Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats

Twisted Metal: Head-On cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Health Recharge
Hold L + R and press triangle, X, square, circle, then your Health will be Recharged.
Mini Game in Greece
Get onto the large ship and you'll find a path that leads to the bottom of the ship, go either dirextion but don't go on the lift, instead try going towards the other side of the ship and you'll see the teleporter that takes you to that levels secret mini game.
Monaco Roof Tops
If you use a remote bomb by the building to the left of the mini game portal, it will fall down giving access to the roofs.
Tip For Winning
In the Mini-Game where you are racing the motorcycles, try to bump into them, then they will be gone.
Axel :
Complete the Russia mini-game in story mode

Cousin Eddy and ATV :
Complete the L.A./Cousin Eddy mini-game in story mode

Crimson Fury :
Complete the Monaco mini-game in story mode

Dark Tooth :
Complete story mode in single player mode

Hammerhead :
Complete the Tokyo Rooftop mini-game in story mode

Mr Slam :
Successfully complete the L.A. mini-game in story mode


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You need to do these codes during gameplay.They will work for everything except multiplayer and online play.

Killer Weapons: X, X, Up, Up, L&R trigger together
Invulnerable: Right, Left, Down, Up, L&R triggers together
Infinite Weapons: Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down
Mega Guns:X, Triangle, X, Triangle
Tower Tooth!!!
To unock him, Complete Story mode with 5 different Character than you will unlock him, however he only can be played in Arcade mode