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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Droids run faster then the republic and rebels
When creating a editing your soldier if you pick the CIS (The trade federation) pick the body as a magna droid and pick 20 speed or 30 and go out you will notice that droids run and walk faster then the average human soldier.
Making an AT AT move
play on the planet bos pity or hoth (select bos pity anyway) At the start of the game, Select the Empire, Then you will see that you are going to spawn at the AT-AT. When the AT-AT comes to a command post that has been taken by your enemy (the rebels) , The AT-AT will stop moving. You have to take the command post, when you captured the command post, Then the AT-AT will move on.

PS: Dont spend too much time with the AT-AT, your team needs your help to battle with your enemy, Or you can just take a rest and Play around the AT-AT.

No Ai jedi's
If your in online mode and playing HCTF (Hero capture the flag) don't let any Ai be the jedi because they will wonder into enemy territory giving your enemy a chance to kill your jedi quickly and score a point.
The entrance ambuse
Another tip for online mode would be to stay where you spawn in because also in the stage korriban the enemy will quickly take over the command post and you won't be able to leave your command post which is called "The Sith Academy".I suggest you don't leave from here because your enemy could already take over the command post "The Valley of the dark lords" if you try to leave your enemy can kill you quick because they are waiting for someone to come out.
The Jedi's are idiots
The jedi's on here are less smarter then the ones on battlefront 2 i know this because the they are slower and they do not use they're force speed like the other ones on the previous games.The strategy to easily take care of them is to have a jet pack or have speed if you have a jet pack fly some place high and stay there the jedi will only focus on you,they just stand there staring at you and won't attack because your high up.The most that they can do is use force push.Your team will realize that they are looking at you and they will shoot at him because the jedi won't do anything to them because he's to busy trying to kill you.
The statues
In online mode or just regular mode go to the stage korriban and when you spawn in look back you will see some statues you'll have to have a jet pack or speed because you will jump higher once you get up there you can hide behind these or use it as a sniping post these is very useful in online mode even if you are playing as a jedi you can get there to just force jump.


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"Unlimited" Credits
How to use as many credits as you want without the game telling you you have too many.

Step #1) Go into multiplayer mode and select Ad Hoc.
Step #2) Select create. It doesn't matter what the name is, as long as you start the game.
Step #3) Go through the level select. It doesn't matter which stage you choose either, so just pick random and then launch.
Step #4) Go through and select to change your load-out. Get the weapons you want, and stay on this screen when you are done.
Step #5) Turn the WLAN switch off and back on again. It will say you are disconnected and show an awesome looking ship.
Step #6) Go to any mode other than Campaign. Start the game and you will have all the weapons, upgrades, and Special Item that you chose in Ad Hoc.
WARNING: To change Load-out again, repeat this process, and don't choose to Change Load-out during the game, or you will have to do it again to get your weapons back. Works in Galactic Conquest and Multiplayer, but not in Campaign.
P.S.: I like cheese.
Infinite rockets
The weapon Rocket Launcher you can shoot multiple times even when reloading to do this you have to be at or near a command post.Do the following to duplicate rockets,

1:equip the rocket launcher
2:Shoot the rocket then go back into the command post and you will instantly have another rocket to shoot even when reloading.

If you can master this then you will have the upper hand in online mode and in 1 player mode.
Unlimited det-packs
To get unlimited det-packs you have to be at a command post it has to be yours though.when you start a game select det-packs throw one only, then go back into the command post and then go out again keep repeating this process for this to work then they will keep giving you more det-packs because every time you go into a command post it will restore you ammo.But do not get to crazy with this because sometimes if you put to much then sometimes the camera will get slow,and be careful because if you detonate these and your close you,ll die not your team mates.This also works in infrastructure mode,you can even use this against your enemies in online mode to protect your flag.


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Medals are achieved doing certain objectives in single player and multiplayer mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
conqueror supreme win in every map
conqueror(bronze) Win 5 battles
conqueror(gold) Win 30 battles
conqueror(silver) Win 15 battles
Endor Day Hero Play an Infrastructure game on 4th july and top the scoretable
flag carrier (bronze) Capture 5 flags
flag carrier (gold) Capture 30 flags
flag carrier (silver) Capture 15 flags
galactic overlord win the galactic conquest mode
hero vanquisher kill 10 heroes
Jedi Master (bronze) Get 25 kills as a hero
Jedi Master (gold) Get 150 kills as a hero
Jedi Master (silver) Get 75 kills as a hero
multiplayer maverick (bronze) Reach 50 kills online
multiplayer maverick (gold) Reach 300 kills online
multiplayer maverick (silver) Reach 150 kills online
Renegade leader complete the campaign
rogue leader(bronze) Destroy 10 starfighters
super slicer slice 15 vehicles
Tank Buster(bronze) Destroy 10 vehicles
Tank Buster(gold) Destroy 50 vehicles
Tank Buster(silver) Destroy 25 vehicles
Wookiee Life Day Hero Play an Infrastructure game on the 25th December and top the scoretable

Easy Ground Battles Win

When you have all command post under your control the 60-second timer starts then pause the game. The timer will keep counting and the opposition can't take them back since your paused.