Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Cheats

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage cheat codes.

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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Cheats

Swimming, headbash and climbing Abilities
Pause during a game and press Circle (x4), Square to obtain the swimming, headbash and swimming abilities without going to the respective levels and buying them from Moneybags.

Find Gems
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and Sparks will point you in the direction of the nearest Gem.

Big head mode
Pause during a game and press Up (x4), R1 (x4), Circle to increase the size of Spyro's head.

Flat mode
Pause during a game and press Left, Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square.

Crash Team Racing demo
At the Title Screen, hold L1 + R2 and press Square.

Invincibilitysubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press Square, Circle (x4), X, Square, Circle, L1.

All abilitiessubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press Circle (x4), Square.

Big Head Modesubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press Up (x4), R (x4), Circle.
Note: You can't have Flat Mode and Big Head mode at same time.

Flat Modesubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press Left, Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square
Note: You can't have Flat Mode and Big Head mode at same time.

Superflysubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press L1, L2, R2, R2, L1, R1

Superflamesubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press X, X, X, X, Circle, Circle, Square, Left
Superfreezesubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press L1, L2, R1 x4, Triangle
Level Selectsubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press Square, Square, Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down
Extra Hit Colorsubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press Square, Up, Square, down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Circle
99 Livessubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle
Crash2 Demosubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

At title screen hold L1, R2, then press Square.
Crash3 Demosubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

At title screen hold L1, Triangle.
Add 10 Orbssubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com

Pause during a game and press Square (x10), Circle
NOTE: you can only use this once
Add 13 Orbssubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Pause during a game and press Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Left (x5), Down (x5)

Change Spyro's color
To change Spyro's color, pause during a game, and enter one of the following codes:

Red Spyro: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle.

Blue Spryo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, X.

Pink Spryo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square.

Green Spryo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Triangle.

Yellow Spryo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up (x2).

Black Spryo: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down.

Fill Breezwoodsubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
First, head over to the pool with shallow water. Kill all the enemies nearby, then set the logs near the pool on fire. The water level should be even with one of the stairs. Swim there, then hug the wall to the Right. You should be at the top Right corner of the step. Now without pressing any directional buttons, dive. All of Breezwood should be under water.

Note: Even though this makes the trolly ride easier, don't get on the trolly. Just swim on the track, as if the trolly wasn't there.

Fill Sunny Beachsubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Go to the ladder where the old turtle is standing and climb up it. Go to the chef but don't except his challenge. Instead, jump into the water on the side, sticking close to the wall. Swim to where the pipe is, then go half way to the surface of the water. Stay to the wall with steps, heading back to the chef. All of Sunny Beach shoud be submerged in water.

Swim In The Air On Sunny Beachsubmitted by Beta-Raptor - zacharyfriedman@home.com
Go up the ladder to where the chef is, then run towards the pot so the camera view changes. Jump into the water so the camera view doesn't change (do this by sticking as close to the wall as possible). Swim around until the camera view changes. You will automatically be brought before the chef and will be swimming in the air.
Note: You will not be able to swim in the air if you swim on water.

View credits
Pause during a game and press Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Command codes

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how to get out of atlantis (the place you have to fill)
start at the king sea horse and circle the place keep doing this and you will see yourself getting farther and whala youre out of atlantis p.s.do this whal charge/swimming


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Half purple half other colour
When you change spyro's colour using the colour cheats, when you go in the water, not underwater, but just swimming on top of the water, the part in the water is purple, the other half is the colour which you turned Spyro in using one of the colour cheats!
A Skill Point!!
Okay, so there's this Skill point I know about in Idol Springs. You must get through all the locks in order to get to the point. You glide to each of the platforms outside the place with the foreman dude. When you get to the straw hut go one forward and look at the idol in the supercharge area. You mut land on top of that idol. You can only use this once, but it'll give you a life.
Another Skill Point!!
There is also a Skill Point in Hurricos. You have to flame all the small windmills.
Aquaria Towers orbs
Here's how to get them:
Seahorse Rescue: Talk to King Flippy. He will tell you to rescue his six children in each of the numbered towers. Get all six while avoiding the obstacles and you'll get the orb.
Manta Ride I: Talk to Hunter. (he's near King Flippy)Say yes and he'll let you ride his manta ray. Go through all the rings and you'll get the orb but...
Manta Ride II: A bit harder. There are sharper turns in this one. Make it to the end and you'll get the final orb.
Autumn Plains orbs
Here explains where to get them:

The end of the wall: Go to the room with Metro Speedway. Now glide to the right to get onto a path. Charge the wall at the end of the path and get the orb.
Long Glide!: Once Proffeser opens the wooden door for you (you'll need 8 orbs for this) follow the path. When you see a cracked wall, charge it. Take the whirlwind to the roof. Take the next one to get to the tallest place in the level. Glide onto the circular platform in the distance to get the orb.
Breeze Harbor Orbs
Mine Blast: Simply shoot all the mines in the level with a cannon.
Gear Grab: Once you activate the power-up get on the trolley. Grab all 50 gears with out crashing and you'll get the orb. (I think this is one of the hardest orbs to get.)
Colossus Orbs
Here's how to get them:
Hockey vs. Goalie: Find the hockey rink. Talk to the person and say yes. Get the puck in the goal 5 times in two minutes and you will get the orb.
Hockey one on one: A bit harder. After you get the first orb, talk to the same person. Say yes again and you will play one on one. Get 5 goals before the red player and get the 2nd orb.
Evil Spirit Search: Find the proffeser. He will ask you to flame green stautes so a spirit can't hide. Flame all ten and get the last orb.
Crystal Glacier Orbs
Draclet Cave: Talk to Shamon Tik. Use the superfly power-up and flame all the draclets in the cave behind him. The less that are left alive, the slower they will multiply. Kill all 18 and recieve your orb.
George the Snow Lepeard: Go right behind Shamon Tok. See George? Flame three fish for him. Then he will stat to follow you. Lead him back to Shamon Tok and get your orb.
Easily get the orb in Breeze Harbor
Here's a way to get that annoying Gear Grab challenge easier: Activate the second fire. Go to the step closest to the fire. Press []. You should be swimming in mid-air! (Note: The game will crash if you get hit by an enemy) Swim up and get onto the track. Even if you hit an obstacle the game won't reset! Once you're sure you've gotten all the gears, talk to the guy who offers you the challenge. You should get the orb without having to ride the trolley!
Easy way through
Shutting down the factory in Hurricos takes me a while. But then I found out about the Sky High In Hurricos cheat. I tried using that to boost me up toward the factory and it really helped!!
Extra Percentage!
When you get a superfly powerup on the game and you have to pay Moneybags to go over a bridge, use the super fly power up to go over it! One place you can do it in is Glimmer when your lighting the bulbs (inside).
Fall off the edge of the world
Unlike other spyro games, when you jump and then charge you get boosted up. If you do it towards a wall at the end of a world you may get to the top and you can fall off on the other side. This works in worlds that you arent supposed to fall off edges. Examples are Glimmer and Fracture Hills.
Glimmer Orbs
Here's how to get them:
Gem Lamp Flight Outdoors: Talk to Kanga (or whoever is near the power up in the final courtyard). Then use the superfly and flame all the gem lamps. You have to get them all in one go because they exstinguish themselves.
Lizard Hunt: Talk to Bounsa. He will give you a rock. Spit it at the lizard. Once you've killed 6, you'll get an orb.(The only lizards that should prove a challenge are the 3rd, 5th, and 6th because they move)
Gem Lamp flight in Cave: A harder version of the 1st one. Just use the same stratigie and you should be fine.
Gulp Tips
When you fight Gulp you'll realize he can swallow objects (only after 3 hits). Here is how to avoid them: When he swallows a barrel, it will make him shoot green fire. Just jump over it. When he swallows a bomb, he will cause red fire. Go between it. When he swallows a missle he's BAD. The missel will chase you for 15-20 seconds then it will explode. It will also explode if it hits something (hopefully not you!).
Extra lives
An extra life is obtained for every ten butterflies Spyro eats.

10,000 gems
Money Bags gives you all your gems that you paid him back after beating Ripto, thus giving you 10,000 gems if you collected all of them.

Permanent Super Fireball
You get to go to "Dragon Shores" after defeating Ripto. All 10,000 gems and 64 orbs are required to enter the door at that location. A permanent Super Fireball power-up is inside. After picking up the permanent Super Fireball power-up, finish "Dragon Shores" and exit the game. Then, without turning off the PlayStation, overwrite the character that was just used to complete the game. Restart the game and it should allow you to keep the Fire Ball ability from the very beginning.

Summer Forest Idol Springs portal
As you first enter the world, swim in the pond. At the far side is a tunnel to the first of three puzzles. To complete the first puzzle, jump on the squares to turn the blocks yellow. Jump on the four corners in any order. Then, swim out to the idol in the center of the pond. Blow fire at the fish as they leap out of the water. Only blow at the blue and orange fish. The red ones will deduct fish. At the last puzzle, jump on the blocks in this order: blue triangle, gray triangle, yellow star, orange octagon, and green star.

Complete all sixteen skill points to unlock the "Epilogue" section in the guidebook. This option reveals what happens after the game as well as enemies that were made but were not in the final version.

Skill points
After defeating Ripto, a "Skill Points" section will appear in the guidebook. If you complete certain tasks in the game, you will be awarded a skill point. There are a total of 16 skill points in the entire game. After accomplishing one of these tasks, a sound will play and a bonus life will be awarded.

1. In Colusus, get a perfect score. (5-0) while playing hockey 1 on 1.
2. In Idol Springs, glide and land on the big idol next to the hula girl.
3. In Fracture Hills, charge through the supercharge lap three times without stopping.
4. In Skelos Badlands, destroy all the Cacti.
5. In Skelos Badlands, kill all the flying CatBats.
6. In Aquaria Towers, destroy all the seaweed.
7. In Hurricos, destroy all the little windmills.
8. In Scorch, knock coconuts out of all the trees.
9. Defeat Crush without being wounded.
10. Defeat Gulp without being wounded.
11. Defeat Ripto without being wounded.
12. While fighting Gulp, shoot a rocket at Ripto.
13. Beat Ocean Speedway in under 1:10.
14. Beat Canyon Speedway in under 1:10.
15. Beat Metro Speedway in under 1:15.
16. Beat Icy Speedway in under 1:15.

Moneybags' lessons
Lesson Location Price
Swimming Summer Forest near pond 500 Gems
Climbing Autumn Plains near the sheep 500 Gems
Headbashing Winter Tundra near courtyard 1000 Gems

Speedway Orbs
To earn the Orb in each of the four speedways you must first find the hidden task to perform. The game cannot be completed 100% without the Orbs.

Ocean Speedway
There is a large group of spectators, ahead and to the left as you begin the level. Fly to them and talk to the fish-like lady to acquire the task. Complete the task to receive an Orb.

Metro Speedway
Fly toward the large group of buildings. There is a waterfall in the center of them. Fly behind the waterfall to find a person that will reveal the task for the Orb.

Icy Speedway
Fly around the main island until you locate a igloo. Headbash the igloo and Hunter will give you the task for another Orb. If you have not learned the Headbash maneuver from World 3 (since this Speedway is on World 2), you can simply land and run into the igloo. The Speedway's automatically supercharges you when on the ground, giving you the power to break it.

Canyon Speedway
Follow the path of goats until reaching the area with the circling vultures. Fly high above to the canyon rim and look for Hunter in a little nook.

Summer Forest Orbs
Find Hunter near the large pond and he will reveal a series of jumps to perform.

Dive down a pool of water to your left where you started the level. Climb the stairs at the end to find the Orb.

Once you have learned to climb, go to the large orange circle room. Climb the ladder to find the Orb.

There is a door then some stairs in the room where Moneybags lowers a wall. At the top should be a window and a closed door to the right. Glide out the window and move to the left into another window to find the Orb.

Autumn Plains Orbs
Before the stairs leading to the Boss are some cracks in the wall which you can ram through. Use the whirlwind, and then the next one, to reach the high tower. From here, look ahead and you will see a tall platform in the distance, outside and to the left of the outer wall of the main yard. Glide to it and get the Orb.

From the tall platform (above), glide the outer wall and make your way to the left. At the end you should see another cracked wall. The Orb is inside.

Winter Tundra Orbs
Use the whirlwind in the courtyard to rise high in the air. From here, go right and find the a waterfall going into a pool of water. Dive in the water and follow the path to the last Orb. You should come out near Canyon Speedway.

Use the whirlwind again to go to the left side of the courtyard. Land on the wall. The Orb is just sitting there and is easy to find.

After you learn how to headbash, look for the largest rock near the entrance to the courtyard. Headbash the rock and to find the Orb inside.

Hurricos Orbs
Here's how to get them:
Stone Theif Chase: Talk to Amper. Place all the stones until you hear an alarm. That means a theif has been spotted. Kill all 10 then replace all the stones and you will get the orb.
Factory Glide I: Talk to Kosmos. Glide across the windmills. At the end Brainy will give you the orb but...
Factory Glide II: From the second orb hover across the wind mills. At the end talk to Spike. Push the button in the noisy room and Spike will give you the orb.
Idol Springs Orbs
Here's how to get them:
Foreman Bud's puzzles: Find Foreman Bud. He will challenge you to three puzzles. Complete all three and you will get the orb.
Hulagirl Rescue: Find Hulagirl Stella. Use the supercharge to go through all six Idols. This is hard because you have to get them all in one go.
In Breeze Harbor, a glitch allows you to "swim" everywhere.
If collecting 50 gears for Fisher the Breezebuilder is troubling you, try this tip.
Right after the first fairy there are some steps leading out of a pool of water. Lighting the fire near that fairy raises the pool's water level till it's just barely covering one of the steps. While floating on the water, drift up to that step that's just barely wet, and use the "square" to dive into that "wet" step. You will now be "floating" and can swim nearly everywhere. Swim along the tracks and pick up all 50 gears, don't go near the sled or the window leading from the sled to Fisher the Breezebuilder or the game will lock-up and you'll have to do a cold start. To stop "swimming" go through the "springy" power up and talk to Fisher to get your orb. You will have to ride the sled briefly and use the sled cannon to break the steel gem crate.
Make Sparx Point to the Nearest Gem
To make Sparx point to the nearest gem, while playing the game press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.
No more super charge laps in Fracture Hills!
When you start the game again with permanent fire ball, you won't have to do that super charge lap in Fracture Hills because you can just super flame the metal door. If you need the gems as well, you can super flame the metal doors along the lap.
Ocean Speedway Track
Hold X to go through the rings and arches. Go
against the flow for the boats and cars and do them in the following
order: rings, arches, cars, boats.
Power Ups
In every level there are power ups activated by spirit particles. I will list the level and the power up.

Glimmer: Superfly
Idol Springs: Supercharge
Collosus: Big Bounce
Hurricos: Supercharge
Sunny Beach: Super flame
Aquaria Towers: Super flame
Skelos Badlands: Invincibilty
Magma Cone: Superfly
Breeze Harbor: Big Bounce
Shady Oasis: Invinciblty
Crystal Glacier: Superfly
Fracture Hills: Supercharge
Scorch: Super flame
Zephr: Super flame
Cloud Temples: Super Freeze
Metropolis: Superfly+Super flame
Mystic Marsh: Big Bounce
Robotica Farms: Supercarge
Ripto Tips
Ripto has different attacks. I will list the power-up he gets by orbs:
Form 1:
Red: Shockwave attack. Easiest to avoid. Jump it and get on with your life.
Blue: He chases you around the arena untill the blue balls around him disappear.
Green: Hardest to avoid. This is similar to when Gulp swallows a bomb (see my Gulp Tips section for more detail) except he shoots three times instead of one.
Form 2:
Red: Shoots a dragon at you. Try to track it into hitting him.
Green: The Mecha-Gulp soots beams from his eyes. Keep jumping it till it wears off.
Blue: Avoid the shadows to avoid the pain.
Save yourself
If you fall off an edge or cliff, hit Pause before the screen goes blank. Then, Exit Level. Walk back through the portal and you will have the same number of lives.
Secret Cutschene
You know those cutschenes you see when you exit a realm? Well, although you didn't know it, Glimmer has one. Here's how to play it: Start a new game. Make it to the portal. Then from Summer Forest, go back to Glimmer. Go through the portal again. Before entering Summer Forest, you should see the cutschene. Note: The cutschene only plays once.
Skelos Badlands Orbs
Lava Lizards I: Go to a place with a bridge. Go across the bridge and the game will begin. Simply kill the dinosaurs before they eat the villagers. Kill all 8 and you'll get the orb.
Lava Lizards II: Save the villagers again! This time you have to kill the dinosaurs in the order that they hatch because they seem to hatch quicker.
Dem Bones: Kill all the Lava Toads and get their bones. Get all the bones and you'll get the orb. You also get to see the bones funky dance!
Sky high in Hurrocus
Go through the level until you reach the supercharge powerup. Destroy one of the nearby windmills. Don't activate the switch. Jump on top of the button so you are wedged between the button and the wall. When the screen starts shaking, press up down left or right and you will be blasted high above the level
Special Abilities
Most realms need a special ability to complete them. I will list those abilities here:

Summer Forest: Swimming & Climbing
Glimmer: Climbing
Idol Springs: Swimming
Collosus: None
Sunny Beach: Swimming & Climbing
Hurricos: None
Aquaria Towers: Swimming
Autumn Plains: Swimming & Climbing
Breeze Harbor: Swimming
Crystal Glacier: None
Skelos Badlands: None
Scorch: None
Fracture Hills: Headbashing
Zephyr: Climbing
Magma Cone: Climbing
Shady Oasis: Headbashing
Winter Tundra: Headbashing
Cloud Temples: None
Mystic Marsh: Swimming
Metropolis: Climbing
Robotica Farms: Headbashing
Summer Forest orbs
Here is how to get the orbs in Summer Forest:
Hunter's Challenge: Find Hunter. He will tell you to do multiple jumps. Make it to the last platform and he will give you the orb.
On a secret ledge: First, learn how to swim. Then go back to the beginning of the level. Swim to the pool on the left. Follow the trail until you get to a room of stairs. At the top is the orb.
Up a ladder: Climb the ladder where Elora is standing.
Behind the Door: Go to the room with Ocean Speedway. Go to the right. Do not press the button. Go out the window and hover to the one on the left. Go inside to get the orb.
Sunny Beach Orbs
Here's how to get them:
Turtle Soup I: Talk to the chef. He will tell you he's going to cook some turtles and you have to stop him! Flame or charge the turtles into the water. If you've rescued enough the chef will hand over the orb but...
Turtle Soup II: Same as above except there are more turtles and they seem to come quicker.
Blasting Boxes: Use the Super flame to break open all the turtle boxes in the level.


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hang with the hockey players!
In the level with the hockey, colosus?, get the springs and jump onto the building with the guy who lifts the statue. then special jump on to the wall on the back using square and x. then go to the edge and fly to the platform just ahead. then jump to the mountains and follow them up and turn. then fly on the goal post. turn left and fly to the crevice inbetween the mountains. once on it turn right towards the mountain and special jump up it and keep going up until you fall in. you will be in the waiting room with the hockey players. to leave just walk thru the door or go out the wall and fall into obivion.
Swimming in the air in Mystic Marsh
In the water near Snoozle the Waterwizard, there is a tree. Go between the tree and the ground where the water wizard is and press the square button while close to the tree. it may take a few tries to get it right, but you can swim in the air this way. If you touch the water while swimming in the air, you will return to normal.


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Change Spyro's Shape
There are two ways to make Spyro change his shape: Big Head Mode and Flat Mode.

Go to the pause screen and press one of the following button conbinations to make Spyro go into the corresponding mode:

Big Head Mode - Up, Up, Up, Up, R1, R1, R1, R1, Circle

Flat Mode - Left, Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square
Color Codes
While Playing the game, pause the game and press one of the the following button sequences to make Spyro change to the corresponding color:
    Red: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
    Blue: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, X
    Pink: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square
    Green: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Triangle
    Yellow: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up
    Black: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down
Cool cheats
In spyro 2, money bag's give you new abilities. Dont pay him, just puase game, press o, o, o, o,
Extra Hit Point
To give Spyro an extra hit point, pause the game and press the following button combination:
    Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Circle.
summer forest and autumn plains swim in air
to swim in air in summer forest go to the island on top of idol springs and d-jump and glide to the island where the orb is but you wont mae it so quickly pause the game and quit then re-load your file and youll be swimming
for autumn plains theres not much water so enter the little pool of water and swim around in a full square once and come out then quit the game and re-load your game and youll be swimming
Superflame Cheat
To do this you have to have a 100% game saved in one of the 3 slots available as well as the permanent superflame ability in that game.
When the Press Start menu appears, press Start. Then go to your completed game. Once there press fire continuously (You should see fireballs going off). While continuously firing, press start and quit the game. Afterwards, go to a game that you haven't completed yet, or start a new game (DON'T ERASE THE 100% GAME, OR YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO DO THIS ONCE). When you start the game in Glimmer, test your fire. If you have done this right, you will have permanent superflame without having to step through a superflame powerup. (You will have to go through the one in Metropolis because it's a dual powerup.)
the unlimited fly glitch
while in a speedway any speedway at all fly towards the water and just before you hit it pause and when you pause you should hear a rumble in the controller exit the level and glide if it didnt fly you didnt do it right
Unlimted Superfly
Pause the game in one of the speedway levels, then press Up, Down , Left, 0, [] then Start and immediatly exit the level, You should have unlimited superfly.
View Ending Credits
To view the ending credits, pause the game and enter the following code:
    Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right