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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (PSP) Cheats

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

Command codes

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unlockable:dan skin
play 10 online matches without dying


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Challenge mode
When you get challenge mode, you will be rewarded
UnlockableHow to unlock
Elite Annihilationdefeat over 70 elite clones during the elite clone fight
Lights,Camera,Actiondestroy 10 cameras on 2nd planet
take it down a shockkill 23 shock troopers without driving
do cows get crabbyturn 26 crabs into cows with the mootator/armoogedon
Extra Armors
Go to pause screen and then to armors than input the following armor slots
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wildburst ArmorSludge Mk.9 Helmet, Wildfire Torso, Gloves, Boots.
Ice IICrystallix Helmet, Hyperborean Torso, Gloves, Boots
Shock CrystalElectroshock Helmet, Boots, Crystalix Torso, Gloves
Fire-bombMega Bomb Helmet, Torso, Boots, Wild Fire Gloves
StalkerWild fire Helmet, Chameleon Torso, Boots, Sludge Mk 9 Gloves
Triple WaveWildfire Helmet, Electroshock Torso, Boots, Sludge Mk 9 Gloves
lightining armorcrstalix torso and the rest is stalker
detonator armoursludge Mk.9 helmet,the rest is mega bomb
Super ManElectroshock Helmet,Hyper Borean torsi,Chameleon Gloves,Wild fire boots
Spider ManWild Fire Helmet,Boots,Mega bomb torso, Chameleon Gloves
crysle bombcrystallix body armar rest mega bomb or vise versa
fire bomb 2same as crysle bomb only wild fire
boommega bomb helmet or gloves eletro shok torso the rest any thing you want
nice manwild fire helmet,chameleon torso,mega bomb gloves,mk.9 bots
invader zimsludge Mk.9 helmet, Mega bomb Gloves,boots crystallyx torso
fire bomb 3wildfire helmet,boots mega bomb gloves torso
sexymanWild Fire Helmet,Boots,Mega bomb torso,slug Mk.9 gloves
The Vulture:All Sludge Mk. 9 but helmet.
seek rimwild fire body armour,gloves elecroshock boots and sludge mk.9 helmet
bang bombwild f hel nothing else eccept mega b armor
voltyall electro shock eccept sluge mk 9 hellmet
Fire CrystalWildfire helmet,armor Crystallixs gloves,boots
danny phantomhyperborean boots,gloes,helment chemelion torso
Giant Clank SuitHyperborean Helmet,Body Armor,Boots, Mega-Bomb Gloves ,Dual Lacerators
Robo-Shock-RatchetHyperborean Helm, Electroshock body armor, crystalix gloves and chameleon boots
Robo Ratchet(regular)Electroshock Gloves,Chameleon Torso,Boots,Ice Helm(Acid Glove optional)
The Treehouse
there's a second way into the treehouse, but you need to hace the Polarizer to do this, so all you have to do is:

1.set your browser's timer to 2:55 A.M.
2.go to Metalis
3.go to the metal gate that has a Polarizer target on it and fire the polarizer at it
4.there should be a deathcourse behind it, complete it within 5 minutes and you should end up in a room with a lot of crates and a teleporter
5. use the teleporter and you should end up in your ship and you should see it in space and it flying to a planet that says "Insomniac Museum"
6.thats all you've gotta do!

and by the way on step one, you can set it earlier than 2:55 if you think you need more time than 5 minutes.

I forgot the website(s)I got this cheat from
UnlockableHow to unlock
mini turretfind all titaniam bolts in every planet except clanks head
unlock new thing if you start playing or this is useless
UnlockableHow to unlock
mootatoordo matlis and dayni moon clank challenges
mega bomb torso armorDeaft luna then go to the mouth of clank to get this armor piece
Sludge mk. 9 glovescomplete Master's challenge in Kalindon to unlock (Skyboard race)
Electroshock bootscomplete the Vertigo in Medical Outpost Omega to unlock (Skyboard race)
electro shok torsowin the second chalenge of the giant clank in challax
Unlockable Skins
Collect the required number of Titanium Bolts, then toggle the skins from Options menu.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hiro RatchetCollect 2 Titanium Bolts
Kanga-RatchetCollect 2 Titanium Bolts
Troical Vacation SkinCollect 4 Titanium Bolts
Plundering Pirate Captain SkinCollect 6 Titanium Bolts
Ratchetzilla SkinCollect 6 Titanium Bolts
DanCollect all Ttanium Bolts
Unlockable Stage
there's a second way into the treehouse, but you need to hace the Polarizer to do this, so all you have to do is:

1.set your browser's timer to 2:55 A.M.
2.go to Metalis
3.go to the metal gate that has a Polarizer target on it and fire the polarizer at it
4.there should be a deathcourse behind it, complete it within 5 minutes and you should end up in a room with a lot of crates and a teleporter
5. use the teleporter and you should end up in your ship and you should see it in space and it flying to a planet that says "Insomniac Museum"
6.thats all you've gotta do!

and by the way on step one, you can set it earlier than 2:55 if you think you need more time than 5 minutes.

I forgot the website(s)I got this cheat from
UnlockableHow to unlock
Challenge ModeBeat the game
The TreehouseGet 25 Skill Points
train fastercomplete the"tranining" in 1:32
don't rock the boatcompete the boat without geting hit
do cows get crabbyturn 25 crabs into cows
Mootatorcomplete all clank arena challenges on dayni moon
fire bombwild fire gloves rest mega bomb
shock crystalelectro helm+boots rest crystalix
wildburstsludge helm rest wildfire
trplewavewildfire helm electro body+boots slugde gloves
Ice 2crysalyx helm rast hyperborean
Stalkerwildfire helm chamelon body and boots sludge gloves
Bury the pygimesget bury blossoms to eat 5 pygmies tridesmeb(Rylus) (little yellow geezers=trbes men Big flowers=bury blossoms)
Lights Camera actionkill 11 floating camers(Ryllus)
Ship itBreak all the crates on the level (Ryllus)
Explossive ordinance disposaldesrtoy all bombs in gravity sphere (kalidon)
Super lombaxKill 25 enemys in a row without getting hit (Kalidon)
Be a cool sky boarderwin a race with out using boost(kalidon)
Shut outWin a gadey bot toss withou opponent scoring(metalis)
Terror of the skiesDo giant clank challenge and get over 600 pionts(900 in challenge mode)(metalis)
Ultimate GladiatorComplete all clank arena challenges(Metalis)
Friends dont hurt friendIn dream time dont get hit in giant clank fight
Night terrorscomplete enemy waves on last island in under 45 seconds(Dreamtime)
BE an awsome sky borderCo,plete masters challenge in under 3:25 (medical omega)
Take them down a shockKill 23 shok troopers without dying
Wool ProtestComplete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams(Dainy Moon)
quick killercomplete pokitaru without taking a single hit
Storm the frontComplete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45
Ratchet...Just RatchetBeat the enemy segment using only the wrench
Do Cows Get CrabbyTurn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.
High Tech weopen masterBeat the enemy segment without lacerator,Acid bomb glove,concussion gun,shock rocket,laser tracer,sniper mine or the RYNO
Unlockable Weapons
unlockable wepons
UnlockableHow to unlock
mootatoor mega bomb torso armordo matlis and dayni moon clank challenges deaft luna the go to the mouth of clank to get this armor piece
concussion gundont buy it at the begining wait after you wake up from dream world and keep going and it will be there
mootatorFinish all clank games


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Clank arena
You can play as clank in challenges by using clank arenas. To find clank arenas, you must see a blue television screen. But when you go close to it and press triangle, then you can do three types of challenges. Which would be hover car smashing, gadget bot puzzles, and gadget bot toss. But the only clank arenas are in Metalis and Dayni moon.

Alternatively: After you got all of the skill points, or set your time to 2:42 AM you can go to the treehouse there on the biig tv you can play some challenges.
Easter Egg - The Crew
When You Are In "The Treehouse" Which You Can Recieve After Getting 25 Skill Points, On The Top Floor, With The Bulldozer Animation, There Is A Computer. Enter 1st Person Mode (Select) And Then Look At The Picture On The Desk. It Is The Crew Of High Impact Games!
Easy Skyboard Skill Point
"Be an awesome Skyboarder" can be a difficult Skill Point to get at the best of times, but there is an easy trick to beating this challenging Skill Point.

Race through the track as best you can, and towards the end of the race you will reach a ramp where you jump over the section of floating rocks.

Make sure you have plenty of boost, fly off the ramp, and let rip while turning right. Continue to boost and aim for the large rock next to the greenish barrier. As you get close you will start to drop. Intentionally crash into the rock.

When you restart, you will be placed at the finish line! Congrats, you just skipped partof the course!!!
Electro Rocket One Hit Kill!!!
Ok, for this one, you must have a titan Electro Rocket ver. 3 or higher. This can be done on Challax. You equip your Titan Electro rocket, hold the circle button down for at least 5 seconds. Then when A guard comes, aim at him and release the circle button, the guard would be killed and the rocket would go through him, killing him in the process!!! (Must be in Challenge mode) I tried it, and every time it worked for me!!
Go back to clank level
If you want to play the clank level again, just go back to Ryllus. Go to the hole in the wall that clank enters at the begining of the game. Press triangle and your're in. You can do this at any point in the game after Ryllus.
How to beat Otto Destruct easily!
This is for everybody having trouble beating the final boss with Ratchet at the last stage. What people don't realise is how powerful the laser tracer really is upgraded! Keep repeatedly going through Dayni Moon, Inside Clank, and Quodrona, as the enemies on those three places give very high amounts of XP (make sure on Dayni that you kill the sheep when they are transformed!), until your laser tracer is at V4 and upgraded to Optical Maser Array. It takes a long time but it's worth it! Once you have done this, you can beat Otto, if you are good at aiming with the laser, in about 15-20 seconds! (I did this just two days ago, so I know it works!)
how to beat otto the easiesst way
first you must have the lacerator (dual) and you also need to have all the mods then get the PDA and then just shoot him.
how to detroy Otto the easiest way =) it's been proven by science fool
you'll need 4 weapons and 1 gadjet you'll need the agents of dread for back-up (optional), the shock rocket v.3 of higher for massive damage, the laser tracer v.3 or higher to take out his shield, the static barrier v.3 or higher to protect yourself, and the PDA for refill.

go in with full ammo and health first put of your static barrier then throw out the agents then take out his sheild with the laser then continue to shot him with the laser or shockrocket run that's what the PDA is for

GOOD LUCK!! i just helped my brother beat it and he's 6 so if you can't beat it with this technique your a failure!
How to easily defeat emperor otto (NOT challenge mode)
an easy way to defeat emperor otto on the first run through the game (ie. not challenge mode) is to get the electro rocket (v.4 of the shock rocket) with the lock on mod (quite cheap, only 5000 bolts from the mod vendors)thhe Laser Tracer v.3, the repulser field (or static barrier)the fully modded dual lacerators and the PDA.set your quick select up (through the weapons menu)so it has these weapons and some others of your choice in it. then load up on ammo and go challenge otto(hint: if youve already got up to the battle stage where he has that annoying shield, theres a teleport by your landing padto go fight him straight away). start by energising your Repulser field/static barrier and then shooting at him with your laser tracer. you do get hurt usually by one of his attacks doing this but it pays off, as it knocks his shield out within a couple of seconds. then, lock on to him with your electro rocketand hold down circle. strafe so he stays roughly in the centre of your screen or you risk losing your lock.when he gets his shield again, repeat process. keep going until you run out of ammo or he stops using his shield. now continue dodging his attacks while shooting him constantly withthe electro rocket and lacerators. should you run out of ammo, use the PDA (make sure you have lots of bolts beforehand though, as this can me quite costly) pretty soon you should have him dead and voila you have completed the game. Once. Then you have the option of either replaying the game in challenge mode (which i did) or time warping back to before you confronted otto. i have no idea what the latter option does, though. GOOD LUCK!
Lots and lots and lots of money!!!!!!
Ok, first you go to Challax and go to the bit where there is a statue of Otto, then all around are flowers and cactuses. Go and smash all of them and you will get lots of money!! And thats not all, run up the statue, turn right and attept to double jump onto another place where there is Electro soil, smash all of the flower and cactuses there.

Then, jump off and run up Otto again, keep going forward and jump of the open window; you will die, and you can repeat everything again and again!!

Have fun!!!
Medical Outpost Omega - your inventory
First, save the game in one of five slots. Second, beat the level (grab your wearpons) Next you must load saved game. You should have all your wearpons. Have fun!
Money-Making Tip
In Challenge Mode, go to Pokitaru(The easiest level) and work your bolt multiplier up to x12.

Then head to Metalis, and teleport to the platform with loads of crates(It's explained how to elsewhere on this page) and smash them all, making plenty of money!

Then, head to Dayni Moon and break all crates in the landing area. Then, warp back to Metalis and repeat.
more than 500k money
if you have have the access to the tree house (must finish the game ones)
first you must have x12 multiplier and go to tree how
then destroy all the 7 red beach beds and gotcha!!!!!!!!!!
you have got more than 500k bolts
just go back and fort to have easy money hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Otto Destuct is a peice of cake when you follow this cheat
Buy the ryno, or just get your shock rocket up to Titan Electro Rocket V.4. Get your Laser Tracer up to Titan Optical Macer Array v.4. Go to quadrona and fight Otto. Use your lacerator(s) to break down the shield. Shoot him with the Electro Rocket when he's on the ground. Do that until your Electro rocket runs out of ammo. When it duz, switch to Macer Array. Then use your PDA to buy full ammo and start all over again.
otto is loser
When fighting otto use titan dual lacerators V.4 with Titan repulser field V.4.Then everytime otto loses his shield(color green)use titan optical master array V.4.I finished this game 3x so i know every single cheat.good luck to all of you
Ratchet doing the tap dance
This is more like a glitch. First, get Ratchet on top of his ship. Secondly, one of his foot is to get through his foot. it should work. if it works, his foot starts to tap.
Re-Enter Clank
To re-enter Clank, go to the Luna Battleground in dayni moon, go close to Luna, Press Triangle. You Will Be Back In Clank.
Secret Area
After getting the Polariser gadget, go to Metalis and use it to open the magnetic gate behind the landing pad. Work your way through it and at the end you will find loads of crates! Once you teleport back to your ship, a teleporter will appear beside the magnetic gate, meaning you can teleport back at any time!
This this is so mysterious that some only know this:

Step 1: Look for a starfish in any level.
Step 2: Go close to it.
Step 3: Enter 1st person mode.
Step 4: Look closely, can you see lines there? The lines that are there made the face of one of the editors of Ratchet & Clank who died in 2006.
Step 5: complete the whole game and wait for the credits to roll and you can see the starfish and the editor who died.
Wepon traing made easy
first go to dream time and go to where you fight on the big bolts whenever a portal appears that takes you to the next bolt throw your wrench into it the enemies you fought appear again


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clank's sticky arm
while doing the clank challenges, on the one where you throw the little robots. i was playing the one with the 2 opposing bots, i tried to grab the little robot right as a bot was grabbing it and one of my hands got stuck on the ground. no matter how far i went away from the hand, the electricity connecting us would stay, so if i went to the opposite side of the stage, there would be a big blue beam of electricity going across the stage. its pretty funny. it only happened once for me...
die in ratchet room - dreamtime
first go to the room after the two doctors on the floating vehicles.after that you will see two metal things near the window jump in the middle you will see ratchet look like he is falling after awhile you will hear him scream and then you will be back to your continue point.
die inside the treehouse
go up to any info sign and jump on the stub sticking out of the top. it should look like you are falling. wait about 5 seconds and you should here ratchet scream[confirms that he is dead].it will bring you back outside of the treehouse.
door opening
when you got all gadgebots on ryllus(temple planet) and you are at throw 5 gad. the last one throw and fast go on the elevator.when you are fast,you see you standing on top of elevator and the temple doors aren't completely open.
Flyin in Challax
:-:WARNING:-: This is a hard glitch so don't be disheartened if you don't do it the 1st go. It takes time if you just did it as it did with me.

1st, go to planet Challax.
2nd, shrink into the small planet place (Technomite City).
3rd, go to the main town place where you see the 2 floating dropship things.
4th, jump on top of the left (west) dropship thing.
5th, face the building North-west from where you are meant to go and jump on the building on the left with the ledge, but wait until the dropship is at the top of its float or you wont make it.
6th, this is the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HARD bit. Move right to the end and look over the wall and see the 2 white trees. Jump slightly to the left and viola. You are flying in the air. If you fall then do it again and jump a bit more left.
flying armor
go to metalis as ratchet go to where your ship is on the wy to the metal grate with the polarizer target there should be a little bump stand on it one foot on one off and look at atchet sideways his helmet and armor will be floating if done correctly and when you mive it goes down slowly
Flying Armor
This one is pretty cool. What you need to do is go to challax and in either the fist or the second area (Im not sure which) there should be a part of the wall where it looks like you can run up it with the gravity boots but you cant. When you get there attemt to ren up the middle of the section of the wall and you should just kinda hover there and watch ratchet for a while and you should see his armor slowly lift off his body!!!
Flying Armor Part 2
Alright the first guy didn't make it that clear but you go to Challax Then go to the building in the little hover craft. Then go down the elevator. Walk straight out of the elevator and turn to the left and there will be a wall that looks like you can run up it. Hop on the center of the wall and wait a second then your armor will slide up lame i no but press "START" and go to armor then you will see something weird!!
Flying Inside Clank
This cheat is so so hard that you can sometimes fail:

Step 1: Beat the game.
Step 2: Beat the levels from Pokitaru up to the defeat of Luna.
Step 3: You're now inside Clank (again), so, go to the big fan part and turn it on. (Be sure that you have the protection barrier.)
Step 4: Land on the platform infront of you.
Step 5: Be sure the lines of the protection barrier are all red.
Step 6: Just stand right there until a Technomite beats the protection barrier.
Step 7: Don't move and... VOILA! You completed the glitch.
get stuck in challax
First,go to challax after that go to the second elevator.don't press the red button in the elevator look back to the entrance go to the entrance and do the long jump you will be on a ledge press X and you will be on top of the ledge go left or right you can choose any way and you will behind the glass in the elevator and you will be stuck you can attack but can't come out it is a bit easy for expert.
Get stuck in Clank
If you go in Clank and head to the room with eight doors (6 of which enemies come through), kill people until a Shock Trooper and an average technomite or two come toward you. Go against the pillar in the center and activate the shield thingy. They will all push against you. Run into the pillar and you should get stuck inside of it. You cannot attack the other people, and you cannot escape. (Caution: Very hard to do.)
invasible clank
step at the edge of a teliporter just to were youcan still go through it and when you get to the other side you will get stuck in it and be inviable.
Mutant fish?
When you are in online play in island escape, iron lombax mode. Carry the power cell and let yourself turn into a mutant. Then respawn and get the mootator and with the mootator, you zap the mutant ratchet and after five seconds, he will turn into a mutant fish. ( but usually it turn into a cow )
never endig fall
in any planet with some where you can fall equip the wild fire armor jump and while FALLING throw your wrench and you should end up fling all the way but come out from the sky. this will keep repeating in till you move and fall on land... if not done properly you will die as usual. have fun falling!!!!!
nothing in hand glitch
when you are doing a gadgetbot toss try to grab a gadgetbot if someone else grabs it just before you clank will think he has it in his hands but he dosen't. When you had enough of it press x
I found this glitch weird
re enter dreamtime
do giant clank on metalis and rachet should be back in dreamtime white portal takes you back to medical outpost omega
Return of the Ship
First, make sure you haven't beaten Mungo. Then, beat him and once you beat the first Clank challenge, go to the home page of the PSP or quit that game. Next, reload that same game. It will load with Ratchet's ship flying instead of Giant Clank.
see your skyboard without going to a race - medical outpost omega
you need a sniper mine.first,you go to the edge of the place look around and you will see the finish line use the sniper mine and go to 1st person view and zoom in and look at the finish line and you will see your skyboard.this is very easy
Skip Smokestacks jumping
First, go to the Challax. Then, go to Smokestacks, back to Hovercart and teleport. Start running, if you survive to 2nd clovers, fall from them. You shoud respawn near the Hovercar. Use teleport and you shoud be at the end of challenge. Enjoy!

PS. I'm not very good at English, because I'm from Poland
skyboard while spinning
this is easy to do.first play a skyboard race while you are in the air and use boost go left or right you can choose and you will start spinning.
skyboard..........without your skyboard!
just as the title, you can skyboard without your skyboard. it's easy to do.

step one: equip stalker armor set
step two: go to any skyboard challenge
step three: during the countdown, if you jump, your skyboard will still be on the ground.
step four: jump in the air around 2 or 3.
step five: if you are still in the air when the countdown is 0, you'll take off without your board!

you could still use your boost, but if you crash, you will have your board, and if you complete a lap without crashing, your board will still be laying, and if you are boosting while in sight of the finish line, you will see your board shooting flames out of it.

(note: i don't know about your armor set. i just had stalker equipped when i did this)
the Gaurd is helpless
Go to Dayni Moon and do it all go back to the spot before the saws and Luna boss battle* jump off the cliff onto the ground where that gernade guy is. You should see a G.G stuck in the door an easy kill.

Note he will note attack.

*See my Luna boss battle help guide.
use the elevator without pressing the red button
First go to challax.Then go to the first elevator you will see two luggege movers.go on top of one of the luggege movers and you will see the elevator go up and down.
Vendor Flip
*Note: this is a rare glitch. It happens every now and then.
If you go to a vendor, try to jump(once) on the cube part of it. If you do this right, you will suddenly flip. I have no idea how it happens. I just tried it a few weeks ago.

Easter eggs

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clanks head
when you enter clanks head go by the metacorp ammo/guns box before zip lining down zoom with any gun in front of you,you'll see a titanium bolt there to get it kill the few bad guys on the platform below then go in the room with the 3 litte men kill them before going into the next room go by the door where you came from look up you'll see a little square hole in the wall, wall jump side to side and you'll a the titanium bolt
found a camera
this one is very easy - first, go to the treehouse and go to the ratchet statue. then, equip your sniper mine and look torwards you left and there is a camera next to a computer! that's all ya gotta do!
Look At It A Different Way
In Dreamtime, go to one of the rooms with a mirror in it. It seems you can't walk through it, like any other mirror right? Wrong! If you focus the camera behind the mirror, you see that you can walk through it. Now focus the camera in front of the mirror again. You can't walk through it. I thought this was a bit neat. Enjoy!
titanium bolt in clanks head
first,go down the rail and kill the shock troopers.Then,go to the next room,doo wall jumps.You will eventually end up on a lege there is a titanium bolt there.
Titanuim Bolt inside Crank.
When you just get inside Crank, you'll see a spot where there are about 4 elecrto troops, kill them first. Then slide down, to go back up there's a ladder, but behind that ladder there's a bolt, you just need to jump around, unfortantly there another bolt on the other side of the room, i don't know how to get that one yet.
So try not to get confused which one it is.


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Extra Armor Set
Ice II - Crystallix helmet, rest should be hyperborean and the power is the full crystallix power but stronger and bigger crystal wall.


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Giant crab
Go to the first lvl or pokitaru and tele port to the beach. You can only do this once you've beeten that lvl. the turn right and you should see the remains of a burnt house go that way and follow the trail untill you get to the first yellow plat form do a hyper strike next to the umbrella and a giant crab should come out of the water.(It is just as easy to beat as the other crabs just a lot bigger) Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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List of all the skill points!!!
Complete list of all Skill Points plus how to get them.

-Train Faster: Complete the "training" portion of Pokitaru in les than 1:32.
-Don't Rock the Boat: Complete the boat challenge on Pokitaru without taking
a single hit.
-Do Cows Get Crabby: Turn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.

-Bury the Pygmies- Get Bury Blossoms to eat 4 Pygmy Tribesmen.
-Lights, Camera, Action!: Kill 10 floating cameras.
-Ship It: Break all the crates on the level.

-Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot
-Super Lombax: Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting a single hit.
-Be A Cool Skyboarder: Win a Skyboarding race without using a single boost.

-Shutout: Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge without letting anyone else score.
-Terror of the Skies: Get over 600 points in the Giant Clank Challenge.
-Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.

-Friends Don't Hurt Friends: Get through the Giant Clank fight without getting
a single hit.
-Night Terrors: Defeat the waves of enemies on the last island in under 45

Medical Outpost Omega
-Be An Awesome Skyboarder: Beat the master challenge in under 3:25.

-Take Them Down A Shock: Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.
-High Tech Weapons Master: Beat the enemy segment without using the Lacerator,
Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser Tracer, Sniper Mine, or
-No More Varmints!: Get Over 1535 points in the Giant Clank challenge.

Dayni Moon
-Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.
-Wool Protest: Complete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams.
-Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy: High-jump on a bouncy plant 10 times in a row.

Inside Clank
-Not the Shock of Me Now: Don't get hit at all whil inside Clank's head.
-Ratchet... Just Ratchet: Beat the enemy segment using only the wrench.

-Elite Annihilation: Defeat over 70 Elite clones during the Elite clone fight.
-Storm the Front: Complete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45