eddy - give it to Ershin
(Both have low Wisdom to do too much damage)

A lot of Healing Herbs or Ninas magics.

Do the Following:

  1. cast Burn then Eddy; result combo "Firewind"
  2. when successful, Bots will change and do nothing for 2 turns, but doubling their Exp.
  3. Heal them with Herbs or let Nina heal them with magic during those two turns.
  4. repeat steps 1&3 and you will recieve the Bots max Exp. of 65,500++!!!
If you are patient enough, you could be in level 40 early in the game!

I recommend you cycle through some of your masters to develop each character. My characters are in level 41 and this trick still works!

Do this if you want to level up safer (the Bots will do almost nothing in their transformed state)
submitted by Death Evan


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Easy EXP
Here are a couple of good places to earn some nice EXP:

1. Sinchon - Fight the Bots here to earn great EXP. Begin using elemental attacks on them. ie: Wind + Water, etc. The Bots will then "burst open" and their EXP will double in value. Heal them up, and wait a couple of turns until they repair themselves, then continue using elemental attacks until they burst open again and repeat the process until they have a maximum of 65,355 EXP! NOTE: Make sure you don't kill them too early, so try using Lv.1 spells.

2. Mt. Yogy - Fight the Lavoids here to also earn great EXP. Using fire attacks on them will increase their EXP value. Be warned though, they become more powerful with each fire attack you use on them, so if you feel you can't defeat them, then stick to the Bot method. This Lavoid method is pretty much for advanced players. Anyway, it's best that you use Molotov's on the Lavoids until they reach the maximum of 65,355 EXP. At this point, the only way you can defeat them is by using Super Combo. That, and you'll need some power up items such as Ginseng and the skill "Focus" for the additional power you'll need to defeat them.
The locations of all the dragons
Wind Dragon - P'ung Ryong
Location - You get it automatically
Ability - Rainstorm: The higher an enemies HP, the more damage it deals.

Sand Dragon - Sa Ryong
Location - On the sandflier course from Shyde to Shikk, there will be an
isolated section of land near the bottom of the map, us a mound to
jump over to it and go into the oasis.
Ability - Onslaught: Wind elemental, also has chance of confusing enemy.

Grass Dragon - Cho Ryong
Location - On the Golden Plains, wait for a bird to go in front of you, then
keep following the bird to a glowing dot. This dot will lead you
to the dragon.
Ability - Healing Wind: Heals entire party for about 3000, and removes any
bad status ailments.

Tree Dragon - Su Ryong
Location - Go in a ? area that pops up halfway between Checkpoint and Shikk,
take the exit going east to open up the path to him.
Ability - Holy Circle: Front row becomes invulnerable for 1 turn.

Rock Dragon - The Nameless One
Location - Talk to the man in the floodgates section of the River(south of
Chiqua). He will open the pathway to it.
Ability - Fulguration: Takes off 1/8 of enemies current HP.

Sea Dragon - Hae Ryong
Location - See the FAQ or Maps sections.
Ability - Flood Tide: Wind + Water elements, can also stun enemies.

Mud Dragon - Ni Ryong
Location - He's in the same place that he was in the beginning of the game,
the ? spot on the map north of Dam.
Ability - Mud Flow: Water and Earth elemental.


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Enemies that change
Here are the list of enemies that power up and increase their EXP value when certain attacks are used on them, a * beside the enemy name means that it doesn't become stronger, a ^ beside the enemy name means you can only increase its EXP value once:

*^Eye Goo: Blind

*^Mage Goo: Blind

*^Flue Goo: Blind

Goo Count: 3 or more hits dealt on it for more EXP
7 or more hits dealt on it for even more EXP

^Wyd: Use a fire attack to transform it into a Firewyd, and use a water attack to change it back to a Wyd (but why would you want to???)

^Drake: Fire attack

*Bot: Elemental attack(ie: Fire+Wind...)

Legion: Direct attack

Generator: Wind/Water attacks

^Cairn: Earth attack

Lavoid: Fire attack

Orochi: Direct hit

If want you to learn more about Breath of Fire IV, then discuss BoF4 me, and others in the BoF4 forum, here in Neoseeker!
Secret Combo's
There are a few secret combo's that can be performed by each character. They are as follows:

Inferno --> Inferno --> Ahryu P'ung = Earthbreaker

Blizzard --> Blizzard --> Patoh Pah = Catastrophe

Quake --> Quake --> Hwajeh = Supernova

Wind attack --> Water attack --> Melee attack = Ice Sword (performed by Scias)

Fire attack --> Wind attack --> Melee attack = Phoenix (performed by Nina)

Water attack --> Earth attack --> Melee attack = Mudslide (performed by Cray)

Earth attack --> Fire attack --> Melee attack = Reflect (performed by Ursula)
Steal Royal Sword and Royal Armour!
It is possible to steal the Royal Sword and Armour in both final boss battles with Fou-Lou. You need to keep trying to steal until you get it and keep casting speed on the character who is using steal. But make sure that the character who has the steal move has a good agility rating.

It takes forever to do but it is worth it as Royal sword does two hits in a row and Royal Armour is one of the best in the game!
The best equipment
Ryu: Cursed Sword/Royal Armor/Medallion

Cray: Nunchaku/Gideon's Garb/Medallion

Ershin: Mass Driver/Chopam Plate/Medallion

Scias: Cleaver/King's Armor/Medallion

Ursula: Electrifier/Angel's Vest/Medallion

Nina: Ouroboros/Angel's Vest/Medallion