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Xiaolin Showdown (PSP) Cheats

Xiaolin Showdown cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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So needed Sheng Gong Wu!
Whenever and wherever you are,keep the Sheng Gong Wu Glove of Jisaku handy-you never know when you'll bump into the Yin-Yang World!
The Unlockable Shen Gong Wu and their Showdowns!
Eye of Dashi;King of the Hill.
Changing Chopsticks;It
Zing Zom Bone;Keep Away
Mikado Arms;Race
Serpent's Tail;It and Bots
Denshi Bunny;Score
Shard of Lightning;King of the Moving Hill
Moby Morpher;Race for More
Reversing Mirror;Score
Ruby of Ramses;It and It
Third Arm Sash;King of the Erupting Hill
Sun Chi Lantern;Race to Safety