Kingdom of Paradise Cheats

Kingdom of Paradise cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Chi Arts
While you're not in battle, you can press "square" to charge up your Chi energy. Then once you enter a battle you can release it right away. It's a good strategy.
Chi Cycle
All of the Elements have a complimentary and rival elements. They are...

[Element1] [Element2]
Extra Damage
If you use a FreeStyle-Scroll, you can do extra damage by "charging". All you have to do is select the same Kenpu attributes, and then choose the complimentary attribute. The first Kenpu's attribute will charge up the power of the complimentary attribute which will power up your moves for some seroius damage.


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Downloadables - Passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to download a new weapon, scroll, or other item:

Byakko Bugei weapon: ptiuquc
Kirin Bugei weapon: qucmtkb
Miracle Sword weapon: rkjulvj
Seima Accessory weapon: aietmaw
Seima Bracelet weapon: jticgek
Seima Hair Pin weapon: otkciet
Seima Ring weapon: xktmvut
Seiryu Bugei weapon: kakeiti
Suzaku Bugei weapon: myuicei
Loading your endgame save
After you beat the final boss and get past the final cut-scene and credits, you are given the option to make an endgame save. If you load this savegame, you start a new game, but you get to have all the sword scrolls, equipment and inventory items that you had from your previous game.
Pure San'yuan Bugei
To Unlock the Pure San'yuan bugei you must beat the game and save your game after the credits. Once you continue that file you will start over with all of the items you had in your previous game and have the Pure San'yuan kenpu in the Bugei Scrolls section
Secret Items and Kenpu
At the title screen, go to download and when you get connected, enter these codes to get certain items.
Note: Entering these codes are the only ways to get these items

Cheat Effect
ptiuquc Byakko Kenpu 31*
qucmtkb Kirin Kenpu 31*
kakeiti Seiryu Kenpu 31*
myuicei Suzaku Kenpu 31*
jticgek Seima Bracelet
otkciet Seima Hair Pin
xktmvut Seima Ring
aietmaw Seima Accesory
rkjulvj Miracle Sword - Attack +14