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Tales of Eternia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Eternal sword
Use the following trick to get Reid's most powerful sword (more powerful than the Last Fencer). Go to Inferia City and finish the side quest with the old man's lost Grip Sword to receive the Smash Cape. Then, go inside the stadium and participate in the tournament. You must win the City Championship, National Championship, and World Championship. Immediately after winning the World Championship, a person named Cress will challenge you. It is a very tough one-on-one match with no items available. If you lose to him, you can always go back for a rematch -- ask the second lady at the left side counter. A rematch with Cress is free of charge. After you defeat Cress, you will receive the Eternal Sword (with the Time Craymel as its attribute, unlike the Last Fencer which has no attribute at all to any Craymel) and Cress' Bandana (also has the Time Cramel's attribute).
getting the aibird
After returning to Inferia, go to Aifread's Tomb (88,63); complete the puzzles to get the Sphere of Light. Then at Shizel's Castle, when you find the elevator, go up and locate the Sphere of Darkness. Return to the Relay Point, and inside the Conversion Dock put both Spheres next to the Aifread Statue to get the Aibird.

Once you get the Aibird, talk to Keele and he will tell you that there is an island south of Morle (Inferia). The Glimmer Spire (107,22) is located on this island. You must reach the top floor and defeat Valkyrie in order to get the S.D. Sword at Celestia Pirate's Hideout #1 (55,11). The S.D. is certainly not a common sword -- it cannot be equipped but summons Destiny every 30 minutes of game play. The Craymel Hot Spring(208,108) can be reached to complete the Rasheans's Elder side quest. Also at Celestia, you can find the Katz Village(120,109).
getting the time craymel
At Shizel's castle, find the first elevator. Choose down, then make your way to the second elevator. Take it, wait until the elevator stops, then take it again. Choose to go down and follow the path to find Sekundes the Craymel of Time. He will join you without a fight. If you wish to fight him, return and take the challenge. He is very tough.

Level 99 Titles ^^
Here is a list of the Titles that you gain for leveling all your characters up to 99 !

Reid - Legendary Knight
Keele - Chancellor
Meredy - Appraiser
Max - Immortal
Chat - Sea King
Farah - Iron Fist

Enjoy your titles ! You deserve them after all that leveling up ^^
Maxwell is a greater craymel ,it can be found in Inferia, go to Farlos Sanctuary (93,110) and check behind the altar.

To get Maxwell easier, when you have the Seyfert Key, go to Seyfert's Church. Go behind the man, then open the doors. Go to Shizel's castle and get Sekundes (Time Craymel). Return to Seyfert's church and battle Maxwell. Use "Distortion" from Sekundes and every time he will get hit for 5,000.
Similarities to Phantasia
Here are some interesting Similarities between Tales of Eterenia and Tales of Phantasia :

  • Sekundes, the Greater Craymel of Time, is directly based on Dhaos.
    After defeating Sekundes you receive the Derris Emblem, which is an item associated with Dhaos's Castle and Dhaos's home planet, Derris-Kharlan (( Also a reference to Tales of Symphonia ))

  • Mint's face briefly appears on-screen when the Resurrection spell is used.

  • Vorpal Sword, Flamberge and Eternal Sword are all weapons used by Reid (( These are also used in Tales of Symphonia ))

    Enjoy !
  • The best move
    The best move in the game is the Omega Demon Slice. The Demon Slice hits 8 times. To learn the Omega Demon Slice, you have to use Demon Hammer hundreds of times.


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    New Game+ Rewards
    After you beat the last boss and the credits roll, you will be asked to save. Create a new save file, and when you start it, you will start a new game, but your save file will have a star next to it, and you'll have access to more stuff.

    All cutscenes - Go into the Customize menu of a new game+ file
    All dialogue - Go into the Customize menu of a new game+ file
    All camp/help skits - Go into the Customize menu of a new game+ file
    Nereid's Labyrinth Dungeon - In a New Game+ file, go to the Orbus Barrier to find a new dungeon