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GB1 on first point
i did this only once, but it was a cool thing
I'll give u the exact things i did and people i had. In king of the courts mode i had it on easy, my main guy was maxed out wit shot flashing and i had Prodigy and Bonifide. my main guy is 6'7" if that matters. OK now to the important part...
as soon as it starts, get the tipoff the do a headbanger fakeout, Back 2 Papa, Slip 'N Slide fakeout, then do a dunk pass to an ally oop. u get like 75,500 trick points if u do it right and a GB1 on your first shot. if you can land it Congrats cuz i only landed it once. have fun
Own the Courts Mode
Create a tall player with good "Block," "Power," and "Rebound" abilities. If you create a point-guard like player, it will be exceedingly difficult to complete defensive and shot-blocking challenges.