Silent Hill Cheats

Silent Hill cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Silent Hill cheat codes.

Command codes

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Why is so plumpy
When you arrive to the real Midwich school, wha you find is more like a max. security prison. The thing is, that the locked doors will change position. If you use the girl's bathroom on the 1st floor and vice versa, you'll end up in the opposite floor.

This "portal" gives you access to the boys bathroom on the 2nd floor, which contains 2 boxes of handgun bullets and a box of shotgun bullets.


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Hyper Blaster
To obtain this, finish the Game with the UFO ending, and when you start a New Game, you'll have it in your inventory. The gun has three levels of power:

Red Beam: Hand Gun
Yellow Beam: Shotgun
Green Beam: Rifle

To get the Green Hyper Blaster, You have to get a Ten Star ranking.


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A Minor Glitch (Happens only on PS3)
After the cutscene in the Cafe, when you are able to move. There's a rather annoying sound glitch, a long beep. It goes away after you exit the cafe and does not happen again.

Easter eggs

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In Central Silent Hill
On the South West side of Crichton St. There is a restaurant called "Konami Burger". I bet you get a free Konami game with every order!


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Fast Dialogue
Note: This trick requires a PlayStation2. Change the
PlayStation driver options to "Fast Loading". During
the various FMV sequences, the character dialogue will play faster,
making them sound like chipmunks.
Final Boss Cheat
Before you fight the final boss (Alessa or Samael, it doesn't matter), empty out all of your weapons. When you go to meet her, she will attack a couple of times and then die instantly. Note: This will not work if you have the Hyper Blaster in your inventory, because it has infinite ammo.
Hint for true ending
Successfully beat the game with the best ending to get the Channeling Stone.You have to use this item in five different locations:
1.On the roof of the school
2.In the hotel parking lot
3.The cabin of the boat
4.Outside the enterance of the hospital
5.On the top of the light house
Key To The Endings
Here are the requirements for getting each of the five possible endings:

Bad Ending / Don't save Cybil or Kaufmann
Bad Ending + / Save Cybil, but not Kaufmann
Good Ending / Save Kaufmann, but not Cybil
Good Ending + / Save Cybil and Kaufmann
UFO Ending / Use the Channeling Stone in the following areas during your second game through:
1. On the roof of the hell version of the elementary school
2. Outside the hospital doors before the giant moth battle
3. In the parking lot of Norman's Motel
4. Inside the boat before going to the lighthouse
5. On top of the lighthouse
piano cheat
to get the silver moon in the school, you have to play the piano keys in a certain way to release it
this is the method
1.the first white key that dose not make a tune
2.the last white key that dose not make a tune
3.the last black key
4.the key on the left of the key 2
5the very first black key
You will notice that these keys do not make a tune
Secret Items
Channeling Stone: Obtained by acquiring the Good + Ending. Located at the Convenience Store.

Gasoline Can: Obtained by finishing the game once. Located at the Gas Station.
Secret Options Menu
Go to the Options screen and press any of the four trigger buttons on top of the controller (L1, L2, R1 or R2).
Secret Weapons
Chainsaw: Obtained by finishing the game once. Located at the Cut-Rite Chainsaw store.

Rock Drill: Obtained by finishing the game once. Located at the Drawbridge Control Tower.

Note: You can only have one of these two during any game, as you need to use the Gas Can to operate them.

Katana: Obtained by finishing the game with a rating of six stars or more. Located at the Dog House on Levin Street behind the locked door.

Hyper Blaster: Obtained automatically after acquiring the UFO ending.