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The ultimate beyblade guide page!!!

Beyblade Part Guides

The best bit chipsragoon(Not so good,attack too high!)
Dranzer(The best bit chip)

The best attack rings:Cross Griffon
Flame Wing

The best weight disk:Eight Balance

The best spin gears:Left Spin Gear with MB
Right Spin Gear with MB(I like this more.)

The best beyblade launchersragoon DX launcher
Dranzer DX launcher(I prefer this.)
Driger DX launcher

Prices for best beyblades

Bit Chipsragoon <200 BP>
Dranzer <200 BP>

Attack Rings:Cross Griffon <100BP>
Flame Wing <100BP>

Spin Gears:Left Spin Gear with MB <70 BP>
Right Spin Gear with MB <70 BP>

Beyblade Launchersragoon DX launcher <100 BP>
Dranzer DX launcher <100 BP>
Driger DX launcher <100 BP>

Total Prices to create the ultimate Beyblade

It is:470 BP!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: The EVERYTHING maniac on June 12, 2004


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Easy bit beast attack

An easy way to launch your bit monster into action is by pressing x heaps of times when you hit the enemy with your beyblade, then after about 15 hits with x just press o and your bit monster will attack! It works with me alot but sometimes it doesn't work.
Verified by: gokussj428, Andy B Submitted by: master cheater big time bro! on September 26, 2003

Getting Bladers A, B and C

To get bladers A, B and C in multiplayer mode, go into tournament mode, but quit (triangle button) as soon as Jazzman pops up. Then, go to free battle, and select the blader, although it is random as to which one (A, B or C) you get.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Alvaroduck on May 06, 2008

How to stick with the other players beyblade!

I did this thing today. I was using Tyson as my player and I was fighting against Robert.
I will now teach you how to stick with your opponents blade and do some serius damage.


1. When you have 20 LP or more do a special launch and use your full speed of your beyblade (the speed you need to have is 10000).

2. Hit your opponent on a wall (its better to have Robert asd your opponent because I haven't tried it with other bladers) and then come right at them and hold the direction on him.

3. When you are on him and you are going to stick off him use your bit beast.

This will make a lot of damage to your opponents beyblade and it might even destroy your opponents blade is done correctly.

***(You have to practice a lot to perform this attack)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dranzer Master on March 31, 2004

new ultimo blade

spin gear-right spin gear with mb
bladebases-phantomgrip base
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Wilfred on June 13, 2004

play as blader a b or c

go to tournament mode press triange on the first match
showing you can only do this on the 1st match showing
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: jonag on September 17, 2003

play as cyber dragoon

To play as cyber dragoon get dragoon upto level 50
not the one at the begining the one you have to buy at the shop.
Verified by: gokussj428 Submitted by: jonathan gambles on October 01, 2003

tournement won!

when you win the tournement mr dickinson gives you a free beyblade part but the problem is the people who play the 1st 3 matches of the tournement are not on the free battle menu
Verified by: gokussj428 Submitted by: yullyuk on September 15, 2003