Hexyz Force Cheats

Hexyz Force cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable Titles
Meet the following conditions, then speak with the Lycan at the argent statue to unlock and earn new titles.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Able CombatantHave main character reach level 25
Component HunterHarvest over 200 times
Creation CrusaderPurify all force sites
Force CollectorAccumulate 10000+ FP
Force Eater BeaterDefeat 10+ Force Eaters
Force FanaticAccumulate 99999 FP
Furious FighterHave main character reach level 50
Hyper Ultra Thanks!Total time played reaches 100 hours
In Your Face, Me!Defeat yourself when the time comes
Inheritor of the ForceComplete the game
Keen-eyed AdventurerHarvest over 50 times
Legendary HeroDefeat 1000 enemies
Master Force ScholarCraft 300+ Forcefacts
Raging DemonActivate 50 Burst Attacks
Ragnafact BlacksmithMax out one ragnafact aspect (easier to accomplish earlier on when caps are lower)
Reknown HeroDefeat 100 enemies. This also unlocks Celestis Mine and Ragnafact Devasti
Sword GreedyObtain all weapons
Technique MasterExecute over 50 Overkills
Traveler of BergeTotal time played reaches over 15 hours
Treasure HunterOpen over 100 chests
True WarriorDeal a total of 200000+ damage to enemies during a playthrough
Ultimate ChampionMain character reaches level 99
Veteran Force ScholarCraft over 100 Forcefacts
Victim of a Harsh WorldHave Force Eaters drain 5000+ FP
White FlagRun away from 100 battles
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sound Test, Gallery, Clear DataComplete game once
Hard ModeComplete game using Clear Data file
Enemy GalleryAcquire Scanning Specs from Dragon's Abyss Arena
Movie GalleryAcquire Memory Crystal from Dragon's Abyss Arena


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Unlock Item Gallery
Have your chosen main character reach Level 50, then speak to Bigabu Beaze at Glutchfort to receive the Encyclopedia as well as the "Furious Fighter" title.