Metal Gear Acid 2 Cheats

Metal Gear Acid 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Card Pack Upgrades
Complete the game once. Load your finished game save and play through the game again. At the points where you received the card packs, they will be upgraded into newer versions.

MGS3 Subsistence Pack=Upgrade MGS3 Pack

MGS2 Substance Pack=Upgrade MGS2 Pack

Chronicle Unlimited pack=Upgrade Chronicle Pack

MGS1 Integral Pack=Upgrade MGS1 Pack

Unlock Card Movies Selection
Beat the game once and the selection "Card Movies" will appear in the Deck Editor.
This will allow you to view the clips associated with various cards when you play them during gameplay (such as watching the Grey Fox clip from MGS1 when you play the "Cyborg Ninja" card).
Unlockable Cards
Running Man Card=Complete 6 rounds in the Arena on the Hard difficulty setting.

Metal Gear Rex=Complete game on Normal
MGS4 Complete game on Easy

"Stealth Camo" Card=Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Normal Setting

"E-Z Gun" Card=Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Easy Setting

"G36C" Card=Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Extreme Setting

Metal Gear RAY=Beat campain mode twice


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Enter these passwords at the password screen. You'll obtain them as your load your saved games.

Hnmt=Unlocks Reiko Hinomoto card

Mccy=Unlocks the Roger McCoy card

Shiimeg=Card No.286 - Ishii Meguru (JP Version only)

Ccy=Card No.099 - Gijin-san (JP Version only)

Vrs=Card No.046 - Strain (JP Version only)

No Place=Card No.288 - MGS4 (JP Version only)

Nonat=Card No.287 - Sano Natsume (JP Version only)

Kinoshitaa=Card No.285 - Kinoshita Ayumi (JP Version only)

Xx=Card No.281 - Hinomoto Reiko (JP Version only)

Rgr=Card No.212 - Roger McCoy (JP Version only)

Dcyctps=Card No.203 - Decoy Octopus (JP Version only)

Hrrr=Card No.197 - Sea Harrier (JP Version only)

Xmeight=Card No.187 - XM8

Sgny=Card No.188 - SIGINT (JP Version only)

Mika=Card No.166 - Mika Slayton

Karen=Card No.170 - Karen Houjou

Jehuty=Card No.172 - Jehuty

Viper=Card No.161 - Viper

Snake=Card No.294 - Solid Snake (MGS4)

Otacon=Card No.295 - Otacon (MGS4)

Signt=Card No.188 - Mr. Sigint

Konami=Card No.119 - Reaction Block

mk2=Metal Gear MK. II (MGS4) Card unlocked

shinta=Gives you card Gijin-san

nojiri=Gives you card Strand

mgr=Ishii Meguru

aym=Kinoshita Ayumi

ntm=Unlocks Natsume Sano Card an Solid Eye Video

Gekko=Gekko (US Version Only)

tobidacid=Solid Eye card (US Version Only)

smoking=No Smoking card (US Version Only)

Dcy=ard No. 203 - Decoy Octopus

shrrr=card no197 Sea Harrier ( US Version Only )

Ronaldsiu=Banana Peel Card

Ginormousj=Emma's Parrot Card

thespaniard=possessed arm card

SONOFSULLY=Card No. 291 - Jack