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Alone in the Dark Cheats

Alone in the Dark cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Alone in the Dark cheat codes.

Alone in the Dark Cheats

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Alternate Methods
There are a few areas in the game where you actually have more than one choice on how to solve a puzzle.

Underground Card Cave / When exploring the cave in the gardens, you can leave the traditional way (the way you came in) or you can place the Metallic Jack on the strange altar to leave through another opening.

The Basement / When attempting to fight the guard near the Grandfather clock, there are three ways to get rid of him. 1) Get behind the barrel near the lever. Use the Blown-Up Paper Bag twice to get his attention. When he stands up, push the lever. Make sure you're not also in the barrel's path. 2) Fist-fight the guard and try to push him out of the doorway which leads to a drop-off. 3) Simply shoot him.

Playing Card Room / When going after the Santa Claus costume, there will be a guard in the corner. Either leave the Whiskey for him to make him happy, or simply fight him to get rid of him for good.
Submitted by: SerialZero on June 09, 2003
Anchor Statue Escape
During the opening bit to the game, Carnby must defeat the dazed guard bare-handed to get his first weapon. You can actually bypass the other guards walking up the drive altogether if you act quickly. After killing the first guard, run up the drive, keeping to the right near the hedge. The instant you come up to the side of the anchor statue blocking the path to the hedge maze, use the push action to move it over just enough for you to squeeze through and get inside as fast as possible. If you do this correctly, you shouldn't even have to tangle with the two approaching guards coming from the house, thus saving yourself precious health and ammo.
Submitted by: SerialZero on September 06, 2003
Avoiding Capture
When playing as Grace during the courtyard sequence, it's difficult to grab the hook from next to the gazebo beyond the car. To grab the item and escape unnoticed, use the trunk of the car as a starting reference point. Make a straight bee-line towards the hook and be sure to WALK only. When you grab the object, instead of turning around, walk backwards to immediately retrace your steps. If you turn Grace around, you run the risk of going off the slight course allowed to you and being noticed by the dancing mobsters.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 09, 2003
Cheat Mode
At the title screen: Press L1, L2, then Left.
Submitted by: SerialZero on December 31, 2003
Fighting Tips
Aiming a gun is extremely difficult in this game and more often than not, you'll end up missing most of your shots. Not to mention the fact that it's also hard to aim when you're being shot yourself.

Try to make sure you have cover if you're using a gun. For example, in the hedge maze, when you hear a guard shout "Hey You!", backtrack and take cover around the nearest corner. Keep your gun cocked and follow the enemy with it as they round the bend. Make sure the gun is aimed directly at them, wait until they stop walking (as it takes them a minute to raise their own weapon) and plug them.

Also, if you can get away with it, try using melee weapons like swords against your enemies whenever possible. Since guns are hard to manage, melee weapons will keep them from attacking you if you keep hacking away at them continuously. This is most useful in tight spaces. If there is more than one enemy, use the first one as cover, keeping him between you and the one firing at you. They'll hit your enemy instead, killing him faster. Then bum rush the second guard and stab away. Left hook swings and forward jabs work best. Right hand jabs and backward swings take too long to pull off and you'll just end up getting shot in the process.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 16, 2003
Get The Good Ending
It is a common problem at the end of the game to not know which actions to take in order to correctly defuse the cannon so that the ship does not explode.

First, be sure to grab Nichol's Sword from the deck.

Second, make sure you free Grace from the mast with the Pliers.

Third, defuse the cannon at the front of the ship.

Fourth, fight One Eyed Jack using Nichol's Sword.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 10, 2003
Health Flasks
Whenever you get a Flask or any other healing item, use them on Carnby right away. Flasks are cumulative and will keep upping his hit points no matter what, so it's best to use them as soon as you get them. This will signifigantly reduce the clutter in your inventory as well as making sure that Carnby isn't killed if you have low health and can't manage to use a Flask in time. Bullet-proof vests are also cumulative, so you can put one on top of the other.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 16, 2003
HO HO - Oh, Never Mind
When Carnby first arrives in the Mansion Basement, make sure you pick up the Santa Costume from the Playing Card room. If you're not wearing it before you go upstairs, the Mini Chef will alert all of the guards to your whereabouts.
Submitted by: SerialZero on May 10, 2003
Pushing Your Old Partner Around
When Carnby falls into the basement after escaping the gardens, he comes upon his old partner Stryker. If you switch over to Push/Pull mode you can actually push him off the cliff!
Submitted by: SerialZero on May 03, 2003
Two Birds, One Trident
When attempting to get the crown from the statue with the trident, Carnby must sneak up from the side and grab it so as not to trigger the mechanism. However, that's the least of the problem. Every time you go through that room there's the danger of straying to far from the wall and getting a harpoon in the arse. That's where your little friend the Chef comes in handy. Simply wait until he starts one of his rounds and heads back towards the kitchen. Get the trident to fire, then run ahead of the chef into the kitchen and make sure he's between you and the projectile. If you arrange it just right, it will kill the Chef instead and you'll be free of that worry forever.
Submitted by: SerialZero on February 03, 2004
Using The Cannon
When Grace ends up in a bedroom after clearing the top deck of the pirate ship, this is how to correctly use the cannon to get out of the room.

Also, note that sometimes after you have Grace use something, it appears that she will not perform the action right away. Simply move her towards the object in question when she has the item in her hand and she will automatically start using it. It can be tricky, so make sure you save your game often.

To get out of the bedroom;

1) First, stand close to the doorway and USE the Small Cannon. Grace will set it on the floor.

2) Second, USE the Pepper Shaker on the cannon. Grace will fill it up with spice.

3) Third, THROW the Crystal Vase. It will shatter against the wall, alerting a guard to your location. The door will open, and the guard begins to laugh.

4) Fourth, as soon as the guard begins to walk inside, USE the Tinderbox on the cannon. As with the earlier explanation of Grace not doing things right away, this can be tricky. So make sure you've saved your game before you throw the vase just in case you can't get the cannon to go off right away. Sometimes you can even have a minute or two to light the cannon if the guard remains stuck in front of it. Only when he catches Grace is the game definitely over.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 13, 2003
Using The Ice Box / Molasses
There is a certain order you must use these items in to prevent getting stuck in the game.

When the first guard spots Grace in the kitchen, back up and use the Ice Box in the doorway. This will cause him to slip and break his neck, clearing the passage for you. If you use the Molasses instead, he will get stuck and block your path out of the kitchen.

When the second guard spots Grace upstairs in the hallway, use the Molasses in the doorway as you head through. He will get stuck in it and be unable to follow you into the rooms beyond. And since you are automatically transported downstairs later, the possibility of him blocking the doorway doesn't matter. In any case, most of the time you can slip by him while he's stuck if you need to though.
Submitted by: SerialZero on July 13, 2003