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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (PSP) Cheats

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

Command codes

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how to get jeff hardy
press up up up left right down.


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baseball bats
In a bar brawl go were there is a spot to play basketball. Next to it there is baseball bats inside glass. Strong irish whip your into it then do any grapple. Then strong irish whip your opponent again then do any grapple and your supersta will get a baseball bat. If you want to get more do the same thing.
Carlito: Alternate Costume
To get Carlito's alternate costume complete the Amateur challenges.
Connectivity - Jake the Snake
Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a hidden legend in the PSP Version, bought for 28,000 credits, and the only way to obtain it on the Playstation 2 version is to transfer Jake using the USB cable to the Playstation 2 game. In exchange, the PSP player can get all the legends at no additional cost from the PS2 version.
Easy wwe superstar/ legend challenges
Set up all of the matches yourself and on the rules screen simply turn dqs off. This allows you to use weapons throughout the match and still win (this works in any match)
ECW Arena
Complete the Rising Star Challenges
get the GM trophy fast
go to GM mode choose two players select the wrestlers you want in the draft choose your show make your show have macthes and make the other show have none do this till you get you wrestle mania and get the trophie and Vince McMachon will send you an e-mail saying you got the trophie
Infinite Created Wrestler Points
Successfully complete both a SmackDown! and RAW Season to get unlimited experience points for all current and future created superstars.
Jbl's horns
To get Jbl's horns do a parking lot brawl match. Then get as close as possible to the limo's hood. The press square.
JBL: Alternate Costume
To get the costume win the GM of the Year award.
John Cena: Alternate Costume
To get John Cena's alternate costume complete the Rising Star challenges.
Million Dollar Championship Title
To get the title complete the Legend Challenges.
On top of the pool tables
In a bar brawl you can get on top of the pool tables. First face towards the tables.Then run toward them (press triangale).
secret weapons
In a parking lot brawl you can get a steel pipe. To do this strong irish whip your opponent into the wwe big rig(truck). Then the side of it will open. to get on top of it just run towards it. to get the pipe press square.
Triple H: Alternate Costume
To get the costume win GM of the Year award.
80's Hulk Hogan
You must finish the raw storyline and purchase in shopzone for $28,000.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan
You must finish the Smackdown storyline and purchase him in the Shopzone for $28,000.

Stone Cold
Finish the Raw storyline.

The Rock
Finish Smackdown storyline.
Wrestlemania 21 Arena
Complete the amateur challenges.


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Davari as Manager
Play any match and have Khosrow Daviari be your manager. At any point during the match, he'll start yelling in Farsi.
Stone Cold: Alternate Costume
Do the legend challenges and you will unlock it.
Unlock WM 9 Arena and Ted Dibiase
Complete all of the superstar challenges to unlock these.