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"Pause" The game
Most people wish that they could "Pause" the game in important situations. Well...You can! Just put your PSP into Sleep mode and wah-lah! Your paused!

Note 1 - Doing this tip when playing Online will cause you to be disconnected.

Note 2 - Fusyllade adds that while it does essentially pause the game, there is a delay period. If something is running at you or attacking you, they can still hit/damage you even though you turn sleep mode on. The delay is generally 1-2 seconds. I have done this with Monoblos charging me, only to find my character getting rolled on the ground from where he hit me when I turned it back on from sleep. I would suggest using when out of harms reach.
An easy way to kill Rathalos if you suck
Create a sword that is easy to make but is strong and sharp, preferably a Great SerpentBlade. It has 624 attack power, and its sharpness is mostly green and yellow. OK, go to the area Rathalos is in, and throw a flashbomb near his face. When confused, set a pitfall trap. Lure him to the trap. Attack his head until spikes are off.Next take off his wing claws. He should be limping.Keep hitting him in the face and he should fall.
beet a ratholas or rathian.
you will need paintballs wetstones, and potions.
WASY TO AVOID LOSING LIFE: if the ratholas goes up in the air and comes down to strike rool out of the way by pressin' x. if the rathian takes two steps back get out of the way because he will roll in the air and do alot of damage. If the dragon gets angry and stuff commes out of his mouth and is faster than normal leave the area and wait, but watch him with your paintball
KILLIN' DRAGONS': slash the dragons tail till' it comes off. then go for its head till' the spikes come off. if you get direct shots to the head he will lose alot of life. do this till' he dies.
combining items
Ancient Potion:
kelibihorn= ancient potion
power pill:

diablos can not hit you !!!
go to the guild and go to the star #3 and go to quest "the runaway diablos". As soon as you get in there go to area 10, when diablos gets there get on the ridge and when he charges stand far enoughso he can not hit you but you can hit him; (use an greatsword: any greater than redwing) and start attacking him from far away. ( aim for horns.) And well after that i can not tell you how to beet him, so can someone tell me how to beet him afeter that? TY and YW
Dont ever sell monster stuff!!
Dont ever sell the stuff you carve off a monster. You might need it for future uses such as weapons and armors. Dont sell them just to get money. if you need money either go to the training school(you also get tickets from the school, those are used for weapons),or if you didnt unlock that, hunt monsters. All monster carvings will be needed when you get further into the game. For example, i saved all the stuff from monsters and now i have rathalos rubies and a bunch of rare stuff because i didnt SELL any of them. I have over 1,000,000 GP, and almost 900,000 Z.My armor has wind block, phycvison, ear plug, and sword sharpening skl. NOTE:especially, dont sell your garuga stuff, i made a Sentoryu Wolf and it is very strong. Hope this knocked some sense into you.
Drive a Wyvern Mad
This won't really do anything but it might give you a good laugh.

Note: This only works if the wyvern doesn't notice you while it is landing.

Wyverns travel through zones usually via flight. When they begin landing sequence, just before their feet touch the ground, throw something at them and watch them perform a very weird flight pattern.

Certain wyverns like Basarios, Gravios, Mono/Diablos, Cephalos/Drome, and Plesioth usually stay on the ground/water so this will not work on them.
early bird percing
if u kill 20 of each monster apart from lao shan,kirin and fatalis u can then get an early bird percong off of the village cheif it will make u carve and search faster
easy armour
In order to get full yian kut ku set go to the guild hall and talk to the lady on the counter dressed in red with brunette hair and pick the 4* quest storm of the yian kut ku and then you have to kill two kut ku at the same time in 30min. If you kill both you get tons of kut ku items that will help you get the kut ku set and good money and dont froget to bring supplies you'll need them.
Easy Dragon Great Sword
Ok, so if you want a Dragon Great sword, AKA Obelion, first get bone blade. Upgrade that to bone blade+, then Agito, Agito+, Dragon Agito, Dragon Agito+, then Golem Blade, Golem Blade+, then finally, Obelion. It's sharpness is green, and its attack is 816. It also has dragon attribute of course. It's a good sword because you can easily kill the Rathalos and other monsters, even ones that arnet weak against dragon.
Easy Money
Ok if you have "Revenge "or" Rage of the Garuga",
do the Garuga glitch(where u bring 1 spiderweb and trade it with the old guy in area 7) then kill him.Keep doing this until u have alot of garuga items.Sell them and you should have about close to $900,000(depending on how many times u did the Garuga glitch and killed him. A couple of months back when i did this for Garuga S, i had about 112 carapaces,selling for alot of money and rounded up to $800,000 when i finished my Garuga S set and sold the rest of the Garuga items.)

note:whenever doing the Garuga glitch never go into area 5.
easy money
all you have to do is mine alot of dragonite ore and sell it ive made 90,000 so far it works and its easy
Easy Money
Go to the Gathering quest in the Desert and Go to Area 6 and mine all the places then go and return the pawprint and sell and repeat you get alot of money
easy money
right, what you do is begin any quest (i prefer gathering quests) buy or bring your bbq spit and kill loads of monsters slice them up for the meat then cook em, finish the quest then sell the well done steaks, u get a lot of money if u repeat, best used for the begginers. hope this helped
Easy Money (Zeni)
This is an extremely easy way to earn lots of money which only requires:

*1 Old Pickaxe (2 if you're unlucky) -Supplied-
*1 Well Done Steak (2 Rations -supplied-)
*Armour set:
Leather Vambraces
Battle Tasset
Battle Greaves

You must also have the quest "Crystal Hunting!" available. It is a village Elder, 2 star quest.

Having this Armour set will make it easier to carry the Sootstone that is needed for this quest, as you will have the skill "Backpacking Expert".

Begin the quest and immediately head to Area 11.
You will see in the back of the cave, some strange out of shape type of rocks.
Walk up to it until the pickaxe no longer has the X on it. Don't Mine just yet. Use the 2 rations or Well Done Steak first, then mine.
You should most definitely get a Sootstone ore on your first go.
Now run out of her and proceed through areas 10-5-2.
It should be easy if you just keep running and just take small breaks. You should be at the Red Box in no time, to receive your 3400z and Jewel Ticket and Ores.

Happy Gathering!

The Gendrome has been sometimes spotted in Area 2.
When you do enter area 2, just slightly move the camera right and check if its there. If it is, then just wait and it should disappear into the neighbouring area.

Easy money - up to 20k

oK, I'v done lots of panning for golden fish quests, im preety rich and now I can say how to make most money on this quest;

1 Bring in-
-about 20 fishing flies,
-15 snakebee larvas,
-10 tuna bites ( worm + yambug)
-5 golden fish bites,
-some poison bombs (for vespoids)
-farcaster is necessary not to waste time
-crickets, worms or mega fishing flies if u need to

and dont bring any potions, axes or whatever u wont use- u need space for fish

2 Equipment -
-Full Hunters set ( the one that gives fishing abillity)
-any weapon

3 What you will get?-
-5100 gold for quest if u dont die
-760 gold for each gold fish that had left after delivery
-rewards are mostl bomb arrowanas , bites and pine tunas
-spear tuna can arrive - 2200 gold each

4) technique -
-get into area 7, kill all vespoids then go to lake if u see a spear tuna ( big like a shark) or a gold fish put in a bite that is needed to catch it (golden fish bait/tuna bite), dont play with other fish before you had get 5 golden ones
- if dont see anything u want - fish for one or two normal fish and re enter the cave - new fish will spawn do it few times before you get what u want. dont give up after getting 5 golden fish- keep going before 2-3 minutes left then use farcaster and deliver stuff.

Hints for this:

-when u have no golden fish bites combine snakebee larva+fishing fly
-melynx are in area 3 and they can steal your stuff easy, u cant see them in grass, run in this area very fast, dont let them get u!
- A large rathian is wondering around, keep an eye on her.

5) what did I get on my best try-
-I had 10 gold fish, lots of other fish and 5 spear tunas, delivered 5 gold fish, get rewards...

so it like this:
- 5 100 g (completed quest, no deads)
- 3 800 g (5 golden fish sold- account item)
- 11 000 g (5 spear tunas sold)
- 3 000 g (all the other fish sold)

- 22 900 gold in total but its still possible to make more

so thats it, move now and make some money xD
Easy Money and Equipments
first bring your best weapon and armour and your potions and well done meat

next go to village elder mission number4 "plague of the yian kut-ku or in the gathering hall mission4
"plague of the yian kut-ku.

kill as many kut-ku as you can after that sell the
(kut-ku scale's, kut-ku webbing's, Giant beak's, kut-ku shell's and kut-ku ear's)

or trade and sell the(kut-ku shell's and kut-ku ear's) for (plesioth scale's and plesioth fin's) in the forest and hill area 7

in the quest of "your First Hunt" because it is near area 7

good luck and Rate this Tip

easy money fast
in order to get easy money you must go to the guild hall [quest] storm of the yian kut ku and kill as many as possible and when complete sell all kut ku stuff earned then do it again and again
Easy Vespoid/Hornetaur Items + Monster Fluid
Just do the 2* Challenge, "Attack of the Giant Bugs!" and bring lots of poison smoke bombs.
Use them when surrounded by Vespoids or Hornetaurs and they should all drop dead, allowing an easy carve.
Use this in conjunction with your little piggy, and possibly some armoour that increases luck and you could easliy get lots of Monster Fluid.

Combination for Poison Smoke Bombs:
Materials: Bomb Material, Toadstool
Success: 75%
Result: 1
Easy way to get felyne tickets
you can get all the tickets you need without going out on quests.

1. select the number of chefs depending on the ticket you need.

2. eat a meal then go and save.

3. reload and check your zeni, the money you paid the felynes is missing but you can eat again.

repeat step 2 10 times then talk to the leader and you'll get 2 tickets, repeat until you've gathered all the tickets you need, the only problem is that it'll cost you a lot of cash so be warned if you're low on zeni.
EASY: Hornet Bladefin,Firestone/Union Ore,Majestic Horn/Rathalos Wing,Wyvern Marrow,Rathalos Tail
-- Trading Legend --
Hornet Bladefin -> Firestone (SWAMP)-> Majestic Horn (FnH) -> Wyvern Marrow (FnH)

Okay, this tip may seem a bit confusing at first, but it is perfectly understandable.
The title shows an easy way to get 1 of the 4 items listed, acquired through trading, with the brackets showing alternative rewards.

First up, this tip is basically for acquiring easy WYVERN MARROW.

To start off with, you'll need some Hornet Bladefins. This are the bugs that crawl along the ground in the jungle, not the flying ones.
Do the **** quest "Attack of the Giant Bugs" where you have to kill 50 Vespoid.
Take 10 Poison Smoke Bombs and 10 Bomb Material and 10 Toadstools and some combo books.
Bring some Well Done Steaks if you want. And if you can, bring a PBA (Poison Battle Axe)
Then start the mission and throw the poison smoke bomb at the hornetaurs on the ground *SPARINGLY*.
There are loads of them individually in the caves, so use the there and you should probably get a few Bladefins from them.

After you have some, take them to the Swamp to trade for Firestones.
Then take the Firestones to the FnH (Forest and Hills) and Trade them for a Majestic Horn (Hopefully, unless you get a Rath Item, just Retire and do the quest again). Then Trade the horn for a Wyvern Marrow. This has proved to me, far easier than actually doing a Hard Rath Quest.

BTW, If you want to successfully wanna get Wyvern Marrow on your first go. Bring a maximum of 2 Firestones per visit, as after you trade it for a Majestic Horn, he will immediately trade that next instead of you other Firestone.
On occasion you can get 4 trades, so keep this in mind.

Hope this isn't too difficult to understand.
Egg Hunt And Handle with Care Missions
first you must have a skill (Backpacking Expert).
or create a hunter vambrace, battle tasset and
battle greave .

then bring 3 mega juice(just in case).. to create a mega juice[ Power extract+well done meat ]

seect any delivery missions and use the armor with the skill backpacking and it will be easy for to accomplish

good luck
elder trading lists (forest and hills)
here is a list of trades from the forest and hills elder. items taken from you will be listed in colum 1, items recieved will be listed in colum 2, and other possible recieved items will be listed in brackets in colum 3.

forest and hills

spiderweb----->special mushroom--(no other)
garbage------->dung--------------(no other)
scatternut---->special mushroom--(no other)
iron ore------>sm monster bone---(mystery bone)
earth crstl--->med monster bone--(bone)
machlite ore-->lg monster bone---(mystery bone)
light crstl--->rathian spike-----(lg monst bone)
firestone----->majestic horn-----(rathalos wing)
fircell stne-->pale khezu steak--(grav carapace)
insect husk--->special mushroom--(no other)
kut-ku shell-->pleisoth scale----(cephls scale)
kut-ku ear---->pleisoth fin------(piscine fang)
longkutkuear-->joiner grshopper--(no other)
smlbluktkuear->monster bone+-----(king scarab)
power extract->piscine jaw-------(med mons bone)
sm mons bone-->sm bone husk------(mystery bone)
cephalos fin-->rathalos webbing--(no other)
palekhezsteak->rathian scale+----(ian carapace)
pale lips----->lg lobster shell--(sml lobshell)
rathian plate->lao shan's claw---(laoshanscale)
rathian spike->monster broth-----(mnster fluid)
rathals plate->lao shan's claw---(laoshanscale)
rathalos tail->monster broth-----(mnster fluid)
azrelosscle+-->rathalos scale+---(no other)
crimson horn-->rathalos tail-----(wyvern marrow)
majestic horn->wyvern marrow-----(rathalos tail)
grav carapace->diablos spine-----(iodrome hide)
gravios wing-->hornet bladefin---(no other)
gravios head-->mosswine head-----(no other)
diablos spine->gravios carapace--(gendrome hide)
blos fang----->rathian claw------(lg mons bone)
blos jaw------>rathalos webbing--(rathalos tail)
monobls spine->diablos tail------(twisted horn)
kirnthndrtail->gravios wing------(no other)
gtlobstrshell->rathalos brnstem--(no other)
pawprnt stamp->mega pickaxe------(iron pickaxe)
egg ticket---->mega pickaxe------(no other)
commendation-->monster fluid-----(vespoid shell)
grtswordtcket->dragon toadstool--(godbug)
saber ticket-->dragon toadstool--(godbug)
lance ticket-->dragon toadstool--(godbug)
hammer ticket->dragon toadstool--(godbug)
gunner ticket->dragon toadstool--(godbug)

normal veggie ticket->demondrug-----(power seed)
bronze veggie ticket->wyvern marrow-(no other)
silver veggie ticket->rathals plate-(ian plate)

hope this list helped, use it as referance for any FNH veggie elder trades.

Gaining HR Levels
There are certain guild quests that will level you up. Finishing a series of quests will grant you access to a special quest. Complete this and you'll level up.

  • The Land Shark
  • Trouble in the Swamp
  • Jungle Menace
  • Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku
  • Catch a Yian Kut-Ku
  • Catch a Gypceros.

    Then complete:
  • Four Horns


  • Basarios: Unseen Peril
  • Wyvern in the Darkness
  • Get me a live Khezu!
  • The Desert Plesioth
  • Water Wyvern in the Jungle
  • The Runaway Diablos
  • The Fearsome Gravios
  • A Troublesome Pair

    Then complete:
  • Giant Dragon Invades


  • Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku
  • Trouble in the Swamp
  • The Poison Siege
  • The Two Sand Shadows

    Then complete:
  • The Thunderous Duo


  • The Shadow in the Cave
  • Basarios: Invisible Terror
  • Two Rock Wyverns
  • The Land and the Sky

    Then complete:
  • Pink and Azure


  • Queen of the Jungle (Gold)
  • Slay the Rathalos (Silver)
  • Water Wyvern in the Jungle (Green)
  • The Runaway Diablos
  • The Runaway Diablos (Black)
  • Volcanic Valor
  • Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold & Silver)

    Then complete:
  • Giant Dragon Invades

    Then complete:
  • The Legendary Black Dragon

    Then complete:
  • The Plate of Calamity
  • The Rage of Yian Garuga
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Gallery Movies
    Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    The Lone Black Wolf Encounter Yian Garuga in the slay 20 Velociprey quest.
    Blue Hunter Encounter Velociprey in "Your First Monster Hunt" quest.
    Shepard Encounter Velocidrome in the "The Formidable Velocidrome!" quest.
    King of the Heavens Encounter Rathalos in the One Star egg carry quest.
    Divine Providence Encounter Rathalos in the Rathalos Urgent quest.
    Avian Master of Jungle Encounter Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest.
    Menace in the Sand Encounter Cephladrome in the "Land Shark" quest.
    Poison of the Swamp Encounter Gypceros in the swamp.
    The Phantom Beast Encounter Kirin.
    Lao-Shan Lung Encounter Lao Shan Lung.
    SupremeRulerInferno Encounter Gravios.
    TheAncientPiscine Encounter Plesioth.
    Rathian Ecology Complete "The Fierce Flaming Rathian" quest.
    Khezu Ecology Defeat khezu in "Attack of the Cave Wyvern"
    Diablos Ecology Defeat Diablos in "The Diablos"
    Gravios Ecology Defeat Gravios in "The Terror of Gravios"
    Plesioth Ecology Defeat Plesioth in "Water Wyvern of the Desert"
    CorneredMonoblos Encounter Monoblos in "Horn of the Monoblos"
    WhiteShadowDarkness Complete "Bring me a khezu"
    LegendofBlackDragon Encounter Fatalis
    Advent of Disaster Encounter Red Fatalis in the "Plate of Calamity" quest.
    DragonofJaggedRocks Encounter Azure Lao-Shan Lung in the 8 Star "A Giant Dragon Invades" quest.
    take poison axe and take quest 'rage of yian garuga' then keep hiting it's tail until it drops!then don't carve the tail but keep hiting it's head and make it go away then carve the tail and follow garuga keep hiting him on it's head until time's over and it will say you won the battle! take reward and select quest again hit it on it's head and it should be dead.carve it and collect 5 med monster bone and 35000z to make raven blade (SnS)
    get g ranked carves at hr2 and 5* village chief
    its very simple;reward!
    this is a list of quests and items.
    for pale bone:hr2 get me a live kehezu
    for rathalos wing:5* trouble some pair for village chief.
    for basrios wing:hr2 two rock wyverns quest u can carve them from the basrioses.
    for sm lao-shan claw:6* village chief wen he stands slash his feet the more damage u do to his feet the higher % of geting a claw in the reward.
    monster bone+:hr2 wyverns that simple
    for rath plates:tail carves for hr2 and 3*its like a 2or3 chance if u do hr2 like 12or13 for hr3
    velociprey scale+:village chief revenge of the garuga quest carves(same with hide+ and wht vprey scl and hide*this is the only g-class village chief qst

    Getting Drunk
    If you want your hunter to get drunk, go to the gathering hall and sit near the table for a drink. X is to clash your glass with another hunter's glass and O is to drink. Repeatedly press O to drink your ale and after a few mugs or so, your hunter should be tipsy. The way he/she should walk/run/stand should look weird. =)

    Note: If you talk to someone, your hunter will be free of intoxication.
    Gypceros Blinding You
    An interesting "glitch" is usabale in a fight with a gypceros, and possibly other wyverns that stun you.

    In reference to the Gypceros itself, it has an attack where it clacks its beak 3 times and then emits a blinding flash. When he starts clacking his beak, start sprinting in any direction (try not to run AT him). If you time it correctly, you can hit the X button and perform a running dive which will put you in the air as the Gypceros tries to blind you. For some reason, the flash has no effect on you if you're in the air when it goes off.
    How to do trouble some pair
    this is a very useful quest as you get loads of rare items in reward and loads of money.wat you have basically do is kill a rathalos and rathian on star 5.the ultimate weapon for begginers as you all know is poison battle axe.i did it with a plesioth watersword. first go for the rathian coz she cheats if you slay rathalos first.after the rathian go for the rathalos. i hope this cheat helps all of out there
    How To Get Alot Of Items From Supply Box
    Okay, if you want, for example on the Kut Ku Mission In FandH, Theres, Flash Bombs, take them and then go SLAY the KUT KU, and you will still have then when you get back to Kokoto Villiage =D

    However, this doesnt work on all items, some are returned to the supply box, i dunno which ones are, but yeah. =]

    Hope This helps all the noobs out there..
    how to get loads of mystery bones
    to get loads of mystery bones easly go on a gather quest i mountains go to area 3 kill wat evers there vlimb up on the fallen log and walk along tp the nest and search there <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    How to get lots of Med. Monster Bones
    You need to do guild lv.4 attack of the yin kut ku (the blue yin kut ku.) You cant die once....
    i got 8 Med. monster bones this way!
    <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    How to get Maelstrom without fighting Plesioth!
    Fight as many Yian Kut-Kus as possible. Save up your shells and giant beaks. Then go to Forest and Hills and trade with the veggie elder. U should now get Plesioth fins and scales which are used for the gun. This was a very helpful gun when soloing many different wyverns and pack monsters due to a VERY wide range of ammo! Enjoy your new gun!
    How to kill a dragon easy
    get a great sword and run underneath a dragon monster thing keep attacking its belly until its dead it it turns turn with it it worked 4 me it will work 4 u please rate
    How to kill a Gypceros without Monsters attacking you
    Some of you have noticed that killing a Gypceros is harder than it looks because you have Bullfango attacking you in most of the areas and also Gendrome so I have figured out a way to kill a Gypceros without the hassle of monster hurting you.If you take the smoke bombs and every thing else then in the item box it will be easy.First you exit your base camp and go to the next area.When you see all of the Kelbi kill them all and then wait.Then after a few minutes the Gypceros will show up,this is when you throw the smoke bombs(I do it so he wont see me right away)then paintball him and then throw the flash bombs then keep attacking him(he wont stay there forever only for a few minutes .Well I hope this helps
    How to kill Black Fatalis
    To kill Fatalis realy simply, all you need is to decide whether you gonna go gunner or sword. Start the quest and immediatly run to the gate and stand under it. If your gunne rjust stand there and shoot him. If your sword then wait until he moves towards you and then quickly roll. Hopefully he will have run into the gate and the gate has shut on him. Using your sword mash his face up or if your gunner shoot him in the face. When he gets up, run up the ladder and shoot him. If sword then roll out the way of his attacks and uppercut his face or legs. Count how may times you make him flinch. After a few hits, lure him towards the Dragonator and hit him with it. After that just keep hitting or shooting him. Slowly, you will decrease his health and kill him.

    P.S Make sure you have a Dragon sword or a gun that has a power over 250.
    How to kill Rathalos[Intermidiate Level People]
    Ok so your pretty good at Killing the The Rathalos right[you better be]Well Here is a some what easier way to help you kill him:

    2 nets[Spider web + Ivy]
    2 trap tools
    1 pit fall trap
    5 Flash bombs
    2 Phycserum
    4 Paint balls[Just in case you miss and if you take to long paint wears off]
    Book of combos 1,2,3
    10 Small barrel Bombs
    3 Large barrel Bombs[or 2 Large barrel bomb+]
    10 Potions
    5 Mega Potions
    2-4 Whet stone
    2 Armor Seeds & 2 Armor Pill[Or Something to up/stack your defense}
    2 Power Seeds Or yea you get the idea[and if you dont your a freakin retard]
    Mega juice

    Soooo yea thats it oh and remember Get good armor, Dodge when you need to, block occasionally, relax, and think Smart Good Luck And I Hoped This Helped
    How To Take Down A Wyvern With Low Level Equipment
    right, this is a tip for if you are stuck on a wyvern and just cant beat it

    what to take

    as many book of combos as you can get
    1 pitfall trap
    2 nets
    2 trap tools
    3 lg barrel bombs
    10 sm barrel bombs
    10 potions (duh)
    10 herbs (duh)

    1.what you do is, you trap the wyvern then place 2 lg barrel bombs then detonate them with a small barrel bomb, then while its still squirming in the trap hit it in the head with your weapon (preferably a great sword)

    2.combine a net and trap tool to make a trap

    3.Then trap it again, place 1 lg barrel bomb and detonate it, again while its squirming hit it in the head as much as you can.

    4.repeat steps 2 and 3, and the wyvern should be weak. when you get the chance hit the wyvern in the head a few more times to finish it off

    hope it helped
    Kill Rathalos Easily
    first use a H.bowgun like (Tnakmage) use norma
    1 and 2 , pellet 1 and 2, you'll need it and go after the rathalos and chase him to area 9.

    there is a spot were the a rathalos eat go to the climbling hill and load normal 1 and load pellet 2 keep firing until it weaken

    when he flee go to the area 4 and climb the hill and shot the rathalos until it died
    kill the rathlos and rathian easily
    ok first u need to get a great sword or what ever ur good with then supply up when ever they do their lil fire ball things just hit them in the head until u get all the spikes to come off the just go for the whole body.
    Kill Yian Kin Ku Easily
    In the forest and hills mission, you are assigned to kill Yian Kin Ku. Be a Gunner in this mission because it will make this hint very easy for you. As a gunner bring the following
    -1 normal (unlimited)
    -40 fire bullets(you know what i mean)
    -9 Crag bullets
    -3 clust bullets
    -10 well done steaks
    -Maximum Tang Bomb Bullets and Tang bombs
    -Net,Velical Scale &2Tool Trap( TO make one portable shock trap and pitfall trap just in case the first one fails)
    -Paintball(some not a lot)
    -A lot of large bombs and 2 small ones.
    See that's all you need but you can bring extra if you need it. Now This monster usually stays in the green area and at the end the brown area if you do this right. The best area to do this in is the area in which has 2 platforms so that you can climb on( note: if get up there he cannot get you unless you to the edge a slight bit, and if he circles the area and swoop down). Make sure that you are in these type of area's like 4. Blast him in the face and watch out for pest like bugs(ewww)As you continue to blast him in the face with THE UNLIMITED BULLETS every ounce in a while blast him in the face with a crag or clust. soon the feathers around his head will go away and that's when you know he's weak. He will start to limp away from you(let him do that) then fly away. The area he will be headed to is the brown area where he will go to sleep. Now based on what you want to do you have two options CAPTURE OR DESTROY.
    -CAPTURE (When you goes to the caves and fall asleep(when he's Weak)
    If you want to capture it wait till he falls asleep in the brown area then do this. When he falls asleep plant a pit fall trap(away from him) and at the same time take out those tang bombs and switch your bullets to tang bomb bullets. in some way wake up and stand on the opposite end of the trap as he run towards you he will fall into the trap before hitting you. bomb him with the tang bombs(in his face) and there you have it you captured him(note you cannot carve him after this is done.)
    This is my favorite. If you're a person that doesn't like to capture you can do this. This is called the J&J Henderson Surprise. When he falls asleep plant a pit fall trap away from him. on top of the pit fall trap plant the large bombs on the trap. wake the monster up and let it fall in the trap again as he is in the trap take a crag the light him up as you shoot the bombs( note stay far away from bombs you WILL DIE!) THere you have it a fresh delivered monster!
    Kill Yian Kut-Ku Without a Bowgun
    Quest level 2-Jungle

    To do this without using a bowgun, you'll need armor (at least velociprey), a good sword (preferably hurricane +, which are dual swords), psycoserum, paint balls, 15 whetstones, 10 potions, 5 herbs and blue mushrooms, rations/steaks, 2 flashbombs, 2 sonic bombs (screamer+bomb material), pitfall trap, 2 nets, 2 trap tools, combo books 1 and 2, and 3 small and 3 large barrel bombs. I may have forgot something, so if you need it, bring it. Ok, get everything you need out of the supply box. Go to area 2 and use psycoserum to find Kut-Ku. Mark it with a paint ball. Dodge its attacks until it goes berserk and runs at you. Right then, lay a pitfall trap so its between you and the Kut-Ku. lure it in, and when it gets stuck, immediately lay a large barrel bomb, then a small barrel bomb and run. do this until you are out of bombs. Then, attack it as much as you can while it's still stuck in the trap. When it gets out, use a flash/sonic bomb. Attack it while it's immobilized. Be careful though, it can still hit you with it's tail. Do this until it is dead. Hint: When its ears go down, it is really close to dying. Just keep hammering it. You'll have to sharpen a lot, and only weapons with green sharpness can cut through it well enough to kill it. This also works with the blue Kut-Ku, but takes a LOT longer.
    lao shan tip!!
    if jou make a lao stagger like 65 70 times its positive
    but thats is almost impossible alone.
    Monoblos Tip
    When gunning a Monoblos/WhtMonoblos you shoot it right after it digs ,with a pellet 1/2/3, it will git stuck in the sand ,like if you used a sonic bomb.
    I\'ve successfully done this ,so I know it works.
    monoblos/diablos gunner advantage
    if you\'re fighting either a monoblos or a diablos and you\'re gunning it, make sure you bring crag 1 2 and 3. shoot it with the crag right when its digging and it should blow up working like a sonic bomb. (this may not work as the crag can blow up before he is under.) This is extremely useful if you have buddies who lance or GS alot.
    monsters found easy cheaper than buying pychoreams
    if you are needing to know where a monster is this is the thing for you AUTOTRACKER it shows you where a monster is you need armour:

    chain helmet
    chain mail
    velociprey vambraces
    chain belt
    vespoid greaves

    thats all thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most easy way to kill a Kut-ku
    Get the best armor you can get(battle armor) then go to the guild and do a desert gathering quest(area 6) get iron ore(10)macalite ore(21)and 40 earth crystals and get iron katana"grace" then get "gospel" then get herbs and potions and flash bombs then kill it!!!(kut-ku is almost always in area 7)
    No Hard Falls
    When you are going to run off a small cliff or jump, roll just before you jump off the clifface.

    The result should be that you gently float down to the ground rather than landng hard and trying to get up.

    This works best in area 2 f&h try it out.It can help alot when avoiding prey or wryvens.

    Options for starting a new game
    Once your character has been created, the game will ask if you are a beginner. If you choose yes and begin the game from scratch, you will be required to go through several of the Elders tutorial missions. (The single star missions, "Gathering Meat, Preparing Meat, Etc.")
    However, if you choose No, there are a couple of differences:
    1. The traveling merchant will be there from square one with the pig, so you are able to get the pig before starting any missions, if you so choose.
    2. Instead of having to go through all of the Elders Single Star (Tutorial) missions, you have the option to select the two star urgent quest, "The Formidable Velocidrome". If you choose the urgent mission and succeed, you can then begin the two star missions, without having to go through all the tutorials.
    Also, on a side note for both options look in the chest when you begin the game. Some may rush straight to the elder for missions, but if you notice they start you off with five different weapons to choose from, the lowest form of Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer, Lance and Light Bowgun. While experienced hunters know this, some new players have disregarded this only to find them there later on in the early missions.
    Riding on lao-shen-lung's back...
    When the screenshot of the lao-shan-lung had ended ,go and take whatever you nid in the supply box and run to area 2 and wait for the big freak to come. Hit him as he continued to walk . On the half way you will see another way on your left leading you to a very tall spot which you can see the big four legged freak. when the big four legged freak walked under the spot, jump on its back, when you landed faster press x to prevent you from falling. the can carve his scales off his back even when his is moving...

    [ Do try anything funny like pressing x or walking on its back fooling around, you will fall down fron his back and get kicked by his leg while landing]
    Slay the Garuga easily
    first use a heavy bowgun then get a normal 1 and 2,pierce 1 , and pellet 1, don't use any abnormal status shot it will not take effects on the garuda

    then create or buy a large bomb at least 2 and go for the quest first go to area 2 and climb the hill because after 2o second the garuda will go to area 2
    and set the 1st bomb under the hill use a paintball or paintshot,, then use pellet when he's near you keep assult the garuda or when he fleet to are 4 do the same until it's ear are close

    that mean he's been weaken and wait for the time run out and the dialog will show and say (you won he battle) and keep doing this you can make armors and weapons ((I hope this Tip is Helpful ))
    Something lurks behind your house!
    Behind your house is a Legendary Sword. When you go up to it and press square, your hunter tries to pull it out, but can`t!
    To get it you have to beat the fourth mission level and then the urgent quest called "Attack of the Rathalos".

    After you beat the Rathalos, go to the old man that gives you the quests and he`ll tell you about the legendary blade. Now you will have the strength to pull it out. It's not that strong when you get it so It'll help to upgrade it.
    speed to area 5 forest and hills
    This isn't really a major thing but it saves u a few seconds witch is crucial when a wywern is sleeping. When in area 4, approach the first cliff from the far left. u sort of have to be running into the corner and when u press o to get up u will be teleported up with having to pull up.
    Stacking Defense & Offense
    Okay say you used a Demondrug but it gives you a little boost well if you use a power pill or a power seed it will go from up [my Iron Katana *Gospel* went from 624->638->690] it also will work with defense but you must not stack the same item [armor seed + armor seed = waste of an armor seed]
    Happy hunting!
    Strong Dragon SnS
    To obtain this sword you need a ruststone buy the weapon for the ruststone you wont rusted sword (you may not get it first time) you will need around 120 earth crystals ... upgrade this sword to the legendary sword and then agen to Eternal strife this SnS only dose Attack:112 but DRattrib:630

    <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Superman (Faker)
    Follow Rath to Area 6 Fnh. When he sees you, run to the edgd of the cliff and panic jump. Your flying!
    the cooking cats
    After you beat the second urgent quest, an old lady with a HUGE backpack with cats all over it and a black hat will appear. Talk to her and choose a cat (you get it for free). It will be in your kitchen (go in your house and go to the curtains then press square, you will be in your kitchen).
    Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !
    Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !
    I posted it before now I decided to make guide on it.
    List of stuff that gives u ruststone if u trade them to SWAMP ELDER ! i spotted it on trade list and went happy beacuse i had very low luck searching for these ruststones.I posted it before now i decided to make guide on it.

    Vespoid Bladefin ----> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Rathalos Wing ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Wyvern Marrow ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Crimson Horn ---> Ruststone/Machalite Ore
    Majestric Horn ---> Ruststone

    im not sure if different materials u gige the different ruststones u get. about lightcrystals, i think these are usefull too and even if u dont neeed em these are worth 1k each and im gay

    For these who wanna try easiest way- Vespoid bladefins can be obtained in 4* gathering hall quest "attack of giant bugs" from vespoid- its the flying one and to complete quest you need to kill 50 vespoids- dont play with other monsters or a plesioth which usually is in area 7 or 4 . You will need poison weapon , like pba, hydra bite is best (easy to get, just need some poison sacks and loprey fangswhich u can buy).... or poison bombs, lots of them.Usually im getting 4-5 bladefins which is about 2 ruststones if unlucky.or 5 if u trade them one by one- reseting game each time u dont get a ruststone.

    In here i wont only suggest you to trade wvyern marrow- its important for weapons and is very rare.
    Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !
    I posted it before now I decided to make guide on it.
    List of stuff that gives u ruststone if u trade them to SWAMP ELDER ! i spotted it on trade list and went happy beacuse i had very low luck searching for these ruststones.I posted it before now i decided to make guide on it.

    Vespoid Bladefin ----> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Rathalos Wing ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Wyvern Marrow ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
    Crimson Horn ---> Ruststone/Machalite Ore
    Majestric Horn ---> Ruststone

    im not sure if different materials u gige the different ruststones u get. about light crystals, i think these are usefull too and even if u dont neeed em these are worth 1k each

    For these who wanna try easiest way- Vespoid bladefins can be obtained in 4* gathering hall quest "attack of giant bugs" from vespoid- its the flying one and to complete quest you need to kill 50 vespoids- dont play with other monsters or a plesioth which usually is in area 7 or 4 . You will need poison weapon , like pba, hydra bite is best (easy to get, just need some poison sacks and loprey fangswhich u can buy).... or poison bombs, lots of them.Usually im getting 4-5 bladefins which is about 2 ruststones if unlucky.or 5 if u trade them one by one- reseting game each time u dont get a ruststone.

    In here i wont only suggest you to trade wvyern marrow- its important for weapons and is very rare.
    Training School
    To unlock the training school, you have to unlock the Lvl 2 missions from the town sage and complete the mission 'The Great Jungle Kut-Ku'. This will unlock a training school for you to fight against the kut-ku with limited weapons,armour and items. When you beat other powerful monsters they are also trainable against here.
    Unlock Optional Guild Titles
    Do what is listed to unlock these guild titles.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    New Village Friend Clear all of the village Chief's lv 1 and lv2 quests.
    Village Defender Clear all of the village Chief's lv 3 and lv4 quest.
    Top-Class Hunter Clear all of the village Chief's lv 5 quests.
    Hero of Koto Clear all of the village Chief's quests.
    (Wyvern Type) Hunter Kill 20 wyverns of that type.
    (Wyvern Type) Kill 50 wyverns of that type.
    Giant Kill a monster worth one gold crown.
    Mining Millionaire Develop the Kokoto Mining area to the max.
    Fishing Millionaire Develop the Kokoto Fishing area to the max.
    Harvest Millionaire Develop the Kokoto Farm area to the max.
    Bug Catching Millionaire Develop the Kokoto Bug Catching area to the max.
    Volcanic Guide Complete several dozen missions in the Volcanic Belt area.
    Swamp Guide Complete several dozen missions in the Swamp area.
    Desert Guide Complete several dozen missions in the Desert area.
    Jungle Guide Complete several dozen missions in the Jungle area.
    Forest & Hills Guide Complete several dozen missions in the Forest Hill area.
    Bourgeoisie Hunter Current cash must be more than 200'000 zenny.
    Weak Hunter Accrue 100 hours of game play time.
    Plesioth Angler Catch a Plesioth while fishing during a mission.
    Sword Collector Forge ten very rare great swords.
    Vespoid & Hornatour =item, loot, parts
    create a hydra bite (hunter knife > hunter knife+ > serpent bite > hydra bite)

    you could upgrade to hydra bite+ if you want.
    but don't turn it into deadly poison when you slash
    the vespoid it will shattered the body

    now go to elder chief and get the quest=[Attach of the Giant bugs] or go to the gathering to get the same quest.

    1.when you select the elder chief the quest you could less parts of the vespoid or hornatour

    2.either get the gathering the quest you could carve a bladefin out of vespoid or hornatour and other parts as well like=[shells, adomens, wings, bladefins]

    Good Luck and Rate this Tip...
    way to kill rath easy (for beginners)
    If you are having trouble killing the rathalos for the first time. The best way to do this is get a poison battleaxe or a reasonable great sword then simply keep your distance not to far like other side of the area just close enough so the tale cant hit you. never face it face to face because your probably going to get charged. wait until the wyvern turns slowly and run at its head side on. then it should shoot a fire ball attrack the head while its doing this and then back off again to previuos position to aviod a charging attack

    However, deathprize is more suitable for beginners.
    Wyvern Advantage
    To get an advantage over all Wyverns and Dragons, get a weapon with each element, as each Wyvern/Dragon is weak against a certain element.

    Find out what the Wyvern/Dragon is weak against, and then choose the correct element to do the job.
    Wyvern Elemental Strengths

    Note - This is a list of what the Wyverns are strong against, so naturally you wouldn't take a weapon of the following elements.

  • Rathalos- Thunder, Fire
  • Azure Rathalos- Water, Fire
  • Rathian- Fire
  • Yian Kut-Ku- Fire, Thunder
  • Gypceros- Water, Thunder, Dragon
  • Khezu- Thunder, Dragon
  • Plesioth- Water, Dragon
  • Cephadrome- Water, Dragon
  • Monoblos- None
  • White Monoblos- Fire
  • Diablos- None
  • Gravios- Thunder
  • Basarios- Thunder
  • Kirin- Thunder
  • Lao-Shan Lung- Water, Thunder
  • Yian Garuga- Fire, Thunder
  • Wyvern Elemental Weakness
  • Rathalos- Dragon, Water
  • Rathian- Dragon, Water
  • Yian Kut-Ku- Water
  • Gypceros- Fire
  • Khezu- Fire
  • Plesioth- Thunder
  • Cephadrome- Thunder
  • Monoblos- Water
  • Diablos- Water
  • Gravios- Dragon, Water
  • Basarios- Dragon, Water
  • Lao-Shan Lung- Dragon, Fire
  • Fatalis- Dragon
  • Yian Garuga- Water
  • Wyvern's of Land and Sky Tips
    Even your present hunter rate is HR1, you can beat a silver rathalos and gold rathian, like me in HR1, just suit a armor that greater than 125 defense and attack damage must be greater than 1000 even a raw damage weapon, bring powerseed, armorseed, potion, megapotion, max potion(mega nutrient+dragon toodstool), ancient potion(immunizer+kelbi horn), well-done steak at least 3, pit trap, whetstones, farcaster if neccessary, then get all the items supply in the box.

    tactics: first, focus in a single wyvern (if sil rathalos or gold Rathian) honestly it's hard for HR1 but keep on your concentration, if you are in critical condition just activate the farcaster or climb in a certain side of the map and energize your character. furthere more, your strategies in using weapon (G. Sword must be)depend your chance to kill both. For more info. and to share a lots of hints and tips to you, just email me at <a href="mailto:mrvn_joauin@yahoo.com" target="_blank">mrvn_joauin@yahoo.com</a> (I'm not a master in MHF but I'm a great reader of wyverns behavior), hehe.


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    lao shan lung hint
    if jou make a lao shan lung stagger like a 67 times by attakin the head its goodd!!
    cuz lao has like 26666 hp
    and he will stagger by each 400 hp.
    if you atack him by the head
    The Absolute best way to kill Yian Garuga
    take the urgent quest to kill garuga, go straight to sector 7. there will be a tree, right behind the tree press o and you will pick up a "special mushroom" wait there till the time runs out and you beat the mission. Take the mission again and the garuga will have 1/50 of his normal life so killing him should be easy and make sure u have flash bombs and attack him when hes confused.
    Yian Garuga Glitch (explained better!!!!) if its not working for you, check this out!!!
    hey all! i had a hard time testing this glitch due to the ridiculous ammount of options people were giving in their individual explanations. So here is what worked best for me after thoroughly attempting this many times. Also, make sure it is the Revenge of the Yian Garuga, AND NOT the Rage of the Yian Garuga Quest, as this will prevent the glitch from working as well.

    Select the Village Elder Urgent Quest: Revenge of the Yian Garuga (and make sure that its a fresh quest, the glitch will not work if you have already started to weaken the wyvern in a previous run and are going back again!!! caused me much confusion) Bring with you one spiderweb in case you need to trade the elder to obtain a SPECIAL MUSHROOM. Also pet your pig, you have a much better chance at greater rewards everytime you do this.

    Now, there are two options, depending if you want Garuga Plates amidst your rewards in the long run.

    Option 1: Track down the Yian Garuga and get his attention, when he shoots his fireball(s), land hits on his tail and it will eventually be cut off. Wait for a good opportunity (like when he runs across the screen) and if you are quick to dodge and start the carve, you should be able to carve the tail while avoiding taking damage. Now that the tail is carved, head directly to area 7 (Forest and Hills Elder Area). Go behind the tree where the gathering spot is for Special Mushroom and Nitroshroom, crouch down and gather until there is nothing left. Now: STAY PUT IN THE CROUCHING POSITION RIGHT WHERE YOU CARVED!!! Sit there until the time runs out and the message will come up saying you have won the battle. You may at this time (if you are weilding a sword) want to hold the block until the quest cleared yellow letters come up to increase your chances of more and better rewards (sometimes it works!). When you return to town, stash the goods, pet your pig, eat if you want, and head back into another run of the same quest. Track down the Garuga and flash bomb him, then proceed to bash his ugly face in until he dies, he will be weak if the glitch is done right, so 5 to 10 hits should be all it takes to take him down. Carve him, then block for the rest of the time (sns and Gsword users) and reap the easy rewards of what is otherwise a lengthy and painstaking battle. You will get great armor from his parts, as well as a few semi useful weapons, so keep his stuff until you are done making everything you want, then use this glitch to make some thick cash, his parts sell for a lot of zenni.

    Option 2: If fighting the garuga seems like suicide everytime you try, even just when you want to cut his tail off (like above), you can skip that whole part if you wish. Take the same steps as above and instead of tracking him down, head directly to area 7, crouch, gather and wait it out, the mission will still succeed and you will have weakened him the same for the next run, except his tail will still be on so watch out when he swings it around, very poisonous. i have yet to be able to cut his tail off in the next run, he always dies before i can accomplish this, thats why i suggest doing it in the first run, as you would otherwise just be waiting for time to expire, at least you have something to do for a few minutes, lol <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> You will have to fight him in the next run, but with a little practice, he should be no problem. Just dodge his attacks until he shoots his fireballs, and at that point attack the side of his face of body and roll out and continue with the dodging. He may go into a rage before he dies, so be careful, usually one more hit is all it takes to kill him at this point tho, so if you are quick you may not have to worry about this at all.

    Last important note on this glitch, you need to have at least one special mushroom in your inventory when the time runs out to successfully win the first run, if you didnt get any from the tree, trade the spiderweb to the elder to get a special mushroom, and if you didnt bring a spiderweb, one can be found in the area next to area 7, just north east from what looks to be an old hunter camp that was destroyed, there will be a tree near the edge of the map, and a spiderweb which you can gather from to get this. Then quickly return to area 7, trade it and resume the crouching behind the tree on the gather spot until time runs out.

    I had my fair share of problems doing this glitch, as there are a lot of not so descriptive explanations out there, which either miss things or are written in some form of english that no one can understand, so hopefully this will be a great help to those who still have problems making this work. Enjoy the rewards and money!

    Monster Hunter Joshuar
    BC, Canada
    Yian Garuga Riches
    Once you have beaten quest level 4 a Yian garuga special quest will pop up. Take the quest along with any flash bombs you have.[You'll need them] and go to area 3 and wait. The yian garuga will fly there, paintball him and hit him with the flash bomb. While he is confused keep attacking his tail. when he snaps out of it. hit him with another until his tail is off! Carve his tail and then do the following typed below:

    Go to the area with the old man who likes to trade and the big tree with the mushroom on it. Use O to get on the mushroom tree thing and wait for time to run out. stay on the tree. It will say. You have won the battle and you will get tons of different garuga items. This glitch does not work unless you cut off his tail and stay on the tree!!!


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    Beat The Fishing Quest
    The very begin of the game you go to a guy near the bar and he will give you 1500z. Go buy a better weapon or new armour and then go talk to him again and he will give you a quest and when you finsh that quest you can pick from out of 5 more quest. Go to Kokoto's farm and fish a sushifish bout you only got 3 changes and if you get a sushifish go chick on the quest and go start the quest and press O on the red box and you will have to w8 20 secound to go back to town and you will have beaten the quest. You Will See You Gain 100Gp
    Black Fatalis' Glitch
    In order to do the glitch you have to have the 15 min. urgent quest and the 50 min black fatalis' quest.

    Do the 15 min. 2800z contract fee round about 5~6 times (be sure to hit it with the gate and the dragonator). Then start the 7th round and abandon right at the start. Start the 50 min. Black Fatalis' quest and it should be easy(About 5~15min.)
    Complete "Rage of Yian Garuga" without glitch
    I hate using the "glitch" for this quest. So here's how to actually beat him without using it. Bring your best armour, items and weapon. Start the quest and head to area 10. Firstly, break off his tail. After that focus completely on his face. Don't bother with his wings because you mostly rebound off them and you waste time. Just keep hitting his face until the time runs out. It will say "You won the battle". Do the quest again, but this time the Garuga only has 1/3rd of his normal HP and his tail and face will be broken. You can actually kill him the second time. This quest is really helpful for the money, items and you can make good weapons and armour from the rewards and carves you get. Don't bother with the glitch because you don't actually kill him and if you don't kill him, you wont be able to make the weapons and armour.
    Detailed wyvern weakness (for the blademasters)
    silver rathalos:energy(water works but energy is better) attack the wings and face, have a weapon with lots of green or above sharpness. AND WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT CHOP OFF HIS TAIL. unless you have him severly weakened (limping) his tail is the only sighn to warn you of impending doom(this only goes for the fights when your fighting him and the rathian at the same time) if he shakes his tail back and forth do a panic jump and youll avoid his claws of venemous doom. *recomended weapon:devil slicer*

    gold rathian:if she takes two steps back you need to get out of the way FAST! *recomended weapon:devil slicer*

    lao shan lung: the big, the bad and the scaredy cat, lao is easy has long has you have a good weapon smash the horn then onslaught his stomach if you have a great sword or DS for hammers go for the legs or the face and lancers of course go for the face (recomended weapons: eager cleaver,Obelion, upgraded kirin weapons (or anything above there rank)) also, the slightest and will cause large wind-pressure and can do 30-40 damage if you dont have armour above 100. Also after you shoot him with the cannon jump down there and beat the crap outta him then when he rears up climb the ladders and jam the dragonator button, if done correctly you should hit him the moment is at the castle or the moment he attacks (which will negate the damage)

    Kirin: theres no straight damage, his attacks are unpredictable, can stun you and do lots of damage, observe his patterns kill the prey and use hit and run tactics (recomended weapons: blazing falchon and any fire weapon, if greatsword smash the head, hit the body with a hammer to send him flying same thing with SnS but he wont fly has much)

    *more coming soon*
    Duplicate Items
    1.) to duplicate item. you must have two player and online. then 1st player should give the item to the 2nd player the items..

    2.) the 1st player must exit the game or >> go to thee house and don't save,, then load again..

    I Hope This Cheat Is Helpful
    kill los easy
    bring first
    1 pitfall trap
    2 trap tools
    2 nets
    10 potions
    10 mega potion
    2 max potion
    end flash bomb
    end 2 lg barrel
    end 1 sm barrel
    book of combos 1-3
    wepon pba(posion battleaxe)

    first go to area 3 (he start always in area 3)
    set first a pitfall trap ens slash it with your sword as mus as you kan make another end do this over until you have no more matrials
    slash hes head until he go sleep
    if he sleep slay alle v-prey end set 2 lg barrel end 1 sm barrel he woke up slash his head until hes dead

    i hope its works ;p
    Pet Pig
    After you beat the second urgent quest, there will be a guy walking around with a backpack (not the little old lady with the HUGE backpack). "Talk" to the pig and the cooking music will come on. You pretty much "cook" the pig. As soon as the "!" appears press X. The pig will follow you around. Go home and save. If you quit the game the pig will stay in your house.

    Thanks to Jiraiya2006 who added that pleasing the Pig will give you luck, which will result in better rewards after the mission.