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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheats

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Entry Location:
whenever having to capture enemy leader

In the game you will have to capture leaders (don't try to kill them you will fail the mission). In the armory equip yourself with the black pepper/smoke grenade, if you throw about 2 of these at the person you have to capture they will most likely surrender. Another way is to shoot them with a shotgun or go up to them and hit them with the but of your gun (use square button) This way you sometimes don't make it out alive!
Easyer way for Ce
If you have Online you can just make a Free Ce game and everyone goes to one side and Greens up and the game starts and you press select and you switch over.
Frostys Revenge
A good hiding spot to hide in this level is the Warehouses either Seal side or Mercs side and if theres Pmns or Claymores put them by the Doors.
Rank up
You can only Rank up if there are 3 people on each team unless its a Free for all game.
If you didn't already know this Reinforced acts like a Body Armor so you get extra Protecting for your body.
Smoke Gernades
Use Smoke Gernades to stop Lock ons so you can get a quick escape or kill your Enemy in the Smoke somehow.
Survival easy
You move Left and Right on your Analog Stick and Survival Shots easyer.
Unlockable Faces For Multiplayer
In order to unlock certain faces for multiplayer, you need to have a certain amount of CE points.

Fate---15000 CE points
Gloom---15000 CE points
Lensflare---1000 CE
Nemesis---15000 CE points


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invisible gun glitch (online)
1: you need to have two people.2: you need to make your weapon selection screen come up and keep it like that.3: if you have your primary weapon equiped equip your secondary !!DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR WEAPON SCREEN YET KEEP IT UP!!.4: get who ever is with you to shot you in the foot.5:enjoy your invisible gun
P.S your gun is on your back and if you dont have a silencer on your gun thats invisible it will be firering on your back
P.S#2 it works backwords


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Claymore Glitch (Online)
All you do is put a Claymore down and runup to something you can climb up to and detenate the Claymore and you go flying really high into the sky. It only words on some spots.
Crawling Glitch
How you do this is hold your Analog stick Down and Press Triangle and Square at the same time and you won't see this but People online will see you kinda like Lagging across the floor
Easy Boss Takedown

Entry Location:
last level

On the last level when you have too take the boss guy down he is in a glass room right, just stand out side the room and make sure that he sees you, then he will try to shoot you he can't shoot through the glass so he ends up wasting all his ammo and then surrenders.
Fast CE (my way)
ok, if you have a brother or a friend with a psp and FTB2 then make a custom game and set it to 3 rounds (so you only have to kill them twice) then you get 200 CE for each round... it's not alot of CE but it's fast.

p.s. It doesnt matter if it's a rank game because it doesnt bring your stats down since their's only 1 person on each team... oh and make a password for your game!
green up switch
what u have to do is go in to a game thats wont be full if you enter then when every body is greenin up choose a team but u dont green^ it will do the count down on three press select repeatedly until the game starts then u can trick ur friends. tell em that u will be beind him then do this cheat

(P.S when u press select it will look like u r on the team u chose but dont worry u will be on the opposite team.)
Opposite Character on other team.
Ok this cheat is having a seal character on the mercs side and a merc on the seals side.(Pay close attention)

Ok, go to character manager. Go to body type and choose Seal Ghillie(Green). Now save it and name it anything youll remember like My Merc or something. After you save it go to select seal and choose the Seal ghillie guy u named. Now go to character manager again and this time choose another one and go to body type and choose the Merc Ghillie(Purple-ish). Save it name it My seal or anything you want and you'll remember. Now go to select merc and choose your merc ghillie.

Part 2
Now go to character manager pick the seal ghillie. Go to body type, pick any merc body you want and customize it anywway you want, that will be how your merc will look on the seals side.
Now go to your merc ghillie and go to body type and choose any seal you want and customize it anyway you want just like you did with the merc. Thats how it will look when your playing as Mercenaries. save them but one of the most important things is. ***YOU MUST NEVER EVER GO TO SELECT CHARACTERS ON EITHER SEALS OR MERCS OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER***
Photo binoculars
To use the photo binoculars press and hold the left directional button. Then press triangle(still pressing the left directional button). To take a photo press x.
RPG into Gun (Online)
You go inside a window and you tap Triangle then hold it down then tap again and hold down again and then your RPGs a RPG Gun. But it works Backwards sometimes.
Switching over while greened up
You just press Start and Select at the same time and your greened up and you switched.
Throw Items faster
Just press X really fast and you will throw any throwable Item really fast but I wouldn't waste them like this just a tip for if theres a whole crowd of people.
Yeti Dance
How you do this is you put it in Free look or Regukar and put your Characters View the whole way up and Hold the R button and Spin your Analog Stick Around it can be seen by other people online.