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Unlockable Weapons
iron katana
UnlockableHow to unlock
iron katanamachalite ore 3, iron ore 8, carpenterbug 8, ice crystal 8


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3000 points in a treasure quest.
First buy a few barrel bombs. Then start a snowy mountains treasure hunt. Go to area 2 and climb up to the snowy bit. Walk along the edge and look down to find a small ledge and fall on it. Then look for another ledge with a blue flower and run and jump on it. Gather at the flower and what your looking for is an embroided flag. If you dont find it there go area 4 climb u pthe ledge bit and go into area 5 and on the right should be a mining spot were u can also find it.
Next go to area 8 and find a bolder covering the little hole. Use the bombs to break it and go through and climb up all the way to the top. Now go near the little rock thing and press square with the flag and then you should have 3000 points.

Activating armor skills
If you think acquiring armor pieces that have your desired armor skill is difficult because their materials are hard to find or are from tough monsters,why not buy decorations of the same armor skill to be put into your armor set?The materials are easy to find,for some.
Air Balloon - Finding a Monster
Ever been on the hunt and you can't find the monster your looking for and yo don't have a Psychoserum? Look to the the skies, for a hot air balloon. Face it and press start, then select "Gestures" and choose the "Wave" option. Your hunter will begin to wave at the Balloon. The monster's position on the map will be temporarily displayed.
An easy way to avoid contact with Garuga...
When against the Yian Garuga in the jungle, grab a good bow with decent raw damage, and good armour. Take lots of Power coatings and whatever else you want to take. Auto tracker helps, but if not just make sure you paintball it. Then go to area 3 and stand on the ledge that leads to area 8. Stand as far back as you can without actually being taken to area 8. Wait for the garuga. When it comes, fire away at your heart's content. If you are positioned correctly, his attacks shouldnt be able to reach you - apart from his backflip attack that puts him on the ledge, but it doesnt do any harm and he just flies off. You should be able to easily kill him if you do this right, and you hopefully wont get hit even once! Good luck!
An easy way to heal fully when out of supplies.
Choose a quest like hunting the Gendrome in the desert, then get some supplies especially paintball, flute(if there's no flute in the supply box buy some flute first before going on the quest)and of course the potion in the supply box, now find the Gendrome, the Gendrome always stay in places where Genpreys are. When you've found the Gendrome, quikly throw some paintball to the Gendrome, now attack it until it flees to another location, then track him you can see it in the map because you threw a paintball to the Gendrome, do those steps until the Gendrome flees to the second or the last location of the map, now you are close to your safe house. When you are almost out of potion and health run quickly to your safe house and take a rest inside your tent, then you continue your battle with the Gendrome.

*Make sure the Gendrome or any monster is staying near the location of your safe house.

*If the Gendrome or any monster is fleeing from another location use the flute to prevent him from fleeing and dragging it near to you.

Hope this helps. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Beginner Hunters Tip: Earn up to 3000z after each quest.
For early and beginning hunters, this is a tip to getting up to 3000z after each quest. You should invest your Pokke Points in the the Pokke Farm's Field in which you can grow plants. You need at least 1 Powerseeds to start off and enough Fertilliser to maximise all your field rows to 3. Simply plant a Powerseed in all your field rows and fertilise them to their maximum limit. After a quest, return and harvest only one Powerseed, with everything else being sold for each row. With the reasonable price of each berry, you should receive an average of 1000z per row. Note that this method can be used for other more expensive plantable berries or plants if found.
Best Elemental attack weapons
Longsword - Fire - Lion king saber/Susano blade
Thunder - True Devil slicer (duh!)
Water - Frost Ripper
Ice - Blango Destructor
Dragon - Smouldering Dragonsword
Raw - Akantor Longsword
Paralyses - Fanatic Dragonwood LS
Poison - Wyvern blade Holly
Sleep - N/A

Greatswords - Thunder - King Thundersword
Water - Plesioth azureblade
Ice - Crystalized Tuna
Fire - King Teostra Blade
Dragon - Fatalis Ancestor
Raw - Diablos Destroyer
Poison - Chrome death razor
Paralyse - Cat's King
Sleep - N/A

Hammers - Fire - Torment Purgatory, sanctioned
gunhammer, lunastra crown
Thunder - Great Nova
Water - Anchor crusher, king lobster hammer
Ice - Great Cone, Daora colossuss
Raw - Onslaught Hammer, war basher, ancient blow
Dragon - White Fatalis Hammer
Paralyse - Gold Cat hammer
Poison - Death Venom Hammer
Sleep - Teddybear

Hunting Horn - Fire - Volcanic Rock+
Water- N/A
Thunder - Blood flute
Ice - Giadrome Balloon
Dragon - Golden Recorder
Raw - Akantor horn
Para - Spirite Dragonwood Horn
Poison - Cursed Ocarina

Bows - Fire - Prominence bow III (i think)
Thunder - Dragon bow Solar
Water - Wyverian harp
Ice - Abominable bow
Dragon - Glorious Victory/ Akantor bow (depends on affinity and coatting)
Raw - Glorious Victory

Lance - Fire - Spear of Prominence
Thunder - Thunderlance
Water - Emerald Spear
Ice - Daora Fang
Raw - Black Tempest
Dragon - Black Ruiner spear
Paralyse - Dark (lol)
Poison - Devta Serpentblade
Sleep - Requiem spear

Gunlance - Fire - Luna's Flare
Thunder - N/A
Water - Sea King Gunlance
Ice - Hellstinger+
Raw - Akantor Gunlance
Dragon - Gun Chariot
Para - Gold Dragonwood Gunlance
Poison - Big Slugger
Ice - Hellstinger+

Sword and shield - Fire - Golden Falchion
Thunder - Thor's Dagger
Water - Oddysey Blade
Ice - High frost Edge/Daora's razor
Raw - Shining Wyvern Blade
Dragon - Eternal Strife
Paralyse - Cat Burglar,Melynx Gadget
Posion - Queen Rapier
Sleep - High Sandman Pike

Dual swords - Fire: Corpse Blades
Thunder: Kirin Bolts
Dragon: Eternal Schism or Ultimus Heaven & Earth
Raw: Tigrex slicers
Water: Guild Knight Sabers
Ice: Silhouette Sabers
Paralyse - N/A
Poison - Dual Chameleos
Sleep - N/A
Break The Horn Of Teostra And Lunastra.
Sick of getting rundowned by charges of the sibling/couple?

Time to payback:
When you Luckily luckily dodge charge run after them, find the ryt timing of their turning, then attack. Give them a running front slice from a GS or LS. They should break their horns in no time.

Note: Your weapon must be a dragon attribute.(xsynergyx edit)
Cheap Gathering Armor Set(for gathering hunters)
This is an effective, yet cheap armor set which you can use to help improve your Gathering Skill. This is great for quests which involve gathering eggs or rocks, with increase running speed while holding them and overall a higher chance of success.

Weapon: Any Preference
Helmet: Leather Helm - 150z
Plate: Leather Armor - 150z
Gauntlets: Leather Vambrace - 150z
Waist: Light Belt - 100z
Leggings: Green Pants - 150z

Activate Skills
Gathering +1
Backpacking Expert
Climb Vines Faster!
When you start climbing a vine, hold down R as you would to run and you will start climbing faster at the small stamina cost per hand movement!
Cutting and Impact Weapon
There are 2 types of weapon based on what damage type they dealt,

the first is Cutting.
most Cutting weapons are blade-shaped. as their name implies.
this type of weapon allows you to dismembering monster's tail.such as Rathalos.
Swords,Dual Swords,Great Swords,Long Swords,Lances,Gunlances,and Bow's melee attacks
are considered as Cutting weapons.

and the second is Impact.
Impact. unlike cutting, it has no razor edge,so it can't cut tails like Cutting weapons.however,this type of weapon allows you breaking monsters shells that cannot be done by Cutting weapons. such as Daimyo Hermitaur's back Shell.
Hammers,Hunting Horns,and Lances are considered as Impact weapon.

Most monsters has lot difference of Hitzones.
some Cutting Weapons may not deal great damage on that spot but the Impact does,and vice versa.
try to find those difference to ease up your battle.

NOTE: Lances inherited both Cutting and Impact capabilities.
NOTE: you can use a great sword and a long sword to break of body parts like the gravios's chest and the shogun and hermitaur's shell

Defending with the Gunlance
This is a great little tip for anyone who can use Gunlances. First, get the Hermitaur Armour Set and attach Stonewall Jewels to the armour peices to activate 'Guard+2'. This will stop any damgae while blocking (with R). Then, take some Power Juice (Welldone Steak + Catalyst) and some Mega Juice (Welldone Steak + Power Extract). When used, you can block all of your monster's attacks for a certain amount of time (how long the Power/Mega Juice lasts), and take no damage at all. This is a great advantages if when attacking (stabbing) while blocking (R+Triangle) as you can literally block every attack and counter-attack at the same time.
Desert - Secret Shortcut
At the Desert Base Camp, there is a Well that is in the western part of the area. Go up to the stone edge and push Circle to climb on it, then jump into the Well and you will fall into Area 9.
Destroying boulders without using bombs.
Are you annoyed of boulders trapped in your way and you forgot to pack some bombs?, well there is a solution in this situation but there is risks in doing this.

Well since you forgot to pack your bombs just remember to bring a whetstone with you. First, when you end in a dead end and there's a big boulder in a way and you have no bombs in your inventory, then try to use your handy dandy sword, look it's crazy but it works but it also takes time to destroy the boulder depending on your current weapon. If you are using a great sword that helps too but it takes a lot of attack to destroy the boulder. I Suggest that you use hammer weapons or any heavy weapons.

Here's another tip when you have only one bomb in your hand. Well first, weaken the boulder w/ the bomb, when the boulder is weakened try attacking it with your weapon, any weapon will do even a longsword.

*Do not use a bow or a bowgun because i have tried it and it took me almost 5 mins to destroy the boulder.

*Always carry a whetstone when doing this action.

Happy Hunting <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Do ice blocks or big stones ever get in your way?
If they do dont panic. If ypu have bombs great if not its a good idea to have them but if not have wethstones. If there is one in your way either keep hiting it until it breaks (use wethstones to keep your sword sharp) or just put one or two large barrel bombs down and let them off.
Hope it helps
Dragonwood Longsword with Para at Low Level (**-*** Cheif quests)
Ok, to do this is a simple matter of patience, and some Pokke Farm points. You have to have Treni, Adventure cat Disciple in farm for this.

You Need to Do these First:
1) Get Treni Boat from the Pokke Farm Guy
2) Expand Bug bushs to at least 2
3) Have a Load of Pokke Points, and I mean A LOT (8000-12000 is pref.)

*) Ok, NOW we can start =).
First ya gotta keep sending Treni to Swamp for DRAGONMOSS (300 Pokke Points, bought 40% chance of getting) Then same but in Forest & Hills for DRAGONWOOD. Also, ya need 10 Chaos Mushrooms and 15 Thunderbugs. So get em however ya can (Chaos Mushrooms only from Mushroom tree[Pokke Renovation{Same chance of getting a C Shroom on all levels of tree}])

-(Chaos Mushroom Help) Just do any area Gathering quest and just turn in pawprint stamp as soon as ya start(This will reset Pokke farm as if you did whole quest)
-(Thunderbug Help) Same as above if ya got Bug Bush Expansion.
*Sword*- Once ya get all the stuff, you also need 20,000z to make it, just talk to the Crafter.(Guy next to weapon/armor selling cat)
Drunken Hunter
Funny! first enter the gathering hall then sit down on the table and press circle and watch him drink beer. Do it 10x then stand up. Watch your hunter became drunk and watch it walk or stand still until your hunter falls to the ground.=)
Dual Blades-Mega Juice
If you are a Dual Blade user, and have a Mega Juice, you can use the Demonize combo for a lot longer, by drinking the Mega Juice, and then going into Demonize. Your stamina won't decrease, so you won't even have to leave the Demonize until your Mega Juice's effect stop.
Duping Basic Items
This allows you to dupe any item that has low enough rarity to trade. This can be incredibly useful for players that are new to the game or are low on cash. I use it to make more sonic bombs, flash bombs. and barrel bombs mostly. All you have to do is trade away all the items you want to dupe to a friend. Then hit home and exit the game without saving. Then when you get back in all your items will still be in your box and get the duped ones back from your friend. Very simple and saves a lot of cash. Have fun!
Easiest Way To Kill/Repel Lunastra or Teostra
These Elder Dragons are actually very easy once you get rid of the Fire Aura that surrounds them.
To do this you need -

A Greatsword with raw damage between 700-960.
Ok, start the quest and find the Elder Dragon. After you have properly learned it's attacks then get ready to fight it.
When it is about to do its flamethrower type attack, charge up your Greatsword onto its back legs. This will knock it over easily giving you some free slashes on its head to get rid of the Fire Aura.
Easily Gain Large Amounts of Pokke Points
If you really want to rack up the pokke points, then you'll need a bit of patience. With the help of the bonus content available for download, which I believe is the only way to purchase the following items, you can easily earn more than 8k Pokke Points in a single mission. You can find out how to download content in the [Official] Downloads thread.

Buy from the old lady wearing the large backpack, the following items.

20 Firefly
25 Snakebee Larva

You can not buy both items on the same day, so put whatever you did buy in your item box and go on quests until you can buy the other. Now, combine 5 Firely and 5 Snakebee Larva together and you'll have 5 Goldenfish Bait. Buy five more Firely, then set out on the Forest and Hills gathering quest either from the elder or the Guild Hall. At this point you should have the following in your inventory.

20 Firefly
20 Snakebee Larva
5 Goldenfish Bait
Combo Books are optional

Now when you start the quest, to your right at the lake will be fish. There may be Goldenfish there already, there may not. If you see no Goldenfish, which by the namesake you should easily spot, then exit and re enter the camp area. Simply go fishing for Goldenfish until you run out of bait, then deliver the Paw Pass Ticket. Although I must mention, never take the Paw Pass unless you're ready to end the quest. Otherwise you'll just end up feeling stupid over the simple mistake. Hope this helps.
Easy Begginer Giadrome urgent quest Tutorial/Speed bomb
First this isn't a glitch,It's a very helpful Tip for beginers
First of all is if your up to the First urgent 'Slay the giadrome'
you dhould bring as many L barrel bombs as possible and about 3 or 5 S. barrel bombs
Find the giadrome trap it and set down bout 2 l barrel bombs then 1 small barel bomb.It should Kill it straight away
If you started of doing the training school you probably would know this from doing the Giadrom quest there.

Hope this helps all you starters out there!
Easy break Lao's Horn
Using a Great sword, simply charge it a few times. The horn should be destroyed after a few hits.
Easy garuga training kill
In the training school,solo battle training i found that on the garuga one you can go to your left where you get the supply lg bb,and not get hit by garuga unless he does fireball attacks,i did the lance one and just poked till he died while taking minimum damage also works for other weapons,dont know if it works on anyothers but give it a go and see for your self.
Easy kut-ku ears
Just download the tempest of the yian kut-ku,then kill all ten breaking the ears of all of them,hammer works best in my opinion,if you cant kill them all dont worrie just kill as much as you can just break the ears of the ones you can manage and you get at least a 60% chance of multiple ears i got 7 for killing ten kut-ku.
Easy Money (Professionally)
While killing a Yian Kut-Ku may be of second nature, there are more ways to earn more money, and faster ways.

Find a 2 Star Kut-Ku killing quest (or choose the 3 Star "Slay the Great Kut-Ku" Quest) and initiate the quest. Carve the monster as many times possible. From the materials you get, sell all of them. You should however stock up to at least 10 of each material first (eg. Scales, Shells, Webbings etc). If you don't feel like killing a Kut-Ku, you can simply do the same for other monsters of your preference.

Just remember to sell the materials that you get, but save enough for crafting armour and weapons.
Easy Money/Pokke Points
Heres a way I make easy money
Note: You can only do this if you've fought the Yian Kut Ku at least once

Go to the training center and fight the Kut Ku there
My weapon of choice here is the bowgun and I usually defeat the beast in under a minute

When you're fighting the Kut Ku use the Normal S Lv2

It can sometimes take all of these bullets depending on where you hit the monster

When you defeat him you automatically get 1000z plus gifts that can pretty much only be sold

Plus if you defeat the Kut Ku you usually get at least 350 pokke points

Since this usually takes only a minute to do, You could have about 10,000z in 10 minutes plus 3000-4000 pokke points

Making this a great way to make easy money
Easy Pokke Points
Hi again this tip can get you 5000 pokke points if your willing to spend a little time (min 10 mins)

Step 1: Go to the old lady by the GUILD and wait for her to sell FIREFLY and SNAKEBEE LARVA (note: they wont be there together so keep doing quests until it appears)

Step 2: buy as many as you can or please.

Step 3: you have to have BOOK OF COMBOS 3 of them to be safe 2 is ok but 3 is much better i had 4 so

Step 4: Start the GATHERING: FOREST AND HILLS quest and beside you camp should be a pond look for a yellow fish a.k.a GOLDENFISH which is worth 500 pokke points a peice

Step 5: If not there exit to area 1 and com back it will sort of refresh the pond with different fish and the really huge fish is a SPEARTUNA catch it its something you'll use later on

Step 6 : sorry this came late as to i have been surfing and playing for 5 hours straight BRING FIREFLY AND SNAKEBEE LARVA WITH BOOK OF COMBOS TO MISSING SO YOU COMBINE WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF GOLDEN FISH BAIT

Easy silver los armor set.
Theirs an easy way to obtaian the set but its very time consuming,instead of trying to kill the silver los just go on tail runs you can get every part you need from the tail such as,carapace,scale+,rathalos ruby but to get some other parts you'll need to go on a g-los tail run for the rathalos plate and the brainstem.
Easy spear tuna and goldenfish
When you unlock hr5 guildhall quests do the gathering forest and hills quest,take lots of bait like worms,tuna bait,goldenfish bait mega fishingfly and so on,simply go to the fishing spot next to camp and start fishing,if theirs no spear tuna or goldenfish their just catch any fish then leave the area then return,just repeat till you come across one easy,i got 8 spear tuna and 10 goldenfish this way in one go!!
if u have some trouble with the king and the queen of the sky, i can tell.
its easy, u must have 800+ atk of hammer and flash bombs.if u ran out of flash bombs bring flashbug with bomb material.combine it.

throw the flash bombs(throw right in front of him/her)

when the star rise at his/her head, draw your hammer and attack its head using three smash(press 3 triangle)

do it repeatedly.........it will die in no time....

attack when it do the wyvern taunt.......
must throw the flash bombs with the right time if you dont u will waste your flash bombs

#i do this every time i take mission 2 hunt the rathalos or rathian
easy way to kill elder dragons
u must have weapon with dragon element such as sakura recorder/titernia

equip with flash bombs(kirin and chameleos doesnt work with this)

if u have hammer with dragon element such as black hammer.....charge it when the dragons are blind then use the destructive smash(but be careful when it uses spin slash)

do it repeatedly......it will die in no time
easy way to kill the king and queen of the sky
do you have some troubles when facing rathalos or rathian????????
well,let me tell you the easiest way.....

your weapon must a hammer with attack worth 800

equip flash bombs with you(bring flashbug and bomb material to combine it when you ran out of flash bombs)

throw flash bombs to him/her then attack its head when the star rise

attack when it do the wyvern's taunt

#do this repeatedly......it will die in no time...
Extra Traps and Pickoff Spots
If a monster is a little harder to kill than you can manage. There is one of two things you can do. (Used with Dual Blades)

Opinion 1:
You can carry into your quest a shock trap and a pitfall trap (if it can be used). With that, bring along the things to make more.
(Tool Traps and Genprey Fangs) for Shock Traps
(Tool Traps and Nets) for Pitfall Traps.
To increase your odds of a kill. Bring some Power Juice, Power Seeds and maybe even some Demondrug if you have it.

When you find the monster, drink the Power Juice and eat the Power Seed or drink the Demondrug. After using your trap, to inflict major damage. Move to a safe distance, and combine the two items to make one of the two trap. When repeating this over and over again. You should kill him a lot easier.

Opinion 2:
You can use a (Bowgun or Bow) to set up on a ledge that is out of reach.
For example:
(In the Jungle) in Area 1 near the Area 9 exit, and in Area 3 near the Area 8 exit.
(In the Snowy Mountains) in Area 1,3,6 and 2 shooting into Area 3.

You can use a combo of the two. To keep a monster in place while you shoot it. (For open areas or pickoffs)
Good Luck!
Fighting Dual Monsters
Normally, fighting two monsters at the same time, in the same area is tantamount to suicide. There are three ways to deal with this, however.

1. Tag (Paintball) them all and then run dammit!
2. Run up to them, attack once, sheath your weapon and run away. Repeat this.

By doing this, you can effectively kill monsters with minimal damage taken. It is also recommended to put one of them asleep, but make sure that one monster does not wake up the other monster.

Remember that Tranq Bombs don't put them to sleep! Use Sleeping Knives or Sleep Bowgun Ammo.

You can also try stunning them with a Flash Bomb. This can help you focus on one at a time.

Also try to force one to flee by using a Dung Bomb.
Flash bomb made easy
It can get pretty annoying when you throw a flash bomb and it accidentally detonates behind a monster's face

simple solution:

throw the flash bomb behind you!

turn away from your enemy and throw the bomb towards the screen

assuming that the monster is facing the right way and that you are not too far away, this will erase the problem of accidentally throwing the flash bomb behind your enemy's head and wasting flash bombs.
Get 1200 zenny(and more) for killing Giadrome
First start off by going to the gathering hall, then view the quests, after that select the 1 star level quests, then select the quest "A true foe-The Giadrome"(or something like that) Now depart on quest. Now go to your supply chest the get 1 map, all the first aid that you can carry, hot drinks and don't forget about the Shock trap. Now after that, go to area 8(make sure that the Giadrome is not there or doesn't see you) Now lay a trap at the center of area 8, then drink a few rations. Now when the Giadrome appears, lure it into your trap, when the Giadrome is paralyze(or caught up to your trap) Use any kind of weapon, Slice and dice it or Bash it. Now when the Giadrome can move now(it's already weakened) continue attacking it, until its killed. Get all rewards(or just select End so you can sell the rewards. And for completing the quest, you get 1200 zenny. Now sell your rewards taken(if you took rewards that is)

NOTE: Before going to area 8 or any other cold places, drink hot drinks.
Get Rathalos/Rathian ruby
To get the Rathalos or Rathian ruby, simply slice of the creature's tail and carve from it.

(Chances are varied and you only have a small percentage of getting a Ruby from either the G-RANKED Rathian or Rathalos tail respectively.)
Highest Raw Damage Weapons (MHF2)
-Sword&Shield :
=Shining Wyvern Blade [336]
( Shining Wyvern Blade )

-Dual Sword :
=Akantor Blades [350]
( Akantor Blades )

-Great Sword :
=Diablo Destroyer [1152]
( Golem Blade -> Golem Blade+ -> Executioner -> Sword of the Diablos ->
Diablo Destroyer )

-Long Sword :
=Akantor Katana [1200]
( Akantor Katana )

-Hammer :
=Diablos Chaos Broker [1196]
( Hard Bone Hammer -> Hard Bone Hammer+ -> Diablos Hammer ->
Diablos Chaos Broker )

-Hunting Horn :
=Akantor Horn [1300]
( Akantor Horn )

-Lance :
=Black Tempest [552]
( Crimson Lance -> Diablo Horn -> Diablo Spear -> Black Tempest )

-Gunlance :
=Akantor Gunlance [575]
( Akantor Gunlance )

-Bow :
=Glorious Victory [336]
( Glorious Victory )

-Light Bowgun
=Tigrex Wargun [288]

-Heavy Bowgun
=Tigrex Skull [360]

*Most weapon I posted here are majority from Diablos,Tigrex,& Akantor.
but Diablos and especially Tigrex's weapons do have nasty minus affinity.
so I don't fully recommend them.
Hiring Felyne chefs
This is a list of when you can hire a Felyne Chef:
1st Felyne: Available from the start
2nd Felyne: Available after completing 1* Village Elder Urgent Quest
3rd Felyne: Available after completing 2* Village Elder Urgent Quest
4th Felyne: Available after completing 3* Village Elder Urgent Quest
5th Felyne: Available after completing 4* Village Elder Urgent Quest

*There is some speculation that Felynes available may also be affected by how many guild points a hunter has. If anyone can confirm this, please contact your forum moderator.
How to 'See a chameleos'just by running
When you are in the same area as the Chameleos and you can't see it, run in any direction. While holding down R, you either Sprint of "Flee". When "fleeing", you hunter wastes more stamina than usual, and only does so when running away from a certain monster. By running, you can determine if your hunter is sprinting or fleeing, and thus find out which direction the monster is.
How to BEAT Rathalos WITHOUT taking ANY DAMAGE
1st thing###
As everyone know Rathalos is know as the Sky Guardian,its mean that he's bsiccaly a sky mastering tecniqued attacker!

2nd thing###
Many players have much much trouble in avoiding its attack, but not after reading this facts~

3rd thing###
first thing first...Rathalos like to use body charge on you
To avoid and counter this attack, note two things;
a) it always after its body positioning at you(it will move its left leg 1st, then right leg and and then the left leg again after positioning its head on you) Now make your time to move,roll and roll again to avoid it!

b)always after its head not aiming straight at you
So stay on your toes to move oftenly(to avoid eye contact eith it...)
If not you will have lesser chance to avoid it.

4th thing###
Having trouble with Rathalos of its sky preying attack?
Basically,there are only 2 types of sky attack from Rathalos
a)Flying around in the area and attack you after more than 13seconds in the air.
##counter this by moving to rocks that is higher than your character height.(note that Rhatalos will always fly down at you at the left side of the Sun.)
b)The constantly flying and aiming in the air
-fly down and put poison on you with its claw
-shooting 1 fireball on you
-shooting 3 fireballs on you
##Funny but you can avoid this simply by moving towards to the shadow of Rathalos(must be at its shadow) like this...it can apply any damage to you at all costs.

5th thing###
To fight rathalos i prefer Bow...
why? because you can move your character body easily,giving the benefits that you can avoid close contact with it(you have more advantages to avoid it then)
How to get 10 Heavy Armor Spheres at once!
As you may know, Heavy armor spheres are very hard to get. There is a way to get 10 at once,

Do all the 3-8* Guild quests (Including the unlockable Fatalis'), and then a speech bubble appears above the Guild Master. Talk to her, and you recieve a nice present: 10 Heavy Armor Spheres.
How to get better at MHF2
Right what you do to get better is, you first have MHF1 and make a character that is really good, then you import your character into the new one, and buy lots of good armour and weapons, with the plus class tickets that you got from tarding in your rarity 6 and 7 weapons that you had on MHF1 the ticket can then be used to make raere equipment, then when the weapon/armour appears you only need to spend tickets instead of items. Also I dont mean to brag, but i have full Rathalos S at full level except the greaves which also are their highest level, and also i have grind claymore, which is

>>>>Attack 960
>>>>Shapness Alot of green
>>>>Def +12

Also i am HR 6 and dual tigrex isnt as hard as it sounds, jut use two other bowman (gunners class for the specific kind) and one melle person.
How to make a bomb material
IF you want to have a bomb material with low cost or free, get the materials stone and sap plant. Combine them. There, you have made a bomb material. make sure to add book of combos for add up succession rate.
How to prevent non-flying monsters u hunt from fleeing!!!
Some monsters flee when they sense mortal danger.To prevent them from doing that(except flying ones),you have to take at least 2 pifall traps,shock traps etc. to the quest.when you encounter the monster set a trap on each ledge that leads to another zone.If it decides to flee,it'll be trapped in the trap.While it is trapped damage it yet more and it'll die because it already is almost dead(MORTAL DANGER IS THE KEY!!!REMEMBER THAT!!!)
How to prevent non-flying monsters u hunt from fleeing!!!
Some monsters flee when they sense mortal danger.To prevent them from doing that(except flying ones),you have to take at least 2 pifall traps,shock traps etc. to the quest.when you encounter the monster set a trap on each ledge that leads to another zone.If it decides to flee,it'll be trapped in the trap.While it is trapped damage it yet more and it'll die because it already is almost dead(MORTAL DANGER IS THE KEY!!!REMEMBER THAT!!!)
How to unlock Fatalis For Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
To Unlock Fatalis in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, first you must clear all your training modes. This includes on line training, arena training and field training. To clear on line training, you need only clear the training with 1 weapon it can be done off line and solo. Also when you download challenge quest, you will find them in the on line training section.

Arena training:
Yin Kut-Ku *
Babakonga *
Khezu **
Zazami **
Dodobrango ***
Yian Garuruga ***
Tigarex ****
Diablos ****
Gravios *****
Kirin *****

Field Training:
Cephadrome *
Plesioth **
Gizami ***
Rathalos ****
Rajan *****

On line training:
Yin Kut-Ku **
Cephadrome ***
Rathian ****
HR6 made easy
"Two Roars in the Snow"

Location - Snowy Mountains (Night)
Recommended weapon: Wyvern blade “fall”; or blazing Falchion
Recommended armor skills: quake resistance, earplug,
Objective: Hunt down 2 Blangonga (2100 HP each)
Difficulty: 2 (but if you fight them together; 3 1/2)*

"Red Shadow on the Swamp"

Location - Swamp (Day)
Recommended weapon: same as above
Recommended armor skills: Paralysis negated; high grade earplug
Objective: Hunt down 1 Red Khezu
Difficulty: 3

#"The Underwater Terror"

Location - Desert (Day)
Recommended weapon: Onslaught hammer or /Guardian blade
Recommended armor skills: evade +2; guard up.
Objective: Hunt down 1 Green Plesioth
Difficulty: 4

"Slay the Rathalos"

Location - Forest & Hills
Recommended weapon: Onslaught Hammer
Recommended armor skills: Ear plug, attack up large.
Objective: Hunt down 1 Rathalos
Difficulty: 3-4
"Basarios: Unseen Peril

Location - Volcano (Day)
Recommended weapon: Guardian blade
Recommended armor skills: Sharpness skill.
Objective: Hunt down 1 Basarios
Difficulty 2

#20: "Lao-Shan Lung Draws Near!"
Location - Fortress
Recommended weapon <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> for your first time; use War stamp)
Recommended armor skills: wind press, high grade earplug or attack up LARGE
Objective: Defend the Fortress from Lao-Shan Lung
Difficulty: 2 - 3

Urgent Quest: "Land of Tremors"

Location - Snowy Mountains (Night)
Recommended weapon: Onslaught hammer, Diablo’s chaos Broker.
Recommended armor skills: earplug, evade +2, auto tracker, fast eat, attack up Large, health up, sharpness or guard up.
Objective: Hunt down 2 Tigrex
Difficulty: 5, if you fight both of them at once, your doomed. <_< no joke.


. *1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest.
Improve your chances of obtaining a Rathalos/Rathian ruby.
Many people believe that the easiest way of obtaining rubies is to carve the tail of one of these wyverns, but that is not so.

The chances of receiving a ruby in the rewards may be just as high as receiving one from a carved tail, but in order to receive one in the rewards, you must first complete the mission. This puts a lot of people off, particularly people on tail runs, who just want to cut of the tail, carve it, and then abandon the quest if a ruby isn't carved.

Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos. Do not try this method on any other wyvern, these are the wyverns that give the highest chances of a ruby drop.

When fighting, make sure you smash off the wyverns head armour before capturing, yes, you have to capture the wyvern to make sure you have the best possible chance to receive a ruby. If you really feel you must, then go ahead and cut off the tail before capturing as well, but most of the time you wont get a ruby from the tail, and this just wastes time.

Once the wyvern is ready to be captured, then place down your shock trap and lure him/her into it, then throw two tranquiliser bombs, it doesn't matter where they hit the wyvern, just as long as they hit it somewhere. Once it is done, congratulations, your chances of receiving a ruby have just become around 11%, rather than the 5% you would have had doing tail runs.

Though 11% may not seem much, it is a vast improvement on 5%, and you will find that you start receiving rubies much, much more often than you would have done cutting tails, you might even get a plate or wyvern stone, if you're lucky.
King and Queen of the sky has enemies
OK, when battling a Rathalos or Rathian, when there are velociprey packs they intend to fight the Rathalos or Rathian. That's why it's easier for you to kill the King and Queen of the sky.
Maikng Plesioth Out From The Water Frequently
Plasioth can be bothersome to deal with as it seldom come out from he water.

but,here's how you can make it out of the water frequently

1st thing###
You recommended to use either bow or bowgun(with damage of 250++)
why? because you can hit it although its in the water and you don't have to wait for it to come out of the water

2nd thing###
Using your bow or bowgun, walk near it and attack it from the coast of the water
Note this Plesioth give a moderate range for player to attack it in the water... BUT you can maximise the chances of hiiting it by:
a)Did you notice that it will attack you from the water with water gun(vertically way) and water gun(horizontly way)? This occurs every 10secs+ after it swimming fastly in the water(when it already noticed you
###use this opportunity to attack its head when it comes out from the water(shooting water gun on you) but make sure always stay left or right side to its front(Plesioth) just to stay safe from being attacked from its water gun!
Besides tthat,make sure...and i mean make sure..that you walk near him enough until you can get nearer. Because it cant reach you with its water gun!

Now after you shoot it frequently in these occasions,it will jump out of the water... and wa lah! You have just boosted your opportunity to attack it in no obstacle( on the land!)
Monster Eye Colour
Certain monster's eye colours will change depending if they are in Rage Mode.
Monster's such as Tigrex and Akantor will change eye colour when in Rage Mode.

Normal Eye Colour = Green
Rage Mode Eye Colour = Red

Also, when monster's are in rage mode, their, overall statuses will increase and they will be generally faster and more aggressive.
Monsters breakable parts and weakness
This is a list of breakable parts and weakness of the main monsters of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd. I made this so that you could be better prepared for your quest.

Yian Kut-Ku:
Breakable parts: Ears, Beak.
Weakness: Water/Ice

Gypceros: Breakable parts: Head Crest.
Weakness: Fire

Rathian: Breakable parts: Head Crest, Wing Claw x2, Tail.
Weakness:(Red&Blue Los)Dragon/Water/Ice, (Silver Los)Thunder/Water/Ice

Rathalos: Breakable parts: Head Crest, Wing Claw x2, Tail.
Weakness:(Green&Pink Ian)Dragon/Water/Ice, (Golden Ian)Thunder/Water/Ice

Khezu: Breakable parts: None.
Weakness: (White Khezu)Fire,(Red Khezu)Water/Ice

Basarios: Breakable parts: Chest, Tail.
Weakness: Dragon/Water

Gravios: Breakable parts: Chest, Tail.
Weakness: (Gray Gravios)Dragon/Water, (Black Gravios)Water/Dragon (Dragon after his chest is broken open)

Diablos: Breakable parts: Horn x2, Tail.
Weakness: Water/Thunder

Monoblos: Breakable parts: Horn, Tail.
Weakness: Water/Ice/Thunder

Cephadrome: Breakable parts: Unknown.
Weakness: Water/Ice/Thunder

Plesioth: Breakable parts: Fin.
Weakness: Thunder/ Fire

Daimyo Zazami (Monoblos crab): Breakable parts:Claws,Shell.
Weakness: Thunder/fire

Shogun Gizami (Gravios crab): Breakable parts: Claws,Shell.
Weakness: Thunder/fire

Shen Gao Ren (Lao-Shan crab): Breakable parts: Shell.
Weakness: Dragon/Fire/thunder

Babakonga: Breakable parts: Head Crest, Claw x2.
Weakness: Fire

Dodobrango: Breakable parts: Fang(With fire element only)
Weakness: Fire

Kusharudaora (Wind dragon): Breakable parts: Horn, Tail, wings. Weakness: Dragon

Nana Teskatory (Manticore): Breakable parts: Horn, Tail, wings. Weakness: Dragon

Teo Teskatory (Manticore): Breakable parts: Horn, Tail, wings. Weakness: Dragon

Oonazuchi (Invisible dragon): Breakable parts: Horn, Tail, wings. Weakness: Dragon

Lao-Shan Lung: Breakable parts: Horn, Back, Shoulder x2.
Weakness: Dragon/Fire

Yian Garuruga: Breakable parts: Beak, Ear, Back, Wing Claw x2, Tail.
Weakness: Water/Ice

Fatalis: Breakable parts: Eye, Horn x2, Wings, Chest.
Weakness: Dragon

Tigarex: Breakable parts: Horns, Wing Claw x2, Tail.
Weakness: Thunder

Akamu: Breakable parts: Tusk x2, Tail, Spikes on the back.
Weekness: Dragon

Kirin: Breakable parts: None.
Weakness: ?

Rajan: Breakable parts: Horns x2.
Weekness: Ice
More About Affinity
It stated that Low Affinity does lesser damage and High Affinity does more damage right? Well, there's more than just that.

High Affinity causes more damage and kills your monster quickly. However, in doing so, the monster does not flinch so often. But you get to kill them faster. It's like a quick and painless death.

Low Affinity on the other hand, does lesser damage but the pain you inflict upon the monster is great thus resulting into making them flinch/stunmble/roar out in pain more often. Downside to this is you don't kill them as quickly.

Now it's time for you to choose? Use something that quickly subdues your opponent yet causes little pain? Or deliver slow, steady, suffering blows to your enemy? Either any of those or you can remain neutral if you want!
Power seed farming.
In the 1* mountain herb quest, at area 7, there're 2 stones on the floor(near herb gathering spot). From there, you can get unlimited stones. Then at area 3(bottom), there's this part of the floor that's of a lighter color (near mushroom), where you can get unlimited bones. when you combine stone and bone, you get old pickaxe.

Go mine the map for ice crystal, and trade them with the elder for dung(fertilize 1 row to max)/wyvern dropings(fertilize ALL to max). Alternatively, you can also trade in dobiscus.

Then, buy 3 power seeds and use with dung/wyvern droppings in pokke farm. Each row should get you about 1120z worth of power seeds.

If you like, you can hold on the the seeds first, then use the 2* gathering quest to quickly earn more. After awhile, you may have enough money to buy loads of worms instead of spending time getting ice crystals.(NOTE: the granny sells each worm at 10z and the grocer sells each worm at 20z =P)
NOTE: armor seeds are worth less.
Rathalos Plate
An easy way for me to get a Rathalos Plate or Rathian Plate is by breaking off EVERYTHING. This includes breaking its face, both claws on wings and cutting off the tail. You can either get the plate in the rewards or you can get it as a shining object on the floor as I have before.
Rubies & Plates = Easy
A quick easy way for getting Rathalos or Rathaian plates and rubies.

Using this method i can get up to two rubies and a plate at a time.

First off, you gotta be HR6 and have the Silver Los and Gold Ian mission's. Take shock traps and tranq bombs. Break off every part (Head spikes, wing spikes and tail) then weaken it untill it's nearly dead, lay a trap, throw your bombs and if it falls asleep, mission done.

It's a 80% chance, quite high.
Secret Mining Spot.
In the level 6 area in the mountains their will be a pillar and is you go up to it with a pick axe you mine it for some ore.

If you have any thing that you want to ask my please e-mail me.
The dive of Invincibility
Most veterans will know of this, but when a Monster is charging towards you, turn and start running away and then hit X just before the Monster hits you. You'll do a dive through the air, making you temporarily invincible. If you want to increase the invincibility time, get Evade armour such as Obituary S.
Tip For Beginners
This is a tip for beginners. Always do the Training School to decide which weapon you like best. It allows you to see which is easier to use.
To kill a Tigrex
When you first play dont use any equipment like flash bombs or shock traps. You want to first try and cut off tail then when he always gets in rage dont even attack until after rage. After he gets in rage five times then use flash bombs. After he gets in rage five more times he will go and sleep. Then set shock trap in front(but not too close to shock). Next put two lg. barrel bomb+ by head and sm. barrel bomb. Then get behind shock trap and as soon as he gets trapped hit him as many times even when trap is over. This will work cause I have used the same strategie and have killed 12 Tigrex so far.
Tower Safe Spot!
Many people have problems in the tower, since you cannot retreat, and its difficult to heal, try this.
Paralell to the entrance theres a safe corner, Rathalos and rathian cannot charge into it, and i've yet to test with Teo and Luna, but it IS a safe spot (except fireballs).

and very useful for healing.
Heres a small diagram of were:

(_) = entrance
  • = safe spot

Training school Easy Kut-ku(1min+)
In kut-ku training, opposite of the entrance is a platform. To climb, go to the left of it.

Use normal S lv2, and aim for it's head/wings(the kut-ku's weak points).
The only attacks that can hit you are the fireballs so don't worry.

If you do it correctly, it should die in about 1 min.(1000zenny reward for <5min kill =P)

After that, you can carve 3 power seeds, and gather some small barrel bombs for extra zennys =P.

*TIP for melee weapons: Keep to the left of it, and keep slashing at the legs for it to fall. When it falls, you can get some free hits. =P(at the left leg, the right leg and tail can't reach you)
*NOTE: When you cut off it's tail, the shiny is a mega potion.

Good Luck =)
Unlimited Pickaxes
To get unlimited materials for the Old Pickaxe, initiate the first Village Elder Quest (1*) called "Mountain Herb Picking". In Area 3, there is a Bone gathering spot on the East side of the area. That gathering spot gives unlimited Bone items. In Area 6, there is a gathering spot in southern part of the area that gives unlimited Stone Items. You can gather 99 of an item in under 7 minutes through constant gathering. Combining Stone with Bone gives an Old Pickaxe. With this method, you can get unlimited pickaxes for mining the area. Note however that the Kushala Daora skin in Area 8 that can be mined from will only give Khezu Whelps.
Unlock Shen Gao Ren, Rajang and Crimson Fatalis
To unlock the Shen Gao Ren and Rajang Quest on MHF2, you must first clear all the Elder Quests possible. You then need to kill 2 of every monster in the game, with the exceptions of the Elder Dragons and monsters found only in the Guild Hall. After completing that objective, the Urgent Quest for Shen Gao Ren will appear. Completing that quest unlocks the Rajang Quest.

To unlock the Crimson Fatalis Quest, you must first unlock the Regular Fatalis Quest. Then you must kill 10 of all the Elder Dragons.
Use for Burnt fish
THe veggie elder trades burnt fish for mountain herbs.
If you are doing the cheif's quest, the mountain herb can be sold for 50z ,while the burnt fish can only be sold for 2z. So while getting rid of useless items, you can earn money =).
Weapon Decisions: Melee(Classics)
Ok,this is for all those hunters who have trouble picking weapons before missions. So this will help u choose your weapon. I will be doing melee weapons first.The original ones.

Sword&Shield= This is a great weapon for beginners.It is fast and easy to use but it doesnt have good raw power.But they make up for it with attributes and ailments*This is recommended for fast moving monsters.(YianKutKu)

Duels=Same as sword&shield except with out the ability of guarding.Also recommended for fast moving monsters.(Congalala,Blangonga)

GreatSwords=This is a kickass weapon!!It is slow but it is very powerful.It also has elemental abilities such as Dragon,Fire,etc.This is recommended for any kind of monster or elder dragon. Lance=This is a very strong but hard to use weapon to use.Dodgeing is the main problem.But it has good abilities. It could charge and attack while guarding.And it can be infused* with an element.Recommended to slowmoving monsters or hyper monsters.(Gravios,Basarios)

Hammer=This is the ultimate in power.This weapon has high attack power and the ability to charge.It also could smash the CRAP out of a monster AKA you can stun it with out a flashbomb.Only if u hit it alot in the head.It is slow though.This is one of my favs.Can be infused with an element.Recommended for any monster.

That is IT.These are all of the Classic weapons.I will be making long range and new weapons soon.Any Questions just ask.
*Ailments:status effects(Poison,Sleep)
*Infused:combined or added
White And Crimson Fatalis Hint
OK, everyone probably finds the meteor/lighting attack they do extremely annoyin, but theres away to avoid besides rolling away and getting lucky run behind the fatalis like much behind his hips lightings/meteors occur most likely beside his hips so get passed the hips, and your free pretty much, the meteors/lighting never goes passed his hips

~~~~Silver Soldier~~~~
White Fatalis Safe Spot
I'm sure you are all annoyed by the powerful lightning of the White Fatalis.

When he goes up to the top of the tower to do his all around lightning attack just go to the very corner that looks like a triangular edge. It is in the top left corner.

This works but I'm a gunlancer and I block in the corner just to be safe, but I've never been hit once, and I've killed it a couple dozen times.


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The wonderous mountain man!
In monster hunter 2 when you get to one of the gathering quests to the forest and hills (It's a 3 star quest) Then take at least 10 sm barrel bombs with you. Go to area 6 climb up I think two of the vines. Don't climb the vine to the very top. Press x to kneel and just barely go over the edge. Put down one of your small barrel bombs and face the mountain. The bomb will blow up and you will go flying up the cliff until you are on it. This only works if you are precise on what you do!!!
Yian Garuga Training "Safe Spot"
Take any sets of equipments for Yian Garuga's training quest.
as soon as you enter the arena. run to the upper right of the map
where you can gather Small Barrel Bombs,lure Yian Garuga there.
stick to the edge,sit back and watch him desperately attacking you
and you won't get hit from any physical attacks he goes.
but be careful,Fireballs and bad-angled Tail Whips could still damage you.
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