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Patapon Tips

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Divine Weapons=Mythril?
When you get some mithril, and get the anvil game, save before doing the mini-game.
When you attempt the mini-game, you have to tap it to the beat AFTER he presses the bellows, it's kinda hard to explain, but you'll get it after a few beats, or just ask in the forum if you still have difficulty.
I'm not sure on the exact number of beats you are allowed to miss, but it can be random too.
For example:
I missed 2 beats once and got the highest alloy, i reloaded and tried it again, i missed 2 beats but got a divine weapon. =/
And there isn't a order of divine weapons, as far as it's known, it's completely random.
So good luck with the anvil mini-game and your divine weapons. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Submitted by: Grimdark on August 15, 2008
Easier Fever
It's easier to get Fever going by just using the attack a few times in a row even if your not near anything to attack, because then they won't mess up, and then you can start moving.
Submitted by: Jesh on May 17, 2008
Easy Fever
To get fever without going for a ten combo, Get a perfect chain of commands (Pata-pata-pata-pon) about 4 times and hopefully you may get a proper fever super quick.
It may take more tries if you're new to the game!
Submitted by: Poopity on August 15, 2008
You can easily get the golden motitis with either of the two stages:

In "the world of Ooze" when its not raining and thundering there,
you'll see a golden motitis there!!!!

In "search for the lucky star" when it's also not raining,
you'll see a golden motitis just past the Picheek w/ the gold star.
Kill both, and when gold star appears,
do PATA PATA PATA PON about 3-4x
then do CHIKA CHIKA PATA PON until the gold star disappears to the right screen, then finish mission.

When you go back to "search for the lucky star" when its not raining, golden motitis is there and so is gold star!!!! Just repeat steps again.
If "search for the lucky star" is raining, go to "the world of ooze" =)

Remember that golden motitis can only be killed w/ non-fire type weapons =)

Submitted by: mauelster on September 01, 2008
Get Everything...
With this "cheat" you have to have a usb cable for your PsP. Plug your PsP into the computer, and go to USB mode on your PsP. Go to this site <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and go to Save Game File "Start of the game. Mighty one "Kami". All Weapons and Materials unlocked." Open this file, then go to your PSP file on "My Computer". Hit PSP and drag the file you opened into SAVEDDATA. And there you go you have a profile at the beginning of the game and own 98 of everything. If this was unclear at all then here is a video--<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Submitted by: palehalo on August 15, 2008
Need Ka-Chings?
The best place to get Ka-Ching is on the hunting mission -Search for a Lucky Star- You must wait for it to stop raining though to be able to get to the star. If it is raining all you have to do is start the mission and quit it until it has stopped. This mission is also where you get the black star to get the Earthquake miracle, and the Kampon Hat.
Submitted by: palehalo on August 15, 2008

Leather Meat + Stone = Normal (120)
Leather Meat + Hard Iron = Pykola (Red) (240)
Leather Meat + Tytanium = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)
Leather Meat + Mytheerial = Mofeel (Purple) (480)

Tender Meat + Stone = Pykola (Red) (240)
Tender Meat + Hard Iron = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)
Tender Meat + Tytanium = Mofeel (Purple) (480)
Tender Meat + Mytheerial = Tikulee (Blue) (600)

Dream Meat + Stone = Gekolos (Yellow) (360)
Dream Meat + Hard Iron = Mofeel (Purple) (480)
Dream Meat + Tytanium = Tikulee (Blue) (600)
Dream Meat + Mytheerial = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (720)

Mystery Meat + Stone = Mofeel (Purple) (480)
Mystery Meat + Hard Iron = Tikulee (Blue) (600)
Mystery Meat + Tytanium = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (720)
Mystery Meat + Mytheerial = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (840)


Leather Meat + Banal Branch = Normal (80)
Leather Meat + Cherry Tree = Pykola (Red) (160)
Leather Meat + Hinoki = Gekolos (Green) (240)
Leather Meat + Super Cedar = Mofeel (Purple) (320)

Tender Meat + Banal Branch = Pykola (Red) (160)
Tender Meat + Cherry Tree = Gekolos (Yellow) (240)
Tender Meat + Hinoki = Mofeel (Purple) (320)
Tender Meat + Super Cedar = Tikulee (Blue) (400)

Dream Meat + Banal Branch = Gekolos (Yellow) (240)
Dream Meat + Cherry Tree = Mofeel (Purple) (320)
Dream Meat + Hinoki = Tikulee (Blue) (400)
Dream Meat + Super Cedar = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (480)

Mystery Meat + Banal Branch = Mofeel (Purple) (320)
Mystery Meat + Cherry Tree = Tikulee (Blue) (400)
Mystery Meat + Hinoki = Mogyoon (Horny Light Purple) (480)
Mystery Meat + Super Cedar = Barsala (Light Angelic Green) (560)
Submitted by: carlos juliasn on March 28, 2008
Super Defense
When you have obtained the charge song, if you do the song successfully, and then do the defend song, you'll take minimum damage, and i mean minimum. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Note: Defend song=Chaka Chaka Pata Pon
Charge song= Pon Pon Chaka Chaka. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Submitted by: Grimdark on August 15, 2008