Gran Turismo 2 Cheats

Gran Turismo 2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Gran Turismo 2 cheat codes.


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License Unlockables
Get all Gold medals in the licenses to unlock the cars below:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Spoon Honda S2000Get all Gold medals in the B-Class License
Dodge Concept CarGet all Gold medals in the A-Class License
Miutsubishi FTO LMGet all Gold medals in the International A-Class License
Honda Del Sol LMGet all Gold medals in the International B-Class License
Mitsubishi 3000GT LMGet all Gold medals in the International C-Class License
Toyota GT-ONE TS020Get all Gold medals in the Super License


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100% is doable
Okay, to get 100% you must do every race, get gold in all of the license tests, do all of the manufacturer races. You cannot get 100% unless after you have done all of this, you save the game and reset it. Instead of choosing English, choose Dutch. Go to whichever city has Vauxhall in it, and it will have been removed. In its place, a little to the right, will be another company called opel. Do the manufacturer races, save and reset. Go back to English and you will have 100% game completion. so to all you ppl who reckon you can't get 100%, try it and you will see that you got it wrong.
Easy money 2
alright I found a way to get 10,000 cr in about 2min or less (depending on the car)what you need to do is get the I-B. Then make sure your car can get a racing mod, if it can get it (if you dont know you need all 3 weight reduction) after you get it and upgrade your car get dirt tires and go to Rally to the middle track on the right side of the first page. then choose the third race (it should be worth 10,000 cr). select it. Once the next screen comes up go to Ghost and put it on NO GHOST. enter the race and all you need to do is finish the track to get your 10,000. Try it and it'll WORK!!!!! this would be helpful for all you people who either cant race the other easy money or dont want to spend time doing endurance races and etc.
Fastest Road Car (an alternative to the Escudo)
Everyone knows that the fastest car in GT2 is the Escudo Pikes Peak. But you can also get the Toyota GT-One to compete with the Escudo Pikes Peak. To start, buy the Toyota GT-One Road Version (costs 1 million Cr). Next, go to Tune and then, go to Turbo. Proceed to Turbo Kits and then, buy the Stage 4 turbo kit. You will notice that the horsepower will spike to 975 HP (which is 6 HP less than the Escudo, making this the second fastest car in GT2). For those of you who wants to use a car to smoke your opponents without the Escudo (maybe you're not the type who races rally cars on asphalt), this car is for you.

(Only tested on the Toyota GT-One Road Car. Might not work on other versions of Toyota GT-One)
knocking cpu cars about
to have fun on this game go to any track any car (car with highspeed and good handling and good takeoff)on a corner target the car you want to knock about the trick is to hit the car with a mutch force and from the back push it hard into a wall and make sure it spun out.then watch the car struggle o get going again
Quick Car
This also uses Allstars. Win the last race (Deep Forest, I believe). You'll get a Nissan R390GT1 Road car '97. Upgrade everything to highest settings(It doesn't have a racing modification since it's a road car). It has a whopping 833 hp engine. it may not sound that fast. but test drive it on max speed. First you may appaled that that the gears are too low (since once again, it's a road car), but go to settings press L1. you see a lotta new options. Make everything in Supension on lowest settings, make brake control high. Now this is tricky. When you're at Gears, make the last bar go really high, then the rest really low. You cannot change downforce(since as again, it's a road car and you need race modification to change it). Oh yeah, you can't buy suspension for it, so nevermind about suspending the car. And, the last settings really high. Now just one more thing. Make the tires Super Soft. Drive it. Pretty quick, huh? It's not as fast as the Escudo or drag cars, but it turns well(since it's Mid-Engine). The '98 is the one you BUY from Nissan. It has 838 hp, but doesn't turn as good.
Some tips Part 2
Reverse Tracks on Arcade Mode:
Win a race in a track in Arcade Mode and in hard difficulty to unlock that track's reverse version.

The Best car in the game:
The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version is the best car in Gran Turismo 2. However it costs roughly 2 million credits.

Extra BHP in limited BHP race:
On the Simulation disc you can use a car with up to 5 BHP higher than it is allowed in a limited BHP race (Example: The race limits to 295 BHP, but you can use a car with 300 BHP). Purchase an item like Racing Muffler but unequip the item before the race (go to settings screen).
Unlockable Bonus Cars
Obtain ALL Golds on the Licence Tests below to Win the corresponding Bonus Car.

Unlock Dodge Concept Car:
A License

Unlock Spoon S2000:
B License

Unlock Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition:
IA License

Unlock Honda Del Sol LM Edition:
IB License

Unlock Mitsubishi 3000 GT LM Edtion:
IC License

Unlock Toyota GT-ONE (TS020) Race Car:
Get Gold on every S-license tes

VERY Easy Start!
First, Get ALL Licences, Then Buy A 3000GT For UNDER 10,000 Cr Then Upgrade It To 388BHP.Go On To Grand Touring Cars In Special, And Do The Red Rock Valley Speedway Race.
If You Win, You Get A Nissan Silvia Race Car! Enter With The Car, The Grand Valley Race. If You Have ABS It’s Easier. Win And You Get A 608BHP Castrol NSX! Still In The Silvia, Enter The Apricot Hill 200Km Race. Win (Which You Should) And You Get 500,000Cr (!) And A Lancia Stratos! Buy A Rally Car And You Have ALL Your Cars, Normal, Showing Off, Race And Rally Car!


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big bux
Ya want big bux? Look no farther.

On the simulation disc, in the 4th page of Special Events, there's one tournament called Gran Turismo Allstars. Go to Red Rock Valley Raceway. Win it. You'll get a TVR Speed 12. If you go to your garage and look at the price it says $500,000. Sell it. You also have an extra 50,000 for winning the race, enabling a 550,000 reward. Play 4 times to buy a Escudo, Cultus, Escape F1, Atlantique 600 GT, Vector M12 LM. This is on Greatest hits, I don't know about the regular Gran Turismo 2
lots of credit
First you need the A licence, then go to nissan and buy skyline r34 gtr v-spec.Trust me, you need all the high level parts(stage4 turbo,weight reduction,ect..)Once you have done this go to special coures and go to turbo challenge,once there choose test course.In this race you will be against a hks drag racer who tops out at 250mph. The skyline goes 220 and above so what you do is race and get ahead of the other cars then stay at the right hand side of the course the hks will beat you to the turn but slow down, you on the other hand just hold down the accelerator an haul a**.when you beat the race you will get either a nismo 400r,30.000 cr,a mines skyline,18.000, and the reason for racing , an hks r33 skyline,250.000.Race the hks r33 and win the race over and over until you have lots of skylines and cash.Do the math the race is 50.000 to win then selling 5 nismos or 5 hks's means big money!!
Make any Car 4WD
This will make any car a four wheel drive car, Make sure it's the first car in the garage.

Gameshark code

801ccfce 011c
Minimum and Maximum Settings
This is a Gameshark cheat for the US Version GT2.

When you go to the setting Menu turn the Gameshark on and Hold R2 You will be able to make the settings far beyond what you could normally in the game!

D01FFD24 2008
301B9EC6 00FF
D01FFD24 2008
301B9EDE 00FF
D01FFD24 2004
301B9EC4 0000
D01FFD24 2004
301B9EDC 0000
Mirror Tracks

In order to get the mirror tracks you need to beat all the tracks on the normal difficulty setting.
Racing Cheats.
1. Super License:
Earn all licenses (A, B, Intl. A, Intl. B, Intl. C) to unlock the Super License option on the license test menu.

2. Event Synthesizer race:
Earn the Super License to unlock the Event Synthesizer race in Gran Turismo League.

3. More laps in Max Speed Test:
To make your high speed increase during this test,
turn around and drive backwards until you get your desired speed. Return to the correct direction and finish the race.

4. Increasing the number of days:
To easily increase the number of days in the game,
just go to a race. When you are at the screen with the Start Race selection go to Exit and your days will increase by one.

5. Increasing completion percentage:
Each time you win a race you will earn .45% to .46% towards your total completion of the game.

6. Ending credits:
Win every race under Gran Turismo League for the ending credits on the Arcade disc.
Finish in first on all 21 tracks in arcade mode under the professional difficulty setting.

7. Transfer medals:
The little green and yellow medals on the status screen under licenses are awarded when you transfer data from Gran Turismo and change it to a Gran Turismo 2 file.

8. Motor Sports Land track:
Obtain all of the licenses, including the Super License and the Motor Sports Land track will become available in time trial mode on the arcade disc.

9. All tracks in arcade mode:
Obtain all licenses from simulation mode on disc two, including the super license.