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PlayStation Portable Hardware Cheats

PlayStation Portable Hardware cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

PlayStation Portable Hardware Tips

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Brighter Screen
You have four options on your screen brightness when you have your AC adapter plugged in. You regularly have three, but the fourth add on is a brighter one. So if you want a brighter screen and have access to an outlet and happen to have your AC adapter handy, then you know what to do. Just press the screen button until you get the brightest screen.
Submitted by: Synergized on September 07, 2007
Lower Battery Consumption
Simply play your PSP on the lowest brightness setting, with either 1 or 0 bars of sound, and you're guaranteed to at least get an extra hour into your gameplay.
Submitted by: Twin_Master on January 22, 2009
simply HOLD DOWN the screen brightness button for 3 seconds and voila, screen off, enjoy your mp3 or internet radio without all the unnecessary battery drainage
Submitted by: deahtop on March 03, 2008
Unbrick a psp 1000
Step 1, remove UMD if any.
Step 2, completely power off, remove battery.
Step 3, Insert battery, while still off, hold the R button down, then boot up.
Step 4, That will bring up a funky menu, on this menu there is an option labeled "Advanced". Click that.
Step 5, Find and click on Format Flash1 and reset settings.
Step 6, once it blue screens, press O.
(Remember to activate the PSP with PSN, if you want to access your DLC)
Submitted by: Epoch on January 19, 2014

PlayStation Portable Hardware Cheats

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How to play multiplayer with only One Game(Without Gameshare)
1.To Play let your friend borrow a game with multiplayer and let them work on it.

2.When you want to play multiplayer simply have your friend pause (while in game) or when at menu take out the game and they'll be able to continue.

3.Lastly put your game back in and go to multiplayer option with your friend (as in one makes a game the other joins it) and vuala do as you normally would if you both had the game.

Note - this may only work with certain games.
Submitted by: anonymous on May 14, 2008