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Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PSP) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Project 8 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Super Stoken!!!
First, for this cheat, enter the cheat "frontandback", giving you a wipeoutless manual.

Then, find a random person in a random place. go next to him/her and stop. press square to start a manual. the STOKED thing will continuosly pop up. This is true, if you switch up the manual, you can get at least 2K stokens.


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cool cheats

Enter these codes at the cheat menu under options

password - effect

badverybad - Unlocks Twin

shescaresme - Unlocks Big Realtor

newshound - Unlocks Anchorman

plus44 - Unlocks Travis Barker

needaride -Unlocks All Decks (except Inkblot and Gamestop)

yougotitall- Unlock All Specials

shellshock - Unlimited Focus Cheat

balancegalore - Perfect Rail Cheat

frontandback - Perfect Manual Cheat

allthebest - Full Stats Cheat

jammypack - Always Special Cheat

enterandwin - Unlocks Bum

hohohosoi - Unlocks Christian Hosoi

militarymen - Unlocks Colonel and Security Guard

strangefellows - Unlocks Dad and Skater Jam Kid

birdhouse -Unlocks Inkblot Deck

notmono - Unlocks Jason Lee

mixitup - Unlocks Kevin Staab

manineedadate - Unlocks Mascot

wearelosers - Unlocks Nerd

themedia - Unlocks Photography Girl And Filmer

sellsellsell - Unlocks Skinny Real Estate Agent

suckstobedead -Unlocks Zombie
Perfect Manual
Go to main menu
click on options
click on cheats type in "Frontandback"
will give you perfect manual.

P.S. The balance arrow will lean back and forth, hitting the sides. no, its not a glitch, it's just how the cheat works. it's just trying to scare you.