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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Cheats

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Unlockables

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secret weapon
UnlockableHow to unlock
ultima weaponbeat villians vendatta in ventus storyline on any mode arena level 30 use a lot of cure and shotlock commands
Submitted by: novastardestroyer on November 30, 2010
Pete's D-Link
There's actually one more D-Link for everyone that you don't get through the story lines! This particular link belongs to none other than Disney Town's greatest Zero of a Hero, Pete! (Aka. Captain Justice/Dark) The game's tutorial can tell you what you need to do.

Note: It doesn't have to be you who finds him, as long as you can get him to appear during a game!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Pete's D-LinkFind Captain Justice/Dark during a command board game. (Non-Arena)
Submitted by: Flippy on October 09, 2010
UnlockableHow to unlock
Power WalkerWalk 99,999 steps
KeyslingerKill 9,999 Unversed
ClockworkPlay for 80 hours or more
Arena SweeperComplete all arena matches
Dairy DevoteeUse the Frozen Fortune command style 30 times
In the MunnyEarn 33,333 munny
One DownFinish one character's story
TrinityFinish all stories on Proud mode or above
Submitted by: DarkHelba on October 21, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Tips

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An easy opening for ALL iron imprisoners!!
Most people have a hard time with the iron imprisoners, especially 3 and 4. But I've noticed an opening in his defenses. It works on all four iron imprisoners. And it's actually quite simple. Firaga. And with aqua, triple firaga. When you hit the iron Imprisoner with firaga, he gets temporarily stunned. it leaves a perfect opening for a quick shotlock. If you have a leveled up shotlock, it charges a heck of slot faster meaning you can get more hits off of him. If your desperate, you can fill your entire deck with firaga/triple firaga and kill him easy. Only, getting through the earlier rounds would be a major pain. Hope this helps!
Submitted by: Estaban216 on February 12, 2011
Blobmob strategy
So while most of us do(or don't) know of the Blobmob monster that gives a ton of exp, more have trouble defeating it. I've found an INCREDIBLY easy method of winning against it, and wanted to share it with everyone.

You can find Blobmob as any character, but my favourite place is only available to Terra. After completion of the world(you might need to beat the game, I'm unsure of this), go to Neverland and into Skull Rock. There will be a single Blobmob, no other Unversed. Before entering, equip Fission Firaga, Fire Surge, Magnega, and Thundaga, preferably in that order.

Now for the actual fighting. Once you go in, attack the Blobmob as usual until it splits into two. Back away and wait for it to finish, then cast a Fission Firaga in between the two. If you aimed it right, it will defeat them both, and they'll split into two more each. The four Blobmobs will now be all set in a line. Lock onto one of the ones at either end, and run to the other end of the line. Use Fire Surge, and you should end up hitting every one. Finally, with all eight of the final Blobmobs next to each other, cast Magnega, then Thundaga.

Note - You can only use Magnega on the last of the Blobmobs, otherwise they wont split further.
Submitted by: Gin on August 26, 2012
Defeating The Ice Collosus
Dont worry about his size, he is a very easy bos( except in the mirage arena)

The only problem you might have is the ice shard attack(I lost alot due to this) when he does this attack go and hit his legs, if you hit his legs long enough he'll be stunned this is your chance to hit his head( or if you have a good shotlock like photon charge you can just keep hitting his legs with it)
Submitted by: aran7772 on May 27, 2011
Defeating the Ice Colossus in Moments [Ventus Only]
The Ice Colossus is painful to fight in the Mirage Arena. But with Ventus, it is a piece of cake. All you need is Fire Glide, obtained by melding Glide + Firaga or Glide + Fire Surge. I also recommend getting it to level 4, although that may not be necessary.
Once you reach Ice Colossus in the arena, jump and fire glide into its leg. Push forward on the analog stick and jiggle it from left to right very slightly and often. If done correctly, you will take off lots of health from the colossus, and take minimal damage while doing so.
When the colossus gets knocked down, continue gliding and get into a position where you are "stuck" against the colossus. Continue jiggling the analog stick, and Ven will take off multiple bars from the colossus in moments, beating it in less than a minute. This can also work with many other bosses, such as Trinity Armour or the Wheel Master.
Submitted by: madcow11200 on December 30, 2011
Easy exp.
A good location for this is Radiant Garden- Reactor (where you fought Trinity Armor)

Have 2 or more mega flares attached and 2 victory poses 1 (in between each mega flare) make sure your health is below 25% and have EXP Chance and Reload Boost turn off Zero EXP (obviously), EXP Walker, Treasure Magnet, and HP Prize Plus also having Second Chance, Once More, and Defender doesn't hurt

Go to an area with a high enemy spawn that are very close and when the enemies spawn use mega flare then use victory pose to increase the amount of Exp. you get this levels you and your commands very fast
Submitted by: Misconceptions on October 03, 2010
Easy Level Up Spot!!!
Ok, I just wanted to share a level up spot with you guys!

It's in Deep Space.

(I've only done it as Terra, but it might be there for Aqua and Ven too!). Here's how to get to it:

1) Ok, once you go to Deep Space, go to the Dentention Cells. Then go through the large door.

2) You'll see a save point in this room. There will be a passageway to the right of the room, go into it and then go through the door.

3) You should be on your Keyblade Rider in your Keyblade Armour. Now, go forward into the large "circle" where all the unversed are. North-West, should be a little route, go through it into the next room.

4) As you walk into the room, there should be a large "Jellfish like" Unversed called a "Blobmob" and a "Vile Phial" (the Vile Phial is an Unversed that heals other Unversed).

5) Defeat the Vile Phial. Once you defeat one, another one will come. There should be four in total.

6) Once you've beat all of the Vile Phial, fight the Blobmob (the Large Unversed that looks like a Blue Jellyfish).

7) If you finish Deep Space and go back to this Area, you will find different Unversed. Defeat them all and there will be a Blobmob

Blobmob Stratagy:

The Blobmob can be annoying at first. This is because once you defeat one, it will split into two smaller ones. Once you've got them to there smallest form, they will be defeated.

You should get 472exp for defeating the whole Blobmob and 100exp for defeating the 4 Vile Phial. So once you've beat them all, you'll get 572exp in total! It may not seem like much, but it's helped me get from Level 17 to 35 quickly! (Until about Level 20, you should go up at least 1 level per battle with it.) Leave the room and return to fight the Vile Phial and Blobmob again and again and again!


Yoichi Yoshimoto said in an interview: "The Jelly Ball (Blobmob) was a boss we had to scrap because of capacity. Because it was a waste, we remade it as a normal enemy. They give an excessive amount of experience, which is a leftover from that.
Submitted by: JordanP70 on January 28, 2012
Easy Medals
There are a HUGE amount of medals needed to buy all of the needed commands from the arena shop. More even than you can get from getting to Arena Level 30. The trick is to do the second arena match unlocked at about arena level 8. It's the one where theres treasure chest monsters appearing everywhere. It's only three rounds.

The plan is to make 4 mega flares by combining Crawling Fire and one other that you can search on google for. Start the match with those four flares, use one, wait for the next round, use another, wait for the next round, and then use the last two right after the other. All enemies should now be totaled and in just about 20-30 seconds, you have another 100 medals. It's the fastest and most efficient yet still time consuming way to do it. It's also an easy way to get the Munny Trophy by amassing a total of 33,333 Munny.
Submitted by: yugiRULER on September 24, 2010
Easy Super Command styles (Terra)
To easily get into the Super Command styles (Bladecharge,Rockbreaker,Dark Impuse) first you need three powerful commands, they are Meteor Crash, Chaos Blade, and Megaflare.

To make Chaos Blade you meld Dark Haze and Sonic Blade.

To make Mega Flare you meld Fission Firaga and Crawling Fire.

To make Meteor Crash you meld Blitz and Quake or Fire Strike and Brutal Blast.

Use one of the commands and you should go into a command style then use Mega Flare to go into Bladecharge, Meteor Crash to go into Rockbreaker, and Chaos Strike to go into Dark Impulse.

If you dont have the required commands, use starrk's guide to help.
Submitted by: blaze7 on September 19, 2010
Restore HP, Focus and D-Link
Tired of endless battles to get your D-link,Focus,and HP up. There is an easier way jump to the world map and everything is restored, Have fun.
Submitted by: WizardMickey2000 on July 30, 2011
Terra Easy Ability & D-Link Level Up
While playing as Terra, go to Neverland and disembark at the Gully, set up your commands, then fight the unversed in the Indian camp, then head to the forest clearing, fight the unversed, then keep repeating. The enemies drop all the different crystals for making commands, use this with the command melding section of starrk's guide to get all the abilities, plus be able to get some awesome commands.

This strategy also works well with leveling up D-Links, just switch to a d-link in one of the areas, kick some unversed booty, with luck you will get an emblem, go to the other area beat a few of the small guys for link prizes, and keep going.

You could also use this for some of the Finish commands
Submitted by: blaze7 on September 19, 2010
Unlocking the hidden scene
Easy Mode: Impossible

Normal: Find all Xehanort's reports, kill every unversed, find all chests and stickers, complete every mini-game, collect all abilities, find all command's, for every character. Basically do everything you can think of to do till you have an orange mickey head next to it for each character, and then beat the final episode.

Proud: Need to obtain all the Reports and beat the game

Critical: Need to obtain all the Reports and beat the game
Submitted by: yugiRULER on September 11, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Glitches

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Free crystal melding
Meld 2 commands and go to crystal slot and press x, then without selecting crystal, press o then go to OK.
Submitted by: Gunnar Hooyen on March 03, 2014