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Copying Items
Wish your new lower level characters could start off with a bit more advantage?

Start a new two player game. Choose an old high level character and a new low level character. Have your higher level character drop the desired items to duplicate. Then have your lower level pick them up. Save the lower level character ONLY if you wish to keep your duplicated items on the original character.

Copying can be achieved with weapons, armor, potions and gold. It will not work with Unique items (highlighted in yellow).

Also, make sure the lower level character has the appropriate stats to equip any copied weapon or armor. If their strength, dexterity, etc. is too low they may not be able to equip it yet.

Once your lower level character is saved with their new items, end the game and start another new one player game with them. If you try to start another two player game with the original high-level character it will not work because two characters are not allowed to have the exact same item together.
Don't Waste $$ On Potions Anymore!!!!
Go into your inventory if you have very little heals drop a square of 9 things (you must have what you want to make in your belt, it won't work if it is anything other than drinks or potions). Press triangle to get out of the inventory screen. Stand on the center thing in the square that you made. Go back into the inventory and pick up the potion, press triangle then go pick it up. Stand back on the center item in the square. Repeat the throwing until you have as many things of that you need and you have a full drink belt and potion supply. You can do it in or out of town but preferably in town. If you need more later just do it again.

Good Day
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Manage Your Inventory For Cash
When exploring the dungeons, slain enemies will often drop items for you to pick up. To make better cash, make sure you only pick up items highlighted in blue, because these are special items that will get you more money for trade-in. When your inventory gets full, cast the portal spell and return to town. Have the items appraised first, then sell them off to the weaponsmith for easy cash. Only keep the items you plan on replacing your active equipped inventory with.