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*This 4 special class can only be acquired only with job card's defeat the monsters holding the job card's then bring them to the guild.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ninja ClassDefeat Kunoichix2 with Lesser Ninjax2 / Higher Ninjax3
Samurai ClassDefeat Samuraix3 with Female Samuraix2 / Roninx3
Anchor ClassDefeat Priestx2 with Sorcerer / Dragon Pup / Superior Sorcerer / Grey / Green Will O'Wisp
Knight ClassDefeat Greater Demon with Greater Demon Lord / Gream Reaper / Blue Will O' Wisp
Verified by: paulc5106 Submitted by: GrEyCrEsT on February 09, 2009

Insane Monster

Beat the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
Insane Monster's in Old PrisonFirst beat the game then of course save it. Then go to the entrance of the OLD PRISON. There's a guard there talk to him then you will be given 2 option select the 1st option then go inside to the OLD PRISON then battle the monster's there. The monster that you 1st fought at the beginning of the game will suddenly be insanely hard from easy|+|ultra hard. If you can't handle the new monster's then go back to the entrance then talk to the guard once more now select the 2nd option and it will be reverted back to normal
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: GrEyCrEsT on February 09, 2009


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10 Character Skill Points

When starting a game, or making a new character to add to your party, if you give that character a name with 9 letters, you will get 10 points to distribute to that characters stats.
Verified by: GrEyCrEsT Submitted by: shade279 on December 02, 2008

Quick Kills

Equip (any race) thief with Bow & Arrows. Go into battle and Attack until special attack is enabled, special attack. Rain of Heaven will strike all foes, resulting in another special attack. Repeat to quickly kill all foes.
Verified by: devils avocate Submitted by: TwilightROXAS on June 28, 2007


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infinite money

fight the final- last boss- dark lord and talk to the person who serves the beer in the tavern. then temp save ur game and exit and come back. ull have infinite money!!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: alias on July 24, 2007