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NBA cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Best players
When you are on the main menu, go on to "my NBA live", Roster Management. After that go on to Trade Players then get rid of all of your NAF players and trade them with all of the best players in the game. Once your are done with that, start a new season and select the team you put all of the best players on.
Easy Backcourt Violations
After you have scored, stand in front of the man holding the ball and he will not move, or move very slowly. Keep standing in front of him and move along with him to make the other team get a backcourt violation.
Easy Points
to get easy points, as soon as the other team makes a basket, hold L and pass to the O guy. then to get the ball back, get in front of the people before they pass it back in and steal it from them when he does. if you can steal the ball from them on their side of the court, pass to X and have him dunk or lay-up the ball. hope you win a lot of your games with that. after i found out this, i beat the mess out of the all star teams.
(Miami-Eastern All-Stars 100-57)
(Miami-Western All-Stars 113-68)
When in a tournament or franchise, do not trade in that trade in the home screen. The teams will not take your players, but in the home screen they will take anything.