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Samurai Warriors (PSP) Cheats

Samurai Warriors cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Ultimate Warrior Story
Fulfill the requirement to unlock the Ultimate Story
Defeat Ieyasu's Volition & East United including West United & Nobunaga's Ambition stories to unlock the Ultimate Warrior story.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlockable Characters
Clear the given requirement to unlock the desired character
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shingen TakedaClear Yukimura's first campaign
Tadakatsu HondaClear Yukimura's second campaign
Masumune DateClear Tadakatsu's first campaign
Mitsuhide AkechiClear Nobunaga's second campaign
Ranmaru MoriClear Nobunaga's second campaign
Yoshimoto ImagawaClear Tadakatsu's first campaign
Hideyoshi HashibaClear Nobunaga's first campaign
KunoichiClear Yukimura's first campaign
InaClear Yukimura's second campaign
NohClear Nobunaga's first campaign
Unlockable Max Stats
Clear the given requirement to unlock the stats
UnlockableHow to unlock
Maximum StatsClear all Story mode levels for all characters to gain the ability to increase any stat to the maximum.


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How To Unlock Keiji Maeda

Entry Location:
After beating the story Western Warriors

To unlock Keiji, beat Wester Warriors with Magoichi or Okuni (I did it with Magoichi.) After beating it a screen will come up and ask if you want to save the game after that screen it'll say what you unlocked and thats how you unlock Keiji.