MediEvil (PSP) Cheats

MediEvil cheats, Codes, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

Command codes

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Invulneralbility and All weps (psp)
While playing the game, push start. Hold the right trigger and enter the code: down arrow, up arrow, square, triangle, triangle, cirle, down arrow, up arrow, square, triangle. An option should appear under "controls" called cheats. Select this and click yes for invulneralbility and all weps. Also if u run out of ammo u can select all weps again and it should reload all. If u fall into water or oil etc. your health will go down but you wont die, it will just stop at zero.


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Menu Passwords
go to your start menu and type in this pass and hold R once done a new thing in start menu will show up called cheats go in it and put yes on both
PasswordWhat it does
R,down,up,square,traingle,triangle,circle,down,up,square,triangleinvulerbility and ALL weapons


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Beating the Odds...
If attacked by a large ammount of enemies at one time, you can outrun them or cross a bridge and they will no longer follow you. Then you can come back and kill one of the enemies and retreat. Repeat the steps as much as necessary...
Become Invincible 2
Catch on fire near the end of a level and when you have 1 HP left run through the exit portal. Next time you enter a level your health bar should be at 0 and you cannot take any damage. The best level to do this in is Return to sleeping Village. The boiler guards at the end can catch you on fire quite easily.
Chalice in Dan's Crypt(Spade required)
When you are in Dan's Crypt look a crack mark beside the gate that has the claw, use your club or warhammer to open the crack. Then when it's destroyed, you will be in a room with dirt in the middle, 1st kill the mummy then stand above the dirt then use your spade. You will get the chalice after that. There you have it!
endless money and extra life
I noticed that when selecting the next location to go to on the map you can go back to Dan's crypt. Every time you go back there the money chest where the lava is comes back, so does the extra life. Grab it and exit through the green haze to the map and come straight back again. Sure it can take some time, but you will top up your life bottles to the max and get as money as you need for all your weapons.
How to get the 'Inside the Asylum' Chalice and 'Scarecrow Fields' Chalice
Inside the Asylum:

Ok, you can see the chalice, yes?

Well save the game now!

You are thinking that armour is available later, yes? Well I am not that far, but I do have the chalice...

From the door, follow the wall to the end of the area, until you are in the bottom-right corner of the area and the chalice is almost directly in front of you, but the lava is still in the way...You did save the game right? Coz if not do so now (In case the lava kills you, just load up and try again, or use my other cheat code to never die, either works well)

Ok, I assume that you have at least 2 health bottles by now, I did anyway...I digress...Equip a sword, but no shield (it gets in the way of the camera).

Now press triangle (The rush attack) and you will run into the lava, yes? Not if you jump at the right time, just after the rush attack, you can just hit the edge of the river bed, then fall into the lava, but not if you jump at the right moment, applying a sort of double-jumping technique really.

Anyway in the small time that you are touching the other side press jump again and direct yourself over the chalice, and you should land on the other side with the chalice. This is not a sure fire way of getting it, but it worked for me and my bro, so you could say it it tried and tested, you will probably die a few times, trying, but that is why you saved the game.

To make the jump I suggest just frantically mashing the jump button whilst you are in mid-air...

Eventually you are on the other side and can get the chalice. But how to get back?

'You should save the game on a different profile, should you be unable to get back, and become frustrated. Then you can come back after a cup of tea or something.'

Well...if you just jump back, using the afore-mentioned technique you can get back safely, but if not at least you saved it with the chalice in possession, ready to try again...

Now finish the level with the chalice and say hello to the Hall of Heroes!

P.s. When you do get the chalice, the 'getting back bit' has a few glitches, like if you fall into the lava too close to the wall you get caught on a roof bit on the way back, and then fall through the graphics, over and over again, so saving is best...

Scarecrow Fields:

From the barn, over the fence, you see some chickens and three piles of yellow grain stuff, each in an alcove of sorts, simply 'guide', sheepdog-like, the chickens, to the grain, and the cog, a health vile and some cash is your reward, now put the cog on the back of the machine in the barn and you will get the chalice

P.s. Sorry for the long-windedness, but accurate and detailed tips mean successful tips...
Open Cheat Menu
Whilst playing a level pause the game.

Now hold R whilst at the pause screen and press;

Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle.

You should see a new option, 'Cheats', appear.

In here you will find Invulnerability and Have all weapons...

*Note - This is actually the exact code for the Playstation game of MediEvil, with the L2 switched R, just find it kinda funny is all..anyway enjoy!


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Attack Gltich...
This can work vice-versa: Whenever you hold the Heavy Attack (HA) button down go ahead and press down on the Light Attack (LA) button. Let go of the HA button while holding down on the LA button. When you let go of the LA button, instead of the HA annimation being executed it will instead execute an odd combination of both the HA and LA...

Note: Not a good idea to use when being attacked by multiple enemies (too many steps)...


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How to get chicken drumstick
go to Dans Crypt where the lava is and get your dragon armor. Go inside the lava. When you get the chicken drumstick you can throw it at some enemys and they will die. A chicken will apear. Walk on it and it will give health