Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Cheats

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Possible Encounter Endings
There are 3 encounters Cheryl can have with Harry before the video ending.
UnlockableHow to unlock
BrokenConcentrate on finding Cheryl, ignoring distractions like sex and alcohol. Answer questions as an honest family man would. Test 1 "True" to questions: 1, 3, 6, and 7, "False" to questions: 2 and 5. "No" to spending time with friends, over family, "Yes" to marriage can last, "No" to sex becoming stale.
Bearer of Guilt"False" to questions 1 and 3, "Yes" to being a private person and for taking a while toget to know you. DO NOT have the bull as the most guilty. "No" to staying together for kids.
Hero ForeverLook away from the doctor while he's talking; stare at the lamp. Answer "False" or "No" to every question asked except to confirm completion. Put all the sleeping/dead photos on one side (doesn't matter which). Don't adjust the guilt line. Pair two gay couples. Put all the abstract images on the non-sexual side. Let Harry drown in the car, as well as on the way to the lighthouse.
Possible Video Endings
Depending on your answers and actions, there are 4 possible endings. The Hidden 5th ending requires a second play through.
EndingsHow to reach them and Indicators
Love LostTest 1 "True" to questions 1, 3, 6, and 7, "False" to questions 2 and 5. "No" to spending time with friends, over family, "Yes" to marriage can last, "No" to sex becoming stale. Avoid all sexual and alcoholic influences. Look at the picture of the family in the garage to right of the door. (The room you enter after climbing over the fence). Call Bodkin Insurance 555 3800. Call Brodie Insurance 555 3900. Look at the kids drawings on the second floor of the Cat House/Honey Trap. They are near the door to the roof. When you arrive at the High School, look at the "Connie" poster to the right of the nailed shut window. Check the shelf for a book with a heart in the classroom with the overhead projector. Call Lost Children 555 5678. Make sure to collect as many mementos, shadow photos and echo messages as you can. Good indicators are, Harry wakes up in the hospital wearing a winter coat with a pink sweater. Poster in Cine Real is for Together Forever.
Drunk DadTest 1 Answer "True" to question 2. Look at the case of beer on the table, in the garage, opposite the door. Enter the pub instead of the diner. (Should be an Irish Pub) Look at the Kings Ice Beer on the counter. "Yes" to being drunk in school. Stare at the doctor's collection of alcohol. Good indicators are, Harry will wake up in the hospital wearing a letter mans jacket with the logo Kings Ice. The pub will be an Irish pub and the cans in the park are green. The poster in Cine Real is Good Poison.
Sleaze and SirensTest 1 "True" to question 5, "False" to questions 3 and 7. "Yes" to preferring friends over family. "Yes" to being a slut and "No" to being a virgin. Include sex ed in classes of choice. Look at the poster of the cheerleaders with the numbers on their stomachs and call Tammy 555 7855. Look at the sexual pictures on the walls of the Cat House/Honey Trap. Collect the shadow photo of the girl on the couch. Look at women's chests and asses when in conversations. Watch Lisa change, by zooming in on the mirror. "No" to marriage really lasting. All abstract images as being sexual. Good indicators are, Harry will wake up in the hospital wearing a black leather jacket with a blue button short with top 3 or 4 buttons undone, Cybil showing cleavage, the overhead is about gonorrhea, Lisa will be happy you watched her change. The poster in Cine Real is The Dancer.
Wicked and WeakTest 1 "False" to questions 1 and 3. "Yes" to being a private person and it takes people a while to get to know you. "No" to preferring friends over family. "Yes" to being a Bully and a Slacker. All photos on the dead side. Watch Lisa change and she will be angry. Give Lisa the wrong pills. Place Celestine as the most guilty. All abstract images are non-sexual. Let phone calls to to voicemail if possible, or don't pick up on the first ring. Ignore shadow pictures, mementos and echo messages. Good indicators are, the overhead in the classroom is of a demon, Harry will wake up in the hospital wearing a tan duffel coat that's open . Cybil will be give Harry a hard time with everything. Lisa will appear to have died of an overdose of the pills you gave her. The poster in Cine Real is Mother Dearest. Lisa will be near an ambulance instead of a green car.
UFO Ending (Second playthrough only)After being able to use your phone, call 555 3825. You will be asked to photograph the UFOs hidden around town. 1) Streets - Under a street light in the alley near the playground. It's big and obvious enough that you can't miss it. 2) Forest Path - Through a hole in the fishing lodge roof 3) Hunter's Cabin - On top of a barrel out back of the hunter's cabin 4) Football Field - Between goal posts. Big. Can't miss it 5) Cathouse - On roof, where you jump between the Cathouse and Wonderland 6) Midwich High School - In courtyard, above statue in the middle 7) Hall to Gym - In a tree on the west side of the path; near the wall 8) Downtown - On the road; look down on from the mall entrance 9) Toluca Mall - Inside a fish tank in Family Pet. Easy to spot with your light off 10) Green Lion Pawn Shop - On top of a shelf in the pawn shop 11) Sewer Access - Through some bars in the sewer. Just before the exit 12) Docks - At the end of the dock to your left as you jump the fence. 13) The Lighthouse - In the water off the northern coast from the pier that the lighthouse is on.


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Apartment Labyrinth 2nd Time
To find the correct path look for the ice around the door frame.

Easter eggs

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Second Conversation with Cybil
Normally you would sit still in the back seat right? But through out the first conversation, if you move left and right in the back seat repeatedly, in the next conversation before leaving the car Cybil will ask why Harry is restless and if he wants to tell her something. Harry will respond in an angry tone saying of course he's restless, he's worried about Cheryl!