Killzone: Liberation Cheats

Killzone: Liberation cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Hints For fast war..
Whenever u need a good weapon use The hand held machine gun it works great for close combat, it dosent knock them down but it shoots fast and takes'em out fast shotguns not so much because its not long range and that is what u need in this game a long range some what fast strong weapon so in my opinion the revolver is a very good weapon its long range very strong and its pretty good u have auto aim and it takes 2 shots from any range to kill someone, dare u to try that with a shotgun and you will get confused of first level second mission because you have to blow a tank out of the way with c4 but you have to have your partner do it. KEEP YOUR TUTORIALS ON!!!!!! It will teach you how to command your partner but when it teaches you that you'll try over and over again the only thing you'll have to do is back up, yeah i know right simple enough. well have fun with a great game. (KILLZONE LIBERATION)
Safest way to kill someone.
When you have the crossbow, shoot an enemy 2 times as fast as you can then when it blows up they will fall and while there trying to get up they will blow up again because of the second arrow and if they have 100HP then shoot them 3 times.
And if you do it unseen then you will remain unharmed.Glad to help
-Fifty Percent More health: Acquire 300 Points
-Faster C4 Placement: Acquire 100 Points
-Carry 3 Grenades: Acquire 20 Points
-Carry 3 Smoke grenades: Acquire 140 Points
-Carry 3 Syringes: Acquire 60 Points
-Carry 4 Pressure Mines: Acquire 220 Points
-Carry Unlimited ammunition: Acquire 480 Points
-Better Close Combat Damage: Acquire 260 Points
-Faster Trip Mines Disarming: Acquire 180 Points
-Fifty Percent more Health for Buddy: Acquire 40 Points


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Laser Mines
Laser mines can be blown up with a grenade, useful on multiples