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Beat Metal Gear Easily

Snake's Deck:
All the rocket cards you have, including the MGS1 and 2 Stinger Cards. A lot ot Cost minising cards and running cards.

Telico's Deck:
Stealth Cards and Cardboard Box cards.

Have Telico hide in a box in a corner, she is un-important in this battle.

Have Snake sit there untile Metal Gear's Missles rise up. Press triangle to view where they are going, if your not in a block ajacent to a red block begin your raid. Start snipping or rocket launching the arms. Use a cost minising card on your last turn to set your cost to 0. Continue doing that until both arms are down. Wait until Metal Gear bends over and charges up. Snipe and rocket it, if you don't have a cost card run quickly to the side of Metal Gear so you don't get hit. Do this until he dies. Then you have won.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: exsoldierCloudStrife on July 11, 2005

Bonus Cards

In the main menu, select Password and enter the following passwords:

Gives Card No.202 - Saitou Yuu | Elyts
Gives Card No.184 - Jehuty | Jehuty
Gives Card No.182 - Karen Houjou | Karen
Gives Card No.203 - Shibuya Eri | Maeb
Gives Card No.178 - Mika Slayton | Mika
Gives Card No.201 - Yoshida Asaki | Nomel
Gives Card No.200 - Kosaka Yuka | Sabrage
Gives Card No.173 - Viper | Viper
Gives Card No.199 - XM8 | Xmeight
Verified by: user1939 Submitted by: Krunal on January 19, 2005

Get Solid Snake and Raiden card

To get the Snake or Raiden cards beat the game once and twice perspectively.
Verified by: aha24 Submitted by: Nicholas II on July 08, 2005

Link Battle (US Version Only)

After clearing Stage 06, Link Battle will be available by going into Options from Intermission.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: tidus04 on December 20, 2005

Multiplayer with Wi-fi

Once you complete Stage 6, the Residential Area, Teliko has joined the mission. If you go to the options during the intermission menu, Link Battle is now available. You can link two PSPs through AD-hoc, and go head to head while controlling Snake and Teliko.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Synergized on January 13, 2007

the model cards 200-203

card 200: lepus (that is a small L, not a 1 or i)
card 201: cygnus
card 202: serpens
card 203: grus

ps i am the same person who posted these onto the thread called "Those Damn Model Cards 200-203..."

AMC Rock on!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: badmofo5 on May 20, 2006


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Extra Cards

Unlock the following codes in the PASSWORD menu to get additional cards:

VIPER: Card 173, Viper
MIKA: Card 178, Mika Slayton
KAREN: Card 182, Karen Hajo
JEHUTY: Card 184, Jehuty
XMEIGHT: Card 199, XM8
YEBISU: Card 202, Yu Saito
ROPPONGI: Card 203, Eri Shibuya

Cards for Solid Snake and Raiden can also be unlocked by completing the game once and twice, respectively.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: PS2FrEaK54 on August 16, 2005

Get any card you want in the game

All you kneed to do this

1. know what card you want
2. know the pack it comes in
3. have a good amount of points 4000 + (you don't have to)
4. Save your game
5. Go to the card shop and select the card pack that has the card you want.
6. Buy as many as you can
7. If you get it congrats
8. if you don't go to options and select return to title screen.

I did this and curently have 3 Metal Gear Rex cards
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: exsoldierCloudStrife on May 17, 2005

MGS History Cut-scene Cards

Upon obtaining 100% on your MGA savefile, certain CHARACTER cards, once activated while playing, will start a short cut-scene, showing that certain character/machine from a scene in a previous Metal Gear Game.

Eg. Metal Gear Ray - Shows MG Ray blasting its water cannon in the Marine Tanker "US. Discover" on the Metal Gear year 2007.
Cyborg Ninja - Shows a close-up of the Ninja, using the cut-scene from the original Metal Gear Solid Playstation game, in Otacon's lab.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Machienzo on June 13, 2007