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The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion Cheats

The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Be carefull, don't skip texts!
The texts have important information!! read them carefully to know what to do next as it is vital, sometimes the characters only said what to do, but only mention what to do one time so read texts carefully.
Beat Final Boss With Ease...
The last and final boss (Octum) is a pain in the butt but if you follow these 4 steps you'll have a much easier time defeating him:

Step 1: Before defeating both of the flying Tripods get Mile and Rutice to use the Anti-Magic spells on all of the party members.

Step 2: Stay away from Octum's right arm at all costs and continuously assault his left arm until it breaks down. Since you are too far away for Octum to strike any of your characters, he'll try to use spells on ya but they won't work since you have all of those Anti-Magic spells on all of your party members.

Step 3: Remain as far as possible from Octum's right arm, but close enough to where you can get your party members to use their Fireball spells on it also breaks down.

Step 4: Now all you have left is the head. Ignore the newly summoned Tripods, and make sure to have Avin and Gawaine attacking Octum's head at all times. If the Anti-Magic spell has expired than make sure to take a breather from assaulting Octum and get Mile and Rutice to re-cast the Anti-Magic spells on everybody.

Continue to repeat the 4th Step until Octum is defeated...
Better EXP From the Shrines...
The monsters in the Shrines give the most EXP throught the game, so it's best to have a lot of battles in the Shrines so your party members will gain a bunch of levels...
Easy Boss Kills...
Before getting in a fight with bosses make sure to have all of your character's Special Meters full, and when the fight begins unload all of your character's special abilities and the boss battles will be over before THEY know it...
New Characters Aren't Thiefs...
When new characters come and go they don't take the items equipted on them with them, so don't be too worried about equipting them with rare or valuable items...
Pet Tip
I recomend that before start a hard battle, have your pet angry, because when it make falls a rock in enemies, afect all enemies, giving you a great advantage
Pet Tips
When you receive your pet, you should try to maintain its hapiness. When your pet is happy, it will have hearts appear above its head every now and then or won't have anything at all. If your pet is happy, it will find items for you occasionally while you are adventuring. Also in battle, he will cast protect on your party at the beginning of the battle every now and then. When your pet is angry, he won't find items for you but in the beginning of battles, he will attach the enemies with a huge rock.

If your pet is angry you can give him food by pressing the pet button or you can give him Praise. You don't exactly need food to make him happy. Or if you would rather have an angry pet then just Scold him instead.
Simple Power Bonus
Instead of spending 500Rozes on a Power Wrist accessory, simply get Mile to use Steal Throw on A-Vatars monsters. A-Vatars carry Power Wrists and Flourescent Rocks and are easy enemies to find and beat. Equipting 2 Power Writsts to a character will severely boost their power and you should be able to get through battles more smoothly if you've had problems.
Tips for the final battles
This is not hard but just make that Rutice and Mile use the anti-magic spell because the enemies are always using spells, that makes the battles easier!


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Food Friends
at the start of the game when you talk to this chick thats behind the elders house during the festival when you and mile are looking for the treasure or prize or something she says having food friends will help in finding the treasure