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The 3rd Birthday Cheats

The 3rd Birthday cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Advanced Difficulty Modes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Deadly ModeClear the game in Hard Mode
Genocide ModeClear the game in Deadly Mode
Costumes for Aya
These are the outfits that can be selected for Aya at either CTI or save points in the field.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black LeatherAvailable from the beginning of the game
White EiderAvailable from the beginning of the game
Apron DressClear the game in Easy Mode
China DressClear the game in Normal Mode
SwimsuitClear the game in Hard Mode
Knight ArmorClear the game in Deadly Mode
Business suitFound in the left hand locker room in CTI; Requires game clear data
Santa SoldierFound in drawers in the bathroom on the first floor of Maeda's house; Requires game clear data
Overdive (OD) SuitUnlocked via Square Enix Members Site; Requires Square Enix Members account
Lightning CustomUnlocked via Square Enix Members Site; Requires Square Enix Members account
Titanium BunnyClear the game in Genocide Mode


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No OD kill stagger
When you ODK a Twisted, you will be staggering for a few seconds after the Dive, which can prove fatal on higher difficulty modes like Genocide. To avoid this, simply dodge roll during the animation to skip it.
Unlimited Ammunition And Heal Life
Get "Restock" "Healing" DNA skill and whenever your out of ammunition or need life just keep using overdrive until "Restock" or "Healing" skill is activated. Don't worry about getting hit by the enemy since whenever u select a person to overdrive the game stops and you'll be able to divert the enemies attack by doing so.


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Berserker Glitch
The Berserker laser gun, used for the fight against the Reaper in Episode 5, has a glitch which has it cause damage while in the main menu.

When a soldier with a Berserker arrives, dive into them, aim the gun and hold square to begin firing the laser. While firing, press start to enter the main menu and then leave it in the menu for a short period of time. Cancel out of the menu after, say, 20 seconds, and you'll notice that something has damaged the Reaper. That something is the Berserker. When you exit the main menu, the Reaper will be damaged for an amount proportionate to the time you spent in the menu - longer time will inflict more damage.

This method is extremely useful for higher difficulties.