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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS (PSP) Cheats

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP. Also see GameShark Codes for more Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS cheat codes.


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Unlockable Early lao-shan quest and other eldr drg quests
If you want to get the fire dragonsword early but you just can't get that lao horn,well then just follow this trick and you've unlocked an early lao quest: Complete all Level 3 guild quests except for liver of legend and go fish for golden fish,beat the HR2 urgent and complete all HR2 quests,if you do then the lao shan quest will appear in the HR:2 quest list,if not then complete the quests mentioned above that shouldn't be completed,if you killed or defeated the lao and broke his horn then you got the horn!if your lucky you will receive elderdrg blood and rap up the fire dragonsword! good luck! also beating this quest will unlock guild low-rank elder drg quests and they are very tough for newbies or those fairly new to the game,but if they beat the lao-shan(which is very easy)they can create a good dragon weapon and slay them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Other elder drg quests(GUILD)beat the lao-shan quest,it will appear in the HR2 quests with the lao shan quest
Other easy ways to get elderdrg bloodKill the chameleos,carve or you can receive it at the reward screen(the rate is low,but higher than other drgs.)
Early Lao questAs mentioned above,beat all 3* to 4* except the two quests also mentioned above,if not complete them both


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Duplicate Items (Rarity 3 and Lower)
You need a friend with Freedom Unite for this to work. Have your friend use your own gamesave for this. Simply trade all your items (rarity 3 and lower) from your friends file to your file. Afterwards, have your friend either turn off the PSP or go straight back to the XMB menu. You can repeat this as much as possible as long as you don't save (on the file which is GIVING you items).
Easy Yian Kut-Ku Training
Ever tried to take down a Yian Kut-Ku in Solo Training? There's an easy way to beat it without any major injuries. Choose the Bow Gun, and while entering the arena, run to the ledge and climb atop it. Take aim and shoot a barrage of shots, preferrably at the head. It is best to use V2 ammo, because thye dish out a lot of damage. The only attack that Kut-Ku has that poses a threat is it's fireball attack.
Hidden Quests
Elder Hidden Quests

Garuga - Hunt 10 Yian Kut-Ku

Dual Rajang - Finish all other Elder Rank Quests

Felyne Elder Hidden Quests

Ash Lao-Shan Lung - Clear all 7*&8* Marathon Quests

Kushala Daora/Lunastra - Clear all 7*&8* Single Monster Quests

Teostra/Chameleos - Clear all 9* Single Monster Quests

Monster Hunter Quest - Clear all Felyne Elder Quests(including Akantor Urgent)

Guild Low Rank Hidden Quests

Guild High Rank Hidden Quests

Fatalis - Clear all Battle & Special Training quests at least once each

Crimson Fatalis - Slay Black Fatalis

White Fatalis - Slay all all Elder Dragons up to 5 or more times, and Slay 3 or more Fatalis/Crimson Fatalis, then Slay Crimson Fatalis(Unlocked)

Guild G Rank Hidden Quests

Ash Lao-Shan Lung - Clear all G1* & G2* Marathon Quests

Elder Dragons - Slay G2* Lao-Shan Lung

Fatalis - Clear all 8 G Rank Training at least once each

Crimson Fatalis - Clear all G3* Elder Dragons twice, Clear G3* Fatalis

White Fatalis - Clear all G3* Marathon Quests, Clear G3* Crimson Fatalis
How To Easily Gain Pokke Points
This little source of Pokke Point income carries over from the Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game for the Sony Playstation Portable. Before we begin, you will need access to moderate amounts of the following two items. Firefly, a form of fish bait you can find in bug catching areas and in your Pokke Farm on rare occasions. Snakebee Larvae, which can be purchased from the elderly woman selling her goods in front of the Guild Hall, or occasionally within the honey combs in your Pokke Farm. What does this mean for you? When you use the Combine feature, these two items create Goldenfish Bait. This bait will only attract and be able to catch the one kind of fish you want for farming your points, the Goldenfish.

Start a quest within the area Forest and Hills. Preferably a gathering quest, so that you will not be disturbed or pressured by an irregular goal and you can finish any time you like via Pawprint Pass. Combine Snakebee Larvae and Firefly to create a stack of five Goldenfish Bait, then stock 20 Firefly and 20 Snakebee Larvae. This combination is simple enough to leave out Combo Books 1-5. To the right of your base camp's tent, you'll notice a small pond. There may or may not be a Goldenfish swimming there this very instant. If not, simply exit to zone one, and walk right back in. It may take one or two tries, but eventually you'll see Goldenfish in your pond swimming merrily about.

Goldenfish should be easy to spot, as they're the only fish in the game sporting such a vibrant yellow color. Once you see one or more floating about your pond, walk onto the pier and begin fishing with your Goldenfish Bait, not your Firefly bait. Using a Firefly will cause all manner of fish to come after it, and you're only here for one kind. After you catch all Goldenfish in your pond, repeat the process of exiting and entering the base camp until you've exhausted your supply of fish bait. Each turn in awards you with 500 Pokke Points, giving you a grand total of 12,500 Pokke Points per run, if you use all 25 possible Goldenfish Bait. Now all you need is to take your PSP to a nice relaxing spot, and do some fishing.
HR Guide
Elder Quests

1* Elder Quests:
- Slay 5 Giapreys
- Obtain 5 Popo Tongues
- Slay 3 Blangos

Urgent: Hunt a Giadrome

2* Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Bulldrome
-Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku
-Hunt a Congalala
-Obtain 3 Piscine Livers

Urgent: Hunt a Khezu

3* elder quests:
-Slay 10 Blangos
-Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Gypceros
-Obtain 10 Special Mushrooms

Urgent: Hunt a Blangonga

4* Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Monoblos
-Hunt a Basarios
-Hunt a Shogun Ceanataur
-Obtain 15 Coal

Urgent: Hunt a Tigrex

5* Elder Quests:
-Hunt Pur & Reg Gypceros
-Hunt a Diablos
-Hunt Dual Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Gravios,

Urgent: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian

6* Elder Quests:
-Hunt Diablos & Black Diablos
-Hunt a Pink Rathian
-Hunt an Azure Rathalos

1st Urgent: Slay/Repel a Shen Gaoren
2nd Urgent: Hunt a Hypnoc

Felyne Elder Quests

7* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Basarios
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt as many Congalalas as you can
-Slay 20 Bullfangos

Urgent: Hunt Monoblos and White Monoblos

8* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt 2 Hypnocks
-Hunt a Yian Garuga
-Hunt as many Blangongas as you can
-Hunt as many Shogun Ceanataurs as you can

Urgent: Hunt a Narugakaruga

9* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt dual Tigrex
-Hunt a Rajang
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt a Golden Rathian
-Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian
-Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Urgent: Slay an Akantor

Guild Low Rank Quests

HR1 3* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Giadrome
-Hunt a Cephadrome
-Hunt a Congalala
-Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Urgent: Hunt a Blangonga

HR2 4* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt a Plesioth
-Slay 20 Hermitaurs
-Hunt a Shogun Ceanataur
-Slay 20 Bullfangos
-Hunt an Iodrome

Urgent: Hunt a Tigrex

HR3 5* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Tigrex
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Rathian
-Hunt a Diablos
-Hunt a Gravios

Urgent: Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Guild High Rank Quests

HR4 6* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt 2 Gendromes
-Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermitaurs
-Hunt a Congalala
-Hunt Yian Kut-Ku and Blue Kut-Ku

Urgent: Slay/Repel Azure Lao-Shan Lung

HR5 7* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt 2 Blangongas
-Hunt a Red Khezu
-Hunt a Green Plesioth
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Basarios

Urgent: Hunt 2 Tigrex

HR6 8* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Black Diablos
-Hunt a Black Gravios
-Hunt a Gold Rathian
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt Blue Rathalos and Pink Rathian

1st Urgent: Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren
2nd Urgent: Slay an Akantor
3rd Urgent: Hunt 2 Hypnocks

Guild G Rank Quests

HR7 1* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Purple Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt a Plesioth
-Hunt a Green Congalala
-Hunt dual Purple Gypceros

Urgent: Hunt a Narugakaruga

HR8 2* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Volganos
-Hunt the Blue and Red Shogun Ceanataur
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Rathian
-Hunt a Brown Blangonga

Urgent: Slay a Yamatsukami

H9 3* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Tigrex
-Hunt dual Black Diablos
-Hunt a Gravios
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt a Gold Rathian
-Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Urgent: Slay an Ucamulbas
Training Quests
Battle Training

Yian Kut-Ku Training - Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku

Congalala Training - Hunt a Congalala

Khezu Training - Hunt a Khezu

Daimyo Hermitaur Training - Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Blangonga Training - Hunt a Blangonga

Yian Garuga Training - Hunt a Yian Garuga

Tigrex Training - Hunt a Tigrex

Diablos Training - Hunt a Diablos

Gravios Training - Hunt a Gravios

Kirin Training - Hunt a Kirin

Special Training

Cephadrome - Hunt a Cephadrome, and Complete Yian Kut-Ku & Congalala Training

Plesioth - Hunt a Plesioth, and Complete Khezu & Daimyo Hermitaur Training

Shogun Ceanataur - Hunt a Shogun Ceantaur, and Complete the Blangonga & Yian Garuga Training

Rathalos - Hunt a Rathalos, and Complete Tigrex & Diablos Training

Rajang - Hunt a Rajang, and complete the Gravios & Kirin Training

G Rank Training

Hypnoc - Hunt a G Rank Hypnoc

Green Congalala - Hunt a Green Congalala

Purple Daimyo Hermitaur - Hunt a Purple Daiymo Hermitaur

Narugakuruga - Hunt a G Rank Narugakuruga

Volganos - Hunt a Volganos

Brown Blangonga - Hunt a Brown Blangonga

Red Shogun Ceanataur - Hunt a Red Shogun Ceantaur

Rajang - Hunt a G Rank Rajang

Group Training

Cephadrome - Hunt a Cephadrome in the Guild Hall

Rathian Training - Hunt 10 Rathians

Dual Shogun Ceanataur Training - Complete HR5 Dual Shogun Ceanataur guild quest