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Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour

  • By Neversoft for PC, PSP, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GC

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour (PSP) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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thug 2 remix
because i can't find all of the gaps in Atlanta
PasswordWhat it does
myworldunlocks all levels
imonfireunlocks always special cheat
grabarideunlocks perfact skitch balence cheat
wheelieunlocks perfact manual balence
youcanflyunlocks moon gravity
popcornunlocks all movies
wednesdayunlocks shreck


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'Help The Local Skate Rats '
To finish the goal, you'll have to grind to side of the crane with the mini-go-kart.
'Help The Local Skate Rats '
To finish the goal, you'll have to grind to side of the crane with the mini-go-kart.
'Piss Off The Bikini Girls '
Start off at the drain pool. Above the electrical box spot is a long wire that goes above the beach. Grind the whole wire in order to finish the goal.
'Wake Up Sleeping Beauty '
In order to wake up the sleeping construction worker, Natas Spin on the yellow fire hydrant for 4 seconds.
Combo and high score objectives
For the combo and high score objectives, do a long manual. While in the manual, press Square, Triangle, or Circle to do other types of manuals to add in your combo.
Completion bonuses
Successfully complete story mode on the easy difficulty setting to unlock Shrek and Space Monkey characters.

Successfully complete story mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Alien Doctor, Boat Captain, Lost Soul 1, Paulie Ryan, and The Hand characters; and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater School, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Canada, and Pro Skater levels.

Successfully complete all classic mode goals on the sick difficulty setting to unlock the Australian Cop, Bratwurst Vendor, Corn Vendor, German Cop, German Drunk, Horn Player, Lost Soul 2, Metal Detector Man, Pirate, Skatopia Punk, and Zombie 2 characters; and the Downhill Jam level in free skate mode.

Successfully complete all gaps to unlock all food vendors, all musicians, the Bigfoot One, Boxer, Inline Skater, Lost Soul 3, Lounge Singer, Mayan, Skaboto, and Space Monkey 3 characters; and the Always Special, Moon Gravity, Perfect Grind, Perfect Manual, and Perfect Skitch cheats.
Control camera
When skating, use the Analog-stick to move the camera.

Note: Moving it when you are not on the skateboard will make you walk or run.
Destroy Boston
Right in the center of the map of Boston lies two cannons. One of your Pro Goals require you to grind on one cannon and another goal requires you to land a certain number of points while on fire. Ollie over the flaming garbage can and grind both cannons and they will launch.
Easy points in Berlin
Go down the stairs, then past the cop in front of the door. Then go through that door and you will be on the roof. Walk into the air conditioning unit and it will break. Then, walk over the sparks on the ground where it was. You should get 1,000 points each time. This is helpful for getting the scoring goals completed in Classic mode.
In order to get "Focused", fill your special meter then tap the Analog-stick Back. The game will go into slow motion, allowing you to "focus" better on the move that you want to do, hence the name. It will also allow you to balance better during grinds and manuals.
Get inside corners
Come up to a corner and do a grab or flip trick. If there is an area behind the corner, you can go through the wall. This is a good way to get inside of buildings.
When you are not on the skateboard, hold X to run.
Skatopia Goal
The goal 'Fountain O' Glory' requires you to find a way to get on top of a huge platform and and grind the wire. The only way to get up the platform is too climb to the top. Go directly under the green wire when it's near your height. Jump up and press the R trigger twice to hang on. Shimmy up the wire once you reach the top and jump on the platform. Then once you're there, start grinding down the wirer.
Star Wars kid in Boston
From the starting point, turn right and go to the apartments just before the construction site. Using the quarter pipe on the left side, jump through the window into the room above. You will see the Star Wars kid and can have him show you his moves. Press Circle to start and stop his moves.


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Unlimited Rail
Go to cheats and enter "tightrope". And there ya go you have unlimited RAIL balance
Unlock Canada Level.
To unlock the Canada level beat the game on normal mode at least once.
Unlock original character design for Tony Hawk.
To unlock Tony Hawk's character costume from the original Tony Hawk game then enter birdman at the code screen.