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Changing Equipment in Battle
Don't forget that you can change your equipment in battle. This will allow you to fiddle your speed, for instance if a character needs reviving. You can weight your other two characters down and let them revive and heal your other character after the enemies have moved, preventing an instant KO. Alternativly, you can replace heavy armour with something lighter, allowing your characters to move before the enemy. Or you can choose change your characters relative speed, allowing them to move in a certain order.
Easy Experiece
To gain alot of levels, go to the mountain after fighting Balio and Sunder and use frost on the Tar Man there.
Each Tar Man racks up 70 exp points and is a quick way to reach about level 15-20 bfore entering Wyndia.
Extra Money Early in the Game
In McNeil you can buy a wooden fishing rod, and on Mount Glaus, you can pick up a Heavy Caro. After defeating the Nue, you can use these items for fishing. You can access two fishing points at this point in the game - one has Jellyfish, Piranhas and Rainbow Trout, the other has Piranhas, Puffers, Trout, and a Manillo. Catch several Trout and Rainbow Trout, then use the coin you found on the mountain path, just before Mount Glaus, to catch the Manillo. Exchange your Trout and Rainbow Trout for Silver Knives (2 RT + 2T = 1SK). Each Silver Knife can be sold for 700 zenny. Chances are, when you reach Wyndia, you'll blow all your savings on a Midas Stone (if not, you should, it's a great investment), and you'll be glad of the cash in Genmel.
Fairy Culture
Your Fairy Village's culture level maxes out at 7.
Fairy Stats
The Red bar indicates their skill at hunting.
The Green bar indicates a Fairy's strength - strong fairys make good builders.
The Blue bar indicates their business skill.
Finally, the Sky Blue bar indicates their general intelligence.
Although fish come in many different shapes and sizes, each one has a limit, after which you'll receive no furthur points. In my experience, you've got a 10-20% chance of catching the largest of any given fish - I've never needed to catch more than twenty-five. The limits are as follows;

Jellyfish - 30
Piranha - 40
Puffer - 50
Trout - 70
RainbowTrout - 70
Red Catfish - 80
Bass - 40
MartianSquid - 80
Black Bass - 90
Barandy - 200
Man-o'-War - 30
Flying Fish - 20
Blowfish - 20
Sea Bream - 40
Sea Bass - 60
Black Porgy - 60
Octopus - 70
Angler - 100
Devilfish - 120
Spearfish - 160
Whale - 240
Mackerel - 70
Manillo - 200
Fishing levels
You earn varying amounts of points depending on the largest of each type of fish you have caught. Based on your accumulated points, you are given a rank.

Novice - 0
Novice+ - 100
Novice++ - 200
Rodman - 600
Rodman+ - 1000
Rodman++ - 1500
Rodmaster - 2000
Rodmaster+ - 3000
Rodmaster++ - 4000
Master of Angling - 5000
Master of Angling+ - 7000
Master of Angling++ - 9000
THE FISH - 9500

The total amount of points you can gain is 9999.
Hidden Form you can change into: Taimat
Now, everywhere ive looked on the net about this game, Everyone mentions the different forms Ryu can change into. But, they never mentioned the Taimat Form. When you are in battle, use shadow+trance. Youll turn into the Tiamat. It has a rare move wich, as far as i know, you cant use when in any other form. Doom Breath.(Nuetral, damage altered by hp) Fire based attk wich sends Waves of fire across the screen. If you are high enough lvl, and depending on what creatures your fighting,you can kill them all in one hit.(recommended high lvl for this.) note:you cannot kill Myria in 1 hit with this. or any other boss as far as i know.
How to find the Oasis
To successfully find your way through the Desert of Death, do the following:

Follow the North Star until the Evening Star is directly in the west. You'll know it when the Evening Star is right above you as you turn to the west. When the Evening Star is directly above you, head east until the Evening Star is no longer visible. Simply look back every once in a while to watch the Evening Star slowly descend into the horizon. Once it disappears, head north again until you reach the Oasis.
Ivory Dice
The Ivory Dice is an item which, when used on an enemy, doubles the amount of experience and zenny earned. Having tested it on a Vulcan (which gives 300 exp per person and 450 zenny) the results were as follows.

1 dice = 600 exp, 900 zenny.
2 dice = 1200 exp, 3600 zenny.
3 dice = 2400 exp, 7200 zenny.
4 dice = 4800 exp, 14400 zenny.
5 dice = 9600 exp, 28800 zenny.
6 dice = 19200 exp, 57600 zenny.
7 dice = 21845 exp, and a little over 57k zenny.

As you can see, the experience caps at 21845, while the zenny caps around 57k. I tested this with ten dice, and the results were the same as seven. Therefore, it is more profitable, when using a Vulcan (one of the most exp and ap rich random enemies of the game) to use six dice at a time.

Ivory Dice can only be found in a few places. However, you can use the Faerie Copy Shop to create more. A fairy with a full Sky Blue bar has a better chance of success. Save before entering the village, as success or failure is not determined until you enter. If you have three, or even six fairys working at a time, you will greatly increase your output, although there is more of a random factor.
Ivory Dice - Part 2
After a little more experimentation, I've discovered that it will take the fairies fourteen battles to copy an Ivory Dice. Knowing this means that you can stagger it - start another fairy copying every five battles, if you have three of them working. This will mean that you get a new random dice every five battles, and that you only have to reset a few times until only one fairy succeeds at a time, rather than trying to attain success with all three at once. If you have six or seven fairys working, try having them start two battles after each other. If you have fourteen, try one battle at a time. Although this does mean that you have to save and re-enter the fairy village far more frequently, it also means that you have a far higher chance of success.
Navigating the Desert of Death
Take a look at the ground beneath your feet - you'll see that the sand effect makes a grid shape. When facing North, you should be exactly parallel to the lines, with the true North star in front of you. In my experience, that's the easiest way to make sure you're facing exactly the right way.
The best recipe for Shisu is as follows;

A Mackeral of at least 68cm (it will always be the largest one you've caught).

15 Shaly Seeds.

5 Vinegar.

8 Horse Radish.

Don't forget to knead twice. Afterwards, talk to the Mayor's assistant, and he'll give you a prize based on the quality of the Shisu. The best one is the Shamen's Ring, while the worst is an Ammonia.
Stat Items
You can steal various stat raising items from the following monsters.

Power Food - Foul Weed, Hobgoblin, Night Bat
Life Shard - Titan Goo, Ice Toad
Protein - Vulcan
Magic Shard - Reaper
Training Beyd
This is the easiest way I've found of training Beyd so far. He has three stats which you can work on - HP, which goes up according to how much damage you deal to him, Defence, which goes up according to the number of hits he takes while defending, and Power, which goes up according to the damage he deals to your party.

Use a party of Nina, Ryu and Momo, and make sure one of them has the Backhand skill, which you can learn by apprenticing under Durandel for three levels. It isn't essential, but it will stop you accidentally killing him.

Remove all three characters equipment, leaving them with only their strongest weapons equipped. This should mean that they get extra turns.

Use Nina's first few turns to cast Weaken on each member of your party. Then let her begin attacking Beyd. When his HP gets low, have her use Backhand instead. The ability costs 0AP, and it will allow her to damage him without killing him. Ryu and Momo should make sure your three characters hit points remain high, as well as healing Beyd every so often. When they're not healing, have them watch Beyd, rather than defending. This reduces the chances of reprisals, and keeps your defence low.

When Beyd's hit points are low, he'll defend; attacking him at this point will cause his defence to go up. However, after a certain point, Backhand will do 0 damage, so you may wish to heal him then, since his HP raises according to the amount of damage dealt. Throughout all of this, he will be attacking your party, as long as he's not defending, and your low defence should help him deal high damage.

When the counter reads "2 turns left", have Ryu transform into a dragon. During the final turn have Nina backhand him, then let Ryu use his strongest attack. You could also let Momo attack at this point, but on the first night, he's unlikely to survive her attack. Later on, give Nina armour at this point to lower her agility, so Momo can move first. If Momo's attack doesn't kill him, Nina's backhand won't, which means Ryu can end with a strong attack.

After two or three nights, your own party will have a hard time standing against him. Then you'll know that he's ready.
Vulcan's are large, volcano looking monsters in Breath of Fire III. A useful strategy is to, firstly Steal or Pilfer they're protein. A protein can raise your defence by one. You can also use Ice Spells to whittle their HP down at this point (physical attacks won't work). After you get the protein, cast Burn on them. This will mean that they start moving. They are now vulnerable to physical attacks, and should go down fairly easily. If you defeat them without casting burn on them, you will only gain 180 exp, which works out as 60 per character. If you defeat them after casting burn, you'll gain 900 exp, or 300 per character.
Warning - Part II
At the beginning of the game, save at least one of every weapon you have. After Ray and Teepo leave your party, make sure you have at least two Bent Swords and two Pointed sticks before continueing. This is because, soon after Momo joins your party, you'll meet the master D'lonzo at the top of the cafe, and she'll only allow you to apprentice if you have at least fifteen weapons, not including those you have equipped.
During the first part of the game, while you are playing with Ryu, Rei and Teepo, make sure you manage to get ahold of at least two Pointed Sticks (stolen from Mantraps), and four Bent Swords (stolen from Goblins).

Towards the end of this sequence you will be told to meet someone in a barn (note - you are told to do this twice - it's the second time I'm refering to). Bunyan will come in, and talk to you. Rei will suggest going home.

Don't go anywhere near your home without unequiping everying Rei and Teepo own, and replacing their weapons with Bent Swords. Rei and Teepo are about to leave your party, and you need that equipment.
Wyndia VS Genmel
Don't buy any weapons or amour on your first trip to Wyndia. This is because, after you walk down the road, there'll be a short scene and you'll be in Genmel. You can now buy the same items you could have got in Windia from the Genmel Manillo store. You can get a discount here if you pick up a flier from the Manillo sitting outside (move your camera to see him). Throughout the game, this is a good place to pick up Healing Herbs and other items for 7 zenny.


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About Doksen McNeil Ghost
This is how it works:

Doksen is like a Elemental Counter Guy, if you use any attack on him, he is going to reflect it on you. Example:

You Useon him He uses on you
Flare Flare
Frost Frost
Heal Heal
Holy Weapon Heal
Normal Attack Reprisal
Critical Critical

So watch out if you fight him at McNeil Mannor, i recommend using Silver Knife with Teepo and Heal with Ryu.
Beat Dragon Zombie in 1 turn at the Dauna Mines
1) Cast Restore with Ryu
2) Use Kyrie Skill

NOTE:Garr must reach lv 25 or any char must be under Master Hondara 5 levels.

NOTE: Items that heal, like vitamin doesnt affect him, actually heal him so watch out.
Beat Garr easily at Angel Tower
Before fighting him de-equip him and put him a weak Spear.
After this equip Ryu with.
Ring of Fire or Magma Armor since it would prevent flame damagw which is Garr's Property.
Beat Gazer Boss Easily
Location:In the Lighthouse.
Killing Tip: Use Blind and his eye beam wont hit you!(is very hard to give him Blind status! To having more % use first "Snap" and then "Blind" [in a Dragon Form, preferible with Eldritch Gene])
Beat McNeils Ghost Easily
Use Heal on them and their life would go down pretty fast. This also is effective on the McNeil boss.
Also equipping a Holy Knife and hit them would work too and its better than wasting MP.
Free Berries
For Free berries, go to the coffee shop, and kick the apple tree.
Goo King Sword
The Goo King Sword is Ryu's best weapon. You will fight Goo Kings in the upper reaches of Station Myria.

The first thing you should do is steal their Green Apple from them. This will prevent them from running away. Then simply defeat them.

The Goo King Sword is a very rare drop, so try using Charm to raise your chances.
How to get 999.999 Z
Sounds imposibble or actually very hard, right?

Way #1 (hard+long) Beat 50 ArchMages and sell their Holy Avenger.

Way #2 (medium+long)Steal 100 Seeking Sword from Mist Mans.

Way #3 (easy+fast) Have 12 fairys copy items like Holy Avenger (sold by 20.000 Z) / Royal Blade (sold by 22.500) & Mist Armor (sold by 32.500 Z)
Infinite Croc Tears
Not really a cheat, just more of a helpful hint: In an area in Cedar Woods near the start, there is a lake with two people standing next to it talking to each other, if you stand in front of the lake and keep pressing the X button, you can recieve up to 99 croc tears, this can work anytime in the game, even when playing as adult Ryu.
The Faerie Village
After you recieve the Faerie Tiara from the feisty sprite at the Lighthouse, you will recieve the ability to use any of the flower rings. Once you step over one with the Faerie Tiara in your possesion, you'll have the option to warp to a new dimension. On your first visit, you must take care of some very nasty business with the faeries residing there, but after you've done that, you'll have access to an entirely optional, but fun, subgame.

From then on, you'll be in charge of a small village of faeries who need you to help manage their livelihood. You must allocate enough faeries to hunt for food to ensure the community's survival, and at the same time build up their culture and job abilities. You can access it anytime after entering a Faerie Ring from the world map by talking to the main faerie situated near the enterance.

Moderator Remark:
    I have to add that you cannot build the village as long as Ryu is a kid... Once Ryu has grown up you can start building the village!
    This part is really important to know!

    -- Tricrokra
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