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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Local Passwords NA+
GO to the Recruit section of the briefing screen and type the passwords in via the passwords. No quotes.
PasswordWhat it does
Y5YCFYHVZZW71: Washington, D.C
BB6K768KM972: Alabama
XL5SW5NH9S73: Alaska
ZHEFPVV94774: Arizona
VNRE7JNQ8WE75: Arkansas
6MSJQYWNCJ876: California
W6TAH498DJ77: Colorado
2N2AB3JV2WA78: Connecticut
AJRL6E7TT979: Delaware
A44STZ3BHY580: Florida
VD5H53JJCRH81: Georgia
TW7ZMZHCBL82: Hawaii
L68JVXVBL8RN85: Indiana
B8MW36ZU56S86: Iowa
TYPEVDEE24YT87: Kansas
LCD7WGS5X588: Kentucky
EHR5VVMHUSG89: Louisiana
L2W9G5N76MH791: Maryland
ZLU2S3ULDEVF92: Massachusetts
HGDRBUB5P3SA93: Michigan
EEBBM888ZRA94: Minnesota
TBF7H9G6TJH795: Mississippi
WJND6M9N73896: Missouri
9FYUFV29B2Y97: Montana
MCNB5S5K47H98: Nebraska
Z9D4UGG8T4U699: Nevada
7NQYDQ9Y4KMP100: New Hampshire
LGHTBU9ZTGR101: New Jersey
RGJCMHNLSX102: New Mexico
6PV39FKG6X103: New York
JGVT2XV47UZ104: North Carolina
T5LSAVMPWZCY105: North Dakota
ZQT75NUJH8A3107: Oklahoma
HKSD3PJ5E5108: Oregon
PL8GVVUM4HD109: Pennsylvania
MMYC99T3QG110: Rhode Island
ZR4465MD8LK111: South Carolina
RY3NUDDPMU3112: South Dakota
TD2732GCX43U113: Tennessee
QM84UPP6F3114: Texas
V7VRAYZ78GW115: Utah
L7T66LFZ63C8116: Vermont
DRTCS77F5N117: Virginia
G3S4N42WWKTV118: Washington
72M8XR99B6119: West Virginia
K9BUN2BGLMT3120: Wisconsin
C3THQ749RA121: Wyoming
Soldier Passwords (NA)
An Incomplete List of the Obtainable Soldiers in the North-American Version of Portable Ops Plus. Enters these 'codes' in the Password Section of the Recruit Tab in the Briefing Menu. Special Soldiers will be in Red.
PasswordWhat it does
N524ZHU9N4Z20. USSR Male Soldier A
QK3CMV373Y21. USSR Male Soldier B
6WXZA7PTT9Z22. USSR Male Soldier C
D8RV32E977423. USSR Male Soldier D
FMXT79TPV4U824. FOX Unit Soldier A
HGMK3WCYURM25. FOX Unit Soldier B
6ZY5NYW4TGK26. FOX Unit Soldier C
UZZQYRPXM8627. Female Officer A
QRQQ7GWKHJ28. Femal Officer B
MVNDAZAP8DWE29. Female Office C
ZFKHJKDEA230. Male Scientist A
QQ4N3TPCL8PF31. Male Scientist B
CXFCXF4FP9R632. Male Scientist C
3W8WVRGB2LNN33. Female Scientist A
FUC72C463KZ34. Female Scientist B
UCAWYTMXB5V35. Female Scientist C
T8EBSRK6F3836. Maintenance Crew Member A
YHQU74J6LLQ37. Maintenance Crew Member B
MFAJMUXZHHKJ38. Maintenance Crew Member C
DVB2UDTQ5Z39. High-Rank Officer A
84ZEC4X5PJ640. High-Rank Officer B
DTAZ3QRQQDU41. High-Rank Officer C
ADPS2SE5UC842. High Official
GE6MU3DXL3X43. Ocelot Unit Male Soldier
9V8S7DVYFTR45. GRU Soldier
6VWM6A22FSS846. Gurlukovich Soldier
M4MSJ6R87XPP47. High-Tech Soldier
PHHB4TY4J2D48. Tengu Soldier
2VXUZQVH9R50. USSR Female Soldier A
HPMRFSBXDJ3Y51. USSR Female Soldier B
QXQVW9R3PZ52. USSR Female Soldier C
GMC3M3LTPVW753. USSR Female Soldier D
5MXVX6UFPMZ554. USSR Female Soldier E
76AWS7WDAV55. USSR Female Soldier F
9FS7QYSHZ56N56. OCelot Unit Female Soldier A
F94XDZSQSGJ857. Ocelot Unit Female Soldier B
CRF8PZGXR28″58. Ocelot Unit Female Soldier C
QJ4ZTQSLUT859. Genome Soldier (White)
9CM4SY23C7X860. Genome Solider (Red)
9GNPHGFFLH61. Genome Soldier (Blue)
TGQ6F5TUHD62. Genome Soldier (Green)
CE5HHYGTSSB63. Genome Soldier (Yellow)
WYNGG3JBP3YS64. Genome Soldier (Black)
7WRG3N2MRY265. Genome Soldier (Pink)
A9KK7WYWVCV66. Tsuhan Soldier
RU8XRCLPUUT67. Hideochan Soldier


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5 star choke-hold
In harder difficulties, the second an enemy in a chokehold passes out, there's a much higher chance of them passing out with only one or two stars above their head, meaning they wake up sooner. Rather than just dropping them then and there, tap square repeatedly while holding them to continue choking them. Eventually they will gain five stars above their head, giving you optimal time to get your job done in that sector before they regain consciousness.
After completing your soldier list...
Which means all 68 soldiers that appear on the soldier list, not the locals or countries, you will unlock all motions for use online.
Always keep a deliveryman handy!
Your best bet will be to recruit a soldier with 'athlete' and 'deliveryman' stats. Also helps if they have an A in cqc.

During Infinity Mission, you will have to procure weapons and supplies completely when on the field. You cannot prepare before the mission starts!

In doing so, you may easily max out your inventory on the first two or three missions, and as such, have less of a chance of collecting other weapons to take back to other soldiers at base. To remedy this, make sure you scout missions first with your athlete/deliveryman. This way all non-immediate items can be transferred to the Truck, leaving you able to collect survival items without leaving behind any other goods.

Make sure your deliveryman can defend himself though! CQC is a must, for sleeper-holding enemies and obtaining items from them without alerting the guards. Also, slamming a guard into the ground to stun them is pretty much a requirement, so he/she will need an A or better in CQC. Also, given how missions are completely random, there may be instances where the soldier is required to eliminate soldiers en masse. Make sure your soldier has a weapon they are very capable with, and plan your defensive strategies ahead of time!

Wouldn't want all that hard work going down the drain!
An easier boss rush
You know boss rush right? then an easier way to complete this is to have your very own 500hp soldiers, this may be a problem if your new to the game but it helps if you have a lot of Hp. So back to boss rush first, you need a have the proper equipment. I will tell each boss and items you need in order to defeat them:

Python: Use the m37 or m870 (shotguns)
Raxa: Rpg-7 (Rocket Propelled Grenade)
Null: m37 or m870 suggested m870 for more ammo
Null(second battle): m37
Cunningham: Rpg-7 to get him down and p90 (SMG)
Gene: m37, claymores, or Rpg-7 for massive dmg
Career List
Deliveryman- Can send items back to the truck.
Bait- Makes stronger enemies appear more often.
Stuntman-Quick recovery from knockouts(for online)
Headhunter-Can detect enemies' abilities
Acupuncturist-Can heal allies with Tranquilizer shots
Gambler-At times gives and takes extra damage
Rescuer- Drags enemy soldiers faster
Scout-Sneaks faster than normal soldiers
Athlete-Runs faster than normal soldiers
Artist-Impervious to dirty magazines(online only)
Quarterback-Increased throwing distance
Politican- Increases chances of retrieving the fulton recovery in stages.

Surveyor-Map display becomes more detailed
Spy-Lowers health of enemies in area where deployed
Arms Dealer-Increases the chances of finding weapons

Chemist-Can develop highly effective medicines
Nutritionist-Increases rate of stamina recovery
Doctor-Increases rate of life recovery

Arms Specialist-Increases max ammo count
Elite Engineer-Can develop powerful equipment
Engineer-Increases battery longevity
Dealing with the dogs
In some stages their might be dogs or hounds patroling the area so here is what not to do and what to do at a time like this,

1: Do not sneak behind them because they can here you
2: I suggest you use a Tengu soldier or have a knife to stab them
3: Or use a XM177E2 (The Rifle with the suppressor)to shoot it in the head
4: Do not Knock because the dog can run at you and bark to alert the soldiers

So Good luck with the Hounds
If an enemy soldier sees you running and you are the same soldier type, he will not attack you.
Easier recruiting
Start up normal or easy mode (normal offers better soldier stats usually). Make sure the character you are using has an A, S, or S2 rank in CQC! (Suggest Naked Snake)

When in a stage where Campbell's truck is isolated, and there is at least one area sealed off by a wall (so you won't get attacked from that angle, though the more walls the better), trigger an alert phase and hide behind the truck. When enemy soldiers come near you, grab them, and slam them into the ground. Knock them out as quickly as possible, and when the threat level drops a bit, drag them to the back of the truck.

As long as you can survive and keep the threat level low, you can recruit many soldiers in a single mission. If it's safe to do so, and you need it, check downed soldiers for rations and medkits so you can heal before you're in trouble.

Note: If your team is wiped out before completing all of the missions, you will lose all your characters and acquired weapons! Survival is paramount!
EZ Tengu Soldiers
OK, this is best done on Normal. On the last stage, you always have to neutralize Tengu Soldiers. Well, there's a way to recruit them BOTH! First, knock out the first Tengu then drag him to the truck. Then, lure the other Tengu near one of your teammates (cardboard box). Be sure to knock the Tengu out extremely close to your teammate. As soon as the Tengu's head's got stars floating around it, open the radio (SELECT button) and evacuate the Tengu (frequency 143.15). Now you recruited 2 of the coolest soldiers in the game besides the Hideochan soldier!
Fashion Magazines
When you find these from the Kerotan hidden in stages, you can use them at menus such as the briefing one to give you another motion to use online. This only applies for the character of which you used the magazine on..
Faster reloading
To do this right, when you reload try to press against a wall or run into one to skip the actions on which your character does when he reloads.
Free Soldiers
In online mode to get free soldiers host a game then make sure this is only a battle with CQC no guns no nothing.This match has to be in Deathmatch so wait for someone to come in and just fight until time runs out and if you win you will rechieve some soldiers at the end of the battle.This works because the person with the most stuns wins and since its real combat but no weapons it will be a draw everytime therefor earning you troops.
Genomes basic colors (continued.)
Yellow Genomes will have their total health between 300 - 350 when they are fully experienced.

Black Genomes will have their total health above 350 when they are fully experienced.

More to come!
Genomes basic colors.
Pink Genomes will have 50 sense or better in order to be pink.
Blue Genomes have more than one S stat and will have S's that will go higher.
More to come!
Getting Tsuchinoko Rank Easily
Go on Easy mode, clear it without any alerts, which, if done right, takes about 5 minutes. Voila! You'll get really low points, but what counts is the rank that influences health/stamina growth.
High-Tech Soldiers
They have less hp than the average soldier if you get good soldiers, and lower skills that would make you think there is a glitch or something. But they have helmets that reduce headshot damage! So if you can reduce headshot damage and got really lucky by finding a S3 or 400hp one... I'll leave you to think about it.
How to get uniques without MPO save!
I have MPO+ EU, I don't know if it works in MPO+ US, but I'll tell you.

First, don't discharge any soldier or while playing the mission don't make anyone kill you, if you die all you got to do is click back to briefing in the pause menu. Your dead soldier will be alive, but your progress in the mission will be lost.

Second, if you follow rule one from the beginning of the game, you'll find the unique soldiers as prisoners in any stage.

Remember, after you get one unique as prisoner, you'll have to do it again and again to get all of them!
How to use a Textbook
There are three ways of using a Textbook.
The 1st way is, during the Briefing Screen (Menu for Selection Infinity Mission) choose the soldier whose stats you want to improve. Choose them with CIRCLE and press TRIANGLE, then choose USE ITEM. Choose the Textbook you want and press Circle. The characters Stat in accordance with that text book will be raised by one grade. The player can raise their character's individual stat till a triangle appear just above the stats grade. That indicates that the character has maxed out their stat and can no longer improve it.
The 2nd way of a Textbook is much like the first, the only difference is that the process is done in the Intermission Menu of Infinity Mission.
The 3rd and final way of using a Textbook is by equipping the Textbook in the player's equipment and using as you would a Ration of Medkit. Simply hold CIRCLE to bring up the Items Menu, then press the direction-pad in the direction of the Textbook to use it.
Infinity Mission Ravine Tip
If you're going for no alerts, and have a C BOX, then be careful whilst around the bridges and cliffs as if you fall, even accidentally, you'll fall to your death without a chance to grab the ledge.
Maximum Bonus for Recovery Items Bonus
Is 5,000 extra points.
These points are gained by having alot of recovery items at the end of any run. Items include: Rations( Small and Big ), Med kits ( Small and Big ), and Pentazime(sp?)
Null's Strategy
Null will shoot a maximum of 3 times then he will reload this is your chance to strike but do not get to close or he will do this cutting combo on you.
Online tip!
if you play online on shooting range mode, always hide behind a shield to prevent headshots
QHS means Quick Headshot to do this all you have to do is hold L then the up pad then shoot. so you basically Autolock and then press up pad and shoot this will get you headshot fast it may take some time to get used to but it works if someone is strafting at you.
Recruit Final Battle Soldiers
At the end of each difficulty, it IS possible to be able to complete the mission and recruit the soldier/s at the same time, however it requires at least 1 extra teammate (definitely helpful if you have 3) and your main soldier has at least an A in CQC and good LIFE. As soon as the mission starts, check you map for a teammate. Find one that is not too far away, but yet in a very small narrow area. Reach that teammate and wait in that area for the enemy. When the enemy come, do whatever you can to stun them next to the teammate in the box. Roll into them in the direction of the teammate, CQC them and tranq them, however take certain care with the last enemy soldier. When you do face the last enemy soldier (or the only soldier for Easy), grab them from behind with CQC and drag them as close as you can to the teammate. Choke them till they are knocked out. The next part requires accurate timing, otherwise you risk not recruiting the soldier. As soon as the last enemy is knocked out, your character will automatically drop the enemy soldier they have. Just as that enemy's head touches the ground, press SELECT and call the PRISONER EVACUATION line. You have then successfully captured the Final Battle Soldier/s.
Regain Stamina
In online mode when you stunned you can regain your stamina back quicker by repeatedly pressing triangle, O, X or Square.
Roy Campbell
Don't discharge Roy Campbell after you recruit him in Extreme mode, doing so will cut you off of radio contact until you find him as a prisoner in a stage. Which means you will have to kick the box to let him know to recruit.
If you unlocked boss rush then make sure that you have a shotgun handy,because the first boss is python and a shotgun does more damage than an asault rifle.But beware of null with his submachine gun that can kill you quick unless you take cover.
Soldier Clone
Cloning a soldier can be done with both the host and the person which entered the game. Not at the same time of course.

Host Clone

If you are hosting a game an wish to give a soldier to a friend but keep him yourself all you have to do is let the desired number of soldiers be killed by the person which you are giving them to. 1 soldier being the minimum and 4 being the maximum. When your soldier dies don't Fulton or white flag, as this will take the soldier back and not give your friend the soldier. Once the soldier you wanted to give away is gone, wait for the round to end, once the round is over, press the "HOME" button on the bottom left of your PSP and quit the game. This will reload your game save and your friend will have the soldier which you wanted to give him.

Non-Host Clone

This is even easier then the host clone. All you have to do is enter the game which your friend(the host) is in. Once you enter let him kill your soldiers that you are giving to him, don't Fulton or white flag like said before. Once the soldiers are gone then just press the "HOME" button and reload your save, seeing as how your not the host, the game wont end prematurely which would result in your friend not getting the soldier.
Soldier Stats matter
Well as you know on MPO+ your soldiers have stats on certain weapons here are some explanations.

S3:Faster reload, Accuracy, Increased Damage
S2:Same as S3 but not hacked
S:non-hacked, mid-range accuracy, acceptional damage, fast reload
A:non-hacked, close range, some damage, acceptional reload
B:non-hacked, short range, mid damage, slow reload
C:non-hacked, inaccurate, low damage, slowest reload

Stealth Kill
To kill enemy soldiers simply get a tengu soldier or raiden, knock them out (done best by choke slamming, and drag them to a desolate area and stab them in first person(force stab by pressing and holding the attack button,just like shooting)

This is my usual strategy.
Text books
Textbook items are a new feature in MPO+, that allow you to train a soldier and raise one of their stat related abilities by one.

Text books can be used during three phases. First is when you're on the management screen at the main menu, before starting infinity mission. Second phase is when you have returned to the truck in the intermission segments of infinity mission. You'll be able to use items, including text books and also change equipment on your active soldiers before proceding into the missions again. Third phase is when you are in-mission. The soldier must have the textbook (only one per slot is equipable) in their inventory. Use the item like you would use a ration/medkit.

Be warned, soldiers all differ, and some have limits others may not have. The text books can increase the soldier's stats outside of HP/STMN, and SNS, but only to a certain point. The highest any soldier can raise their stats is S3, though some may be limited to C only.

To tell what a soldier's limit is, look at their stat table in the management screen, and note the field box. Say your soldier has an A in CQC. In the top right of that box there may or may not be a white corner piece. If there is one, that corner piece represents the stat is maxed out and cannot be raised any further. The corner piece will also appear on the STMN and HP fields when that soldier has been raised up to their limit in that field.

(HP and Stamina are raised by completing infinity mission with that soldier in the active party - harder difficulties reward more experience, and earning code names varies up the growth rate, so it's best to obtain a codename for the soldier before they reach full exp)
The Top Rankings
Foxhound-12 Captures, no alerts, no kills. Basically a perfect run.
Tsuchinoko-Perfect Stealth, you can kill, just no alerts. Same with captures.
Fox-You can get some alerts, but too many will demote you to Doberman. This means you can get some kills. This is done with captures, but alerts.
Hound-Mostly Kills, but with alerts.

Basically Foxhound is a combination of all 3 ranks above. Tsuchinoko is stealth, as long as no alerts. Fox and Hound are with alerts, but with captures being the priority of Fox, and kills being the priority of Hound.
The Useful Careers Online
Basically are:

Acupuncturist: This allows you to heal your comrades online IF friendly fire is ON.

Scout: This lets you sneak faster and its very useful if you're sneaking up on campers.

Athlete: Lets you run faster, 'nuff said.

Artist: This could be the most important skill against magazine users as it will take them by surprise and you can, hopefully headshot them.

Gambler: Im not too sure about this one, it MAY work online, but dont quote me.

Rescuer: Is kind of useless, but it can still be useful to drag an ally out of harm's way if he is stunned from afar.

Quarterback: Let's you throw things even farther; Only useful with S2 or S3 in throwing.

And finally: Stuntman! This skill lets you recover faster than normal soldiers without the skill, but beware, the host sets how fast you recover initially, then skills play in.
Have fun online!
If you do NOT have a gamesave of the original game on your memory stick, then the only uniques you can obtain are Johhny, Raiden, Old Snake, Roy Campbell, and Naked Snake.
The others are uploaded whenever you play the game and a save is detected, which is done automatically.
Unlock Roy Campbell
Beat MPO+ on Extreme mode and you unlock Roy Cambell for infinty mission and online play.
What happend?
Okay,if you choke someone or kill them and some of the other soldiers see him they will say "What Happend!?" and walk to them and wake them up.So when the enemy walks to them they are distracted and will not hear you if you run behind them.


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Get soldiers back from online RC matches!
When you soldier is killed in real combat, do not use Fulton or White Flag. Simply press the Home button before the game saves. When you reload, the game will be at the last point you saved, before losing the soldier.

Easter eggs

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Purple advace points
The cheat for stage 15 is incorrect on some games. Therefore, I have decided to submit the same cheat, except for a different version. As I'm sure some of you have already found out, the stage 14 advance point some is not what it seems, in fact there are TWO different advance points, on will take you to the next stage (the regular red one), and another will transport you to the LAUNCH CONTROL ROOM (this advance point may look purple on some screens). If you take the puple one you will not only get special stages, as I am about to describe, you will also skip stage 15 and jump from 14 to 16 missing your chance to reset your troop stats and health plus equip them. In the launch area, there are 5 different out come for what you have to face, the first is just a good old fashioned group of regular White Genomes, DON'T WORRY you want have to face all thses challenges in one go, also when you spawn at 4 of the five challenges, there will be a MK23 with 36 rounds of ammo, and an MK22 with 8 rounds of ammo. They will both have silencers, but no ammo extras, except for what is already in the guns. The 2 challenge is regular SEAL troops, the third is Tengus, and the fourth is female soldiers and female scientists, The fifth, and what I consider the hardest of them all, is where you will face no troops, only your self. In this challenge, you will be subjected to verbal torture, there is a guy on this stage that you don't fight, but rather, fight yourself for survival. He will say a few sentences in groups. Although you may not be watching at the time, as he talks, you stamina decreases at an exstrodonary rate. That is why there will be tons of rations and med kits (big and small), and weapons and ammo. The only ways out of this room are to either 1) use the advance point, or 2) die. Don't bather trying to run because I have hacked the whole map and even then I could not find any other exits. So, all in all, I hope you have fun and use this information to your adavntage. I will not tell you to use it wisly seeing as you will just tell everybody that plays. Enjoy this fun and exciting stage, and just message me if you have any more questions about this or other stages, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Have fun <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />, <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />, <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/oO.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/oO.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Secret level Stage 15
This stage is special because on extreme mode when you get to stage 15 there are 2 advance points one in red and one in purple the purple one is the secret one so go in and you will see a lot of soldiers that are crouching up and down.You have a time limit this means that when time runs out they will know your here.So what you do is take the MK22 or MK23 and just shoot them in the head you cannot miss or they'll look back and spot you.Once your done i suggest you recuit them before they wake up.


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Unlimited Textbooks
This cheat requires 2 PSP systems, both with Portable Ops Plus.

Using PSP #1
Save before using any Textbooks for this cheat. Select up to a maximum of 4 soldier which you want to increase the stats of all, and place all of them in the same Sneaking Team. Use all the Textbook possible on every soldier in the designated Sneaking Team.
Using PSP #2
With the 2nd PSP System with Portable Ops Plus, trade the 4 Textbook Investing soldiers from PSP #1 with 4 other soldiers from PSP #2. As soon as all the trades have finished, do not save the game and do not exit from the MANAGE section.
Using PSP #1
Reset the 1st PSP system WITHOUT saving the game, by choosing SYSTEM and then RETURN TO TITLE MENU. Reload your original gamesave. You now have all your Textbooks back, but none of your improved versions of specific soldiers. Trade the 'Original (The soldiers you upgraded the stats of before trading them, except these soldiers will not have the upgraded stats) with the Textbook Investing Soldiers from the PSP #2. After that, you can re-use the Textbooks again to max out the stats of those soldiers again.

You can repeat this cheat numerous times with other soldiers and this means that you have unlimited Textbooks.
Unlock Arms Magazine Soldier
Enter TTOGZWSREYD in the "Recruit" "Password" section of the main ingame menu. *Japanese Version Only*
Unlock Dengeki Playstation Magazine Soldier
Enter YLFSSVBCDLGO in the "Recruit" "Password" section of the main ingame menu. *Japanese Version Only*
Unlock Famitsu Magazine Soldier
Enter ZKUJZUYXJUH in the "Recruit" "Password" section of the main ingame menu. *Japanese Version Only*
Unlock Old Snake
To get Old Snake, survive with at least one team member alive, and clear the entirety of 'normal mission mode'. Afterward, you'll see Old Snake's stat screen confirming the acquisition.
Unlock Princess Camo
Enter JNSHKKFBJFZ in the "Recruit" "Password" section of the main ingame menu. *Japanese Version Only*
Unlock Raiden
Survive HARD mode with at least one team member alive, and clear all 16 missions to unlock Raiden. (MGS2)

You will see Raiden's stat screen after unlocking him to confirm it.
Your Soldier Died?
Not to fear! As long as you reply that difficulty you can find them again, with the same codename you gave them, they just will be a little different in stats i believe.