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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Cheats

Phantasy Star Portable 2 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PSP.


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In-game Passwords
Enter these password in your vision phone.
PasswordWhat it does
24932279Akahara Reisou (male clothes)
41325468Alis Landale Poster
29888026Clarita Visas (rod)
48168862Blank Epoch (male parts)
46815464Kansho Bayuka (up to 50%)
32143166Longinus Lance (up to 50%)
39395345Miku's Leek Rifle
39395343Miku's Leek Saber
39395344Miku's T. Leek Sabers
89747981Pizza Shack D Box
34819852Sonic Knuckles