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Virtua Tennis World Tour Cheats

Virtua Tennis World Tour cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PSP.

Virtua Tennis World Tour Passwords

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Menu Passwords
press these codes in at the main menu
PasswordWhat it does
up-down-left-right-square-square-squareunlocks all tennis courts
up-down-up-down-square-triangle-squareunlocks the queen and king courts
up-down-left-down-triangle-triangle-trianglestarts a tour with 1,000,000$
up-down-right-down-triangle-square-triangleearns you 2,000$ a week in a tour
right-left-right-right-up-up-upunlocks all racquets and clothing
up-down-left-right-left-left-leftallows you to play in old-fashioned sepia tone mode
Submitted by: willyboy on August 11, 2010

Virtua Tennis World Tour Cheats

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Hold the Left shoulder button whilst entering the code at the main menu.A sound confirms a correct entry.

All Racquets and Clothing Unlocked in Home Screen
Unlocks all king and queen players:Up,Down,Up,Down,square,Triangle,Square.
Submitted by: I love star wars on February 10, 2007