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Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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I have played this game ever since it came out, and I found it on the glitchy side. I have so far found the following.

1. When you turn the game off and on again while you are playing it, your status bar and the map will be gone for 10 seconds
2. Every now and then while you are playing this game, the game will freeze for 3 to 5 seconds then it will be back to normal.
3. Sometimes in the game, there is no ground near you. the missing ground spot is big. When you walk close enough to it, the floor will appear. The no ground area is black.
4. At the beginning of the game, on chapter 1, go to the level where there are 2 red bombs at the start. I think it is called the supply depot. Explode the 2 bombs and a boulder will come down to block the entrance to the cave. Run to the cave when the boulder is falling and the boulder will fall on you and you will be inside it. It doesn't hurt you and you can walk out of it.
That is all I have found so far.
Met one and kill the brutes. You'll need to run to him and hit him then use a spell. Repeat this pattern and you'll be successful.
network dupe
To dupe items, you need to be connected in a multiplayer game. the player whos the one droping the items DON'T save. the player who's picking up the idems pick them up put them on or sell them.
then the player who got the idems save. the player
that dorped the idems do not save then eixt after the player saves.
Unlimited Gear for sale
While in the undercity during the sludgebeast boss fight use only attacks of opportunity only. This will cause him to drop pieces of armor almost all the time. I say Almost because the drop rate is about 85% with every hit & most the the items are special items

Then save after the boss battle & restart the story until your invatory is full. then head to the mosastary to sell it. this will net you about 1000 money per run.
zero damage boss battle.
while fighting the sludgebeast in the undercity you can beat him without taking any damage at all. once you kill all worms the sludgebeast will begin to attack in one of the chest areas. kill the last worm while the bosd while his in near the south west chest area.

if you stand just to the right of him he can not attack you at all, the only damage you might take is from the worms. In my previous tip I mentioned you can use attack of opertunity to get him to drop special types of armor. you can beat him this way without taking any damage from the sludg beast simply by standing to either side of him.

What I do is when i have alot of a type of wepon
example:a 4 diffrent prowler blades I see the one that has the most value,(or in a prowlers case the two with the most value)equiped it/them and sell the rest.


This tip is highly helpful throughout the game.
If their is a type of potion you would like many of but the store dosn't sell them,example you want 35 large 'health flasks' but the shop only sells greater 'health vials' if you sell about ten 'health flasks' that shop will sell infinite health flasks the next time you visit,but not after and you have to go their withen like 5 minuts or their go away so stock up before visiting their.