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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP. Also see GameShark Codes for more Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl cheat codes.


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A Little Sprite Love
If you give our rainbow colored sprite friends flour at least every week they will <3 you more.
Animals informations
There are a couple type of animals
in Harvest Moon BTN. The cow and sheep require fodder which can be
bought or just cut your grass.

Cow- You can get cows from the Yodel
ranch. You must feed, brush, and milk everyday. The cow cost 6000G at
the ranch. The brush and miker you buy a the blacksmith. The brush
costs 800G and the Milker 2000G. You can enter your cow in the Cow
contest on Summer 20 if its adult and not pregnant.

Sheep- Sheep are not too much
different than cows. They cost 4000G and can be bought at the ranch.
They also eat fodder and should be brushed and fed. Buy the clippers
at the blacksmith for 1800G which can be cut like once a week. You
can enter your Sheep in the sheep contest on Fall 21

Chickens- Chickens are the most
profitable animal. They lay eggs by just sitting outside on nice days
or being fed in their shack. There is no potion needed to get other
chickens all you have to do is put an egg in the incubator. You can
purchase your first one at the poultry farm from lilia for 1500G.

Horse- To have a successful horse
all you have to do is brush it and talk to it everyday. Also plant
lots of grass. The 1st anniversary you have your horse barley will
take it unless it likes you, but you can get another one by planting
22 bags of grass.

Dog- Your dog you get at the
beginning of the game. It is important your dog likes you cause then
barley will take your dog to bred with his to have puppies. Pick it
up and play ball with it every day. Also race it in the dog race on
Winter 10
Bachelor's Proposals (WARNING: Reading this is a Spoiler for the game)
These are the event that occurs after the red heart event.

Cliff's Proposal

Cliff will come to your farm one week after the red heart event and
give you a blue feather. Choose the first option to accept the Blue

Kai's Proposal

Kai will come by you farm in the 1st of Fall and he'll give you a
Blue Feather. Accept the Blue Feather by choosing the first option.

Rick's Proposal

One week after the RIck's Red heart Event, he'll come by your farm
and gives you a blue feather. Accept the Blue Feather by choosing
the first option.

Gray's Proposal

After Gray's Red heart event. He'll cstop by at your farm the next
day and give you a Blue Feather. Accept the Blue feather by
choosing the first option.

Doctor's Proposal

One week after the red heart event. Doctor will come by your farm
and give you a blue feather. Choose the first option to accept
the first option.

Basket Tip [beginning of the game]
At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to buy the basket first since it holds 30 items and will be of much aide during the crop scavenging and harvesting. The rucksack will only add an extra slot to your rucksack inventory but, you can only hold a certain amount of items far minimum of what a basket can offer. Later on in the game when you have enough money buy the rucksack but for now start out with a basket for efficiency, item capacity and time saving.
Bring your fishng rod/pole when mining in the winter
when you mine in the cave on the islane and you go deep anough then there is some water at the bottom. you can walk around but you cant mine, and you CAN fish. its at the bottom level and there will be a wide entrance. i have found a fish yet but i have found recipes and such, (harder to catch a fish in the afternoon)
Chicken Festival
I just found out, get your best chicken during this festival.
Mine had 7 hearts, 1st year.

When you're competing, don't press anything.
The opponent's chicken will eventually walk out of the ring by itself.

(But be careful of your chicken walking out of the ring by itself also D: )
He also likes:
-Grilled Fish
-Happy Eggplant
-Spa Boiled Eggs
Cliffs heart event at summit before cellar
To those that think Cliffs heart event for orange is on the 24th of december same night as the starry night festival it is not, I kept trying to activate this event on this day didnt work so finally one day I figured it out, His orange heart event is on the 30th at 11pm at the summit And for your answer to cliff make sure you answer dont do it and he will like you alot more enabling the next heart event. As well for the heart event in the square it HAS TO BE IN FIRST YEAR ONLY tried to activate every snowy day in the second year and didnt work but when i tried in the first year it activated no problems also people it must be snowing if it is not it wont activate. Hope I helped any one who is stuck on those two heart events
Dog Love to the Max
whenever you finish your farm work take your dog like lift him to the Bed. in the next day you carry him. and put the dog down in a year your dog heart will be full

the dog heart levels also count in the percentage of your gameplay
Easier to Karen be Red Heart
You must buy chicken on lilia for 1500G and then raise it until it become 5 chicken and then buy wine from the orchard and give karen daily... hope this works =p
Easy extension to the chicken house, the barn, the house and build the hothouse
When i played this game for the first time i didn't know that to marry with someone you have to extend the house so three years are passed amd i lose the game. So i start a new game using this cheat to dont lose the game: don buy cows, dont buy a new rucksack and dont improve a tool. Just buy one chicken and with her egg you let it in the incuvator, buy seeds and plant it. Obviously every day you have to give a gift to the women who you love ( i love Karen). So you gain a lot of money doing that and you can marry a women faster and dont lose the game (what i lose it because when they said to me that there was to extend the house, they said me when i was in the third year at summer so i dont have the time to get that quantity of money
easy power berries
the easiest power berry to get is the one from the mountains...
know the flower bed in Mother Hill? (at spring, probably the only place where you can get the toyflowers)

Try hitting the tree in there with an axe, the screen will white out then choose not to cut the tree. You will be rewarded with a power berry.

Next power berry will require you to plant two bags of turnips and one bag of cucumber.. take care of the 3x3 plots and when they grew into crops, throw them into the water fall.. your position must be facing the water and to your back the entrance to the mines.. if I recall correctly around 15 crops will net you the power berry. 10 crops will result to a event with the girl with the highest affection for you. For the 20 crops thrown, you will be given a log and that log will be sold to Gotz for 1000g.

The cucumber will net you the mystic berry. To get it, grab 3 cucumbers and go to the lake (note that it must be sunny and time must be afternoon). Face the lake and throw the cucumber, if successful, Kappa must show himself and say "...". If he did not show, it must be a festival date, or your position must be wrong. Anyways, after throwing three cucumber he will ask you to leave him alone in exchange of the mystic berry. Note that it is not listed in the power berry count (in the status screen, accessed by pressing start). This berry will mostly affect your fatigue count.

The third easy power berry to get is in the mines. Just try to reach deep in the mines, plow around the floors and you'll eventually get it. A tip to finding the stairs: first floor stairs is easiest to find by digging the middle part, the other stairs can be found by digging a 3x3 plot near the four corners of the floor (of course, you must not dig the first shell of sand surrounding the room).

There is also a power berry in the farm. Just dig around the farm and you'll eventually get it. Trust me, its easier to find it without looking for it and just focusing on laying out your field.
Fishing POLE (not ROD)
to get a fishing POLE, have at least 50 fish in your pond and someone will come and bring you a fishing pole!

P.S. if you add fish food (buy from jeff) then you will have more fish cause they will breed
Flour to Flowers
Instead of giving flours to the harvest spirit why not try "Flowers" (can be found in Goth's backyard and in mother hills) ^^ (same effect to that of flour and it will save you up from spending $350 from buying 7 flours
Flower of Happiness!
Guys, guess what? I saw the Flower of Happiness on the 30th Day of Winter on my 2nd Year! I wanted to go there to meet the dawn of the new year, but I actually saw something even better! I didn't to anything, really, I was went there at 6:00pm sharp. The last thing I remember is when I met Mayor Thomas on his way out of the supermarket on a snowy day and a glitched occured here in which May suddenly talked and then he went straight to Ellen's house, and there I talked to her and she said she wanted to see The Flower of Happiness before she dies. It was going to be Spring soon, and yeah, jump to the top, that's what I did next, and that's about it. I think it's called the Flower of Happiness because the players' mind are set that these are rare, and finding something rare is happily shocking! At first I thought it's found on the flowerbed, but It's found on the peak of the summit! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I'm blessed with happiness!
Plant more than 90flowers, then Ann will come over and pick the flower. Just let her pick as much as she likes. In return she will give you a power berry.
Free Money!
The title sounds exiting and yes its sooo easy to do! Without business or anything hard. Go to the mountain (the SPA place) and pick up all the flowers or weird items you see and then sell them. You can receive quick and easy income by doing this!
free pieeeeee!
Somewhere during summer in the first year,the mayor will come to the farm.you will ask u for a favor to deliver a pie to the town's oldest lady.Accept it,and go to the inn to collect the pie.After thet,run down to the old lady's house and give her the pie.In return,she wil give you 300g of money.The next day,the mayor will come again and reward u with a cake!
Get a free Clock!
Upgrade your house at the end of summer!
Get stars below ur name
order the book from the library"fashion magazine" every day and look at the mirror in ur house and check it everyday and u'll have stars below ur name and some bachelors' affection to you will be higher.
Getting Cliff to stay in your town forever!
If you are the most impatient person and want things done very quick, Cliff is the guy for you. he is the second to the cutest guy in the whole town next to Gray.
Guess What? You are the one responsible if cliff ever leaves your town.
Yes this is true. In fall (1st year), Duke will ask you to help with the orchard, but if your as busy as me, don't accept it. As you know, cliff needs a job to stay in the village so you can ask him instead for the job at the orchard. If you don't do this, at the end of the first year, cliff will leave town!!
So if you don't want to be like me ask Cliff to get the job.
if your a very (very) patient person like me. you would probably choose gray as your husband but, even though he is the cutest guy their, he is the hardest one to get. But if you really like him give him the ff. things that will help you boost up his heart level:
*sweet potato(the dish)
*jam bun
  • many more
*happy eggplant
*tomato juice (but the tomato fruit is ok)
*green pepper

THAT's IT. enjoy playing!
Harvest Moon All Bachelor's HEART EVENTS

Black Heart Event
>> At night
>> Inn
>> Haven't met Cliff before

Doug will say hello to you and introduce you to Cliff. Doug will then
ask you a question. Choose the first one and he's heart event will
increase. However if you did the event in the church. Doug won't introduce
him to you instead Cliff will act very active towards you and Doug being
amased on how he suddenly become very confident with girls.

Purple Heart Event

None Seen so far

Blue Heart Event
>> Fall
>> Accepted Dukes Grape picking event
>> Ask Cliff to help you

When Duke comes to your house and ask you to hell him. Go tell Cliff
to be your partner (Must bring him or he'll leave). He'll then
participate with you in the grapes picking event.

Green Heart Level
>> Winter
>> Snowing
>> Square
>> 11pm

When you go to the square at a snowy day. Cliff will faint and drop a
photo of his family. He'll then be taken to the hospital. Go to the
hospital the next day and give him the photo.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Winery
>> Cliff must be working in Vineyard

Cliff and you overheard Manna and Duke talking about letting Cliff inherit
the Vineyard instead of their duaghter Aja.

Orange Heart Event
>> Starry Night Festival day
>> Mountain Summit

Go up to the mountain and he'll ask you something about the stars. Pick
the first option and he'll like you more.

Red Heart Event
>> Cliff must be working in Vineyard
>> Vineyard
>> Celar

Cliff will be there and decide to show you around. Manna will then come in
and ask if Cliff would marry to her daughter Aja. Cliff replied by saying
"I've already made up my mind".

Extra Heart Event
>> This only occur if you have seen the Red Heart Event.
>> Night
>> Mountain Summit

Cliff will be there. Now talk to Cliff and Cliff will talk about his family.
Cliff will say he love you and ask if you feel the same. Choose the 1st
option to say yes.


Black Heart Event
>> Spring 30th
>> Exit your farm by going North

Kai will be talking to Popuri and May. After talking tothem Kai will come
and talk to you.

Purple or Blue Heart Event
>> Summer

Kai will appear on your farm and ask you to sell him some corn. If you sell
the corn for the lowest price he'll become very happy towards you.

Green or Yellow Heart Event
>> Summer
>> Inn

Kai is there arguing with his father about closing down his shop and never
come back to Mineral town again.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Largest home extention
>> Summer
>> Raining day

Kai ask if he could come to your house to stay for a little while. Choose the
first option and you and him will be spending time in your house for the rest
of the day.

Orange Heart Event
>> Starry Nights festival

See what happens yourself

Red Heart Event
>> Go to sleep

Go to bed and you'll have a dream. Everyone want to throw Kai out of
town. Kai shout out that he love you. Reply saying you love him too
by choosing the first option. You suddenly wake up and Kai will be at
your house and ask if you would come with him to the city. You'll
automatically accepted.


Black Heart Event
>> Poultry Farm
>> First time going to Poultry Farm

Go to Poultry farm and you'll witness Rick and Popuri having fight
about a dead chicken. Popuri will then run off. Talk to Rick and now
head to the goddess pond. Talk to Popuri and choose the "He's a mean
brother" option. She'll get happy but I don't know about Rick

Purple or Blue Heart Event
>> Enlarged Chicken coop
>> Have enough room for his chicken

Rick one day will come by your farm and let you raise some of his
chicken. Choose the 1st option to accept and he'll be very happy.

Green Heart Event
>> Leave chicken outside

One day Rick will come to your farm and say it's dangerous leaving
chickens outside. Choose the first option and he'll be very happy
towards you.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Clinic

Go to the clinic and Rick is there buying medicine for his mother.
Choose the second option saying that you hope she gets better soon.

Orange Heart Event
>> Bar
>> Night

You'll see Rick and Karen talking. Go and talk to them and choose
the 1st option. Rick will then like you more.

Red Heart Event
>> Put chicken outside

When you go to sleep, you'll have a dream of Rick protecting your
chicken from a stray dog. The Stray Dog injured Rick and you quickly
take him to the hospital. Aterward Rick will ask you if you want to
marry to him. Choose the 2nd option to accept.


Black Heart Event
>> Exit your farm at 3pm
> Outside of Saibara

You'll see Gray and he quickly realise you and quickly enter his house.
Saibara then comes out of his room and an argument with Gray. Saibara
is very angry and kick Gray out. Gray realise you heard him and
quickly walk away.

Purple Heart Event
>> Spring Mine

Sometime you can see Gray inside the Spring Mine. Give him a silver ore
and later on he'll repay you by giving you a necklace.

Blue and Green Heart Event


Yellow Heart Event
>> Your farm

Gray one day will come to your farm stating that he want to use your

Red Heart Event
>> Blacksmith

You'll see that Saibara is praising Gray for once. Gray will then propse
to you. Choose the first option.


Black Heart Event

Go into the Hospital the first time. Elli will say that you have a
cut. She'll ask if it hurt. Pick the "Excruiting" option and Elli will
call the doctor to look at your cut. This event increase Doctor's
black heart to pruple automatically.

Purple Heart Event


Blue Heart Event
>> Clinic

Talk to the Doctor and choose the 1st option. He'll then give you a
medicine. Now talk to him again and he'll talk about Elli. Now find
Elli and talk to her, choose the 2nd option. Now talk to the Doctor again
and Elli will appear and talk to doctor.

Green Heart Event
>> Wednesday
>> Afternoon
>> Mother's Hill

You'll see Doctor doing something. Choose the second option and he'll like
you more.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Clinic
>> Wednesday

Doctor would be there and invite you for a chat in his room. To have more
chat he must be orange heart.

Red Heart Event
>> Wednesday
>> Beach

Go to the Beach and you'll see Doctor and Elli arguing. He'll ask
you if you want to come with him to study about medicine. Now
choose the second option to accept.
Harvest Moon Folklore-1
There's a legendary creature called Kappa. He lives in the Lake. Mother's Hill lake. You shall throw three cucumbers... and He will give you Power Berry. Note: You must be in the right position
Harvest Sprites Tea Party
Harvest Sprites have a tea party every spring. To be able to attend, they have to be quite affectionate of you. To do, bring them gifts for each and every one of them during any in spring. It must be around noon time and you must have the relaxation tea leaves already.
Hidden Mine Cave During Winter
This only comes in Winter near the lake where the area has a bridge where you can go to the mountain. The lake should be frozen over and there is a small cave surrounded with tree's in the middle of the ice.

Here you can find rare jewels that are worth much more than any ore you'll find in the mine near the hot spring.
how to get the heart of your girl <3
instead of giving them what they like, why not go to the secret cave accesible only during winter, mine and obtain orichalchum and ask saibara to make an accesory for your girl? believe me guys these worked out for me.. i got Karen's heart easier than giving her wine daily, which is kinda expensive. it takes less time to get their hearts and marry them and live happily ever after. <3
how to make bachelors hearts increase easily and have a beauty icon
as you wake up each day,(playing the girl's story)go to the mirror and press x when you're infront of it.then talk to the boys everyday and you will see their hearts increase even you're not giving them any stuffs
how to make the dwarfs follow your orders while they are having their tea party during summer
its simple.just go to the house of the dwarfs(behind the church)and talk to them 4x(they will follow your orders when their hearts are two or more)and then choose the work for them.
If You Previously Lost Your Horse Like Me...
It is said that you have to have a "good" pasture. To the game a "good" pasture means a feild of grass at least 40 bags planted. i know its a lot but hey, if you want Mr.Horsey back i guess your gonna be busy during Fall and Winter getting money from nature and mines.
Hope I helped out.
I recently played Summer of my 3rd year in harvest moon.I gave some things to him and figured that you girls out there may want to take notice of this.I think Kai likes corn,tomato,curry(he dosent like curry noodles)and honey.This is all i know.When summer comes,try giving things to him.ill try out some things too.=)hope this helps. Kai actually likes flour and oil too.
Karen to green heart!
If you really like Karen and she doesnt know you good then this cheat is right. This cheat helps you go up to green heart from spring to fall!

SPRING: Go to the supermarket all the time till you see the doctor buyingg with credit. After the Duke is gonna come in and jack something. Now to pull the trigger! When the game asks you what to say select> You should pay for those. Now Karen will come and kick his butt out of the shop! Now she will know you but you stand in gray. Okay to go up to Purple, go to the wine shop near the blacksmith (between 9am>12pm) and buy some wine. Find karen (read below for time schedule) and give the wine. Next thing she is in purple.

Meet karen everyday. And every 2 days give Karen some wine. And always meet her! And one day when the moon is full... Well urr theres this moonlight fest (look in calender for date) and go to the top of mauntain at the night!

Her birthdays in the 15 so get wine and wrap it (together it cost 400g) and give it

Left buttons change in TV (here are channels)
This is the schedule
for the Tv programs: Every day on the top channel is the
weather. The right channel is always the news. The bottom channel is
always Farmer Fran which is farming tips. The left channel varies

Mon- Fairy and Me
Tue- Delicious Hour
Wed-Song Hour
Thrus- Sports
Friday- Mechabot Ultor
Sat- Tv shopping
Sun- Shangri Hour
Make Money More Easier Without Going to Mine
You can make money with going to the mine, but it's just waste your Character's stamina and it's wasting your time, even it's hard to find Gold and Blue Metal Ore.

if you to make money more easier without going to the Mine, Here's some thing you can do by the following seasons.

Spring: You will pick 3 Spa Eggs in the hot spring and two flowers, one is on the hot spring, and one is beside Woodcutter house(Gotz's house). then put the 3 Spa Eggs and two flowers in the bin on your farm.

Summer: pick two flowers, one is on the hot spring and one is beside Woodcutter house(Gotz's house). then put the 2 flowers in the bin on your farm.

Fall: fall is the easiest season to making money. when you still on fall year 1, Sometimes Duke will ask you to help him pick the grapes for the wine. when the game ask, accept it. it would be more fun if you ask someone who still doesn't has a job, like Cliff. ask him to working with you also. if you on fall year 2,3, etc, pick 3 apples on your farm and 2 flowers, one is on the hot spring and one is beside Woodcutter house(Gotz's house). pick 3 apples and 2 flowers to the bin on your farm.

Winter: On winter we must go the mine because there is no various object to sell it? who said that? you can make money also on winter by raising a chicken. the chicken can lay a egg right? the chicken's egg you can sell it also by picking the egg to the bin on your farm.

Hope this's helpful for you.
meet kappa
Kappa- a legendary creature who lived in the lake. throw a cucumber and he will show up and give you a blue berry.(the next day I think)
Mystic Power Berry
Go buy cucumber seeds at the supermarket. once they are ready to be harvested save 3 and bring them to the lake on Mothers' Hill(with the island on it.) Throw the cucumbers in the water(it must be infront of the two little trees at the top) and you should get a mystic power berry.
Need some wool?
If you own a sheep and you already sheered it. It will not grow anymore wool for quite a long time. So if you wish to receive the wool back then acquire 2k buy selling stuff from the mountain. once you get 2k that you can spend then go to the farm (not poultry) and buy 99 (not 999) peices of fodder it should cost 1k and more! Once you have the fodder, then go to your fido (sheep place) and fill one side of feed boxes with fodder! Then go to sleep at eight o clock and once you awaken then go to your sheep crib and your sheep should have its wool grown!
One way to earn gold
The first thing you need to buy in the game is a basket. It costs 5000G and to get it, ship the three bamboos and the two blue herbs you find near gotz house and near the spring. Also, try digging for oar (It's not much, but it'll add to your profit) Do the same thing when you buy the basket and use it.
the next thing to do is to upgrade your ax two times once you have the money. But this is optional, it will give you enough lumber for extensions though, so try chopping wood everyday. Make a fence near the hen house, about 9 square units should be able to fit in it. Plant some grass and when it's ready, buy a chicken. Place it where the grass is so you dont need to feed it fodder everyday. Make sure to buy some though in case of rainy days.
The rest is up to you...


When your horse is all grown up, make sure to bring the basket with you during the horse races. Bet on yourself a lot of times and win. Change your medals to truffles and place them in your basket. If you fill up the basket with truffles, you'll earn about 15000G
Pineapples: Good Money
For quick cash you should plant lots and lots of pineapples during summer.

You buy the pineapples for 1000G a bag (9 units). They can be harvested twice during summer, if you plant them early. This bring in 500G per pineapple so that is 9000G for a 3x3 piece of land (assuming they are harvested twice). That is 8000G profit for each bag of seeds you plant.

Pineapple seeds can also be brought from Won, the yellow man who pushes apples around, at the inn between 2 and 4 pm.
*BLUE FLOWER IN FALL [I'M NOT SURE WHAT'S THE REAL NAME <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />]


HOPE I HELPED A LOT..<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
power berrys
1.go get many eggs then go to the waterfall go infront of it (at the back of the cave)then throw the eggs make sure your the only one their then just keep throwing eggs then the goddes will give you a power berry

2.go to the flower bed(place where many flower grow) then look for the ceddar tree then go infront of it then cut it with an axe then pick dont cut tree then the tree will reward you with a p[ower berry

3.get three cucumbers then go to the lake(the one with an island on the middle)go infont of the two trees at the right side of the screen then throw the three cucumbers then someone will give you a power berry(a black one)

4.at winter go to the lake(with an island on the middle)go near the island then go to the right side of the island(make sure your facing the right side but not realy directly right a little upper but on the right)then press x then suddenly a power berry will come out then you will ofcourse eat it imidietly
Rare Honey Bee's
When you plant some flowers near the tree by your fish pond, once they bloom, some bees will come and form a beehive. You can then obtain honey on daily basis from the hive which can be used for cooking, gift or for profit. The honey can be sold for 50G. There is a way to increase the price of your honey. Give some honey to Louis (he is the man that hangs around Got'z cottage) and after that, he will tell you that the honey you brought is produced by rare bees. By now your honey is worth 60G.
Replenish Strength in Hot Spring
After you've been mining, make sure you use the Hot Spring for one hour to fully replenish your health. This is useful when you're trying to earn money through mining constantly.
Requirements to stay in the village (boy)
<span style="color:blue;"><font size=2><div align=center>these are the requirements you'll need, If you are married, then you will have to stay. If your not look below</div></font></span>

You have to have 30% to stay or be married, I have never been
kicked out if I was married. The percentage scale goes as follows:

Each heart your dog has earns
you 1%.
Each heart your horse has earns you 1%.
Each heart your wife has earns you 1%.
Each heart your son has earns you 1%.
Each chicken/cow/sheep you have in your farm earns you 1%.
Each farm extension earns you 2%.
Every 8 different recipes cooked earns you 1%

In some
games each power berry will give you 1% each.

If you don't
meet the 30% requirement you will be ask to leave, however, if you are not
married and have one of these requirements completed you will be ask to leave.
In my game,Cliff went away and Gray proposed to Mary.So when it is not Summer,I only have Rick left.I gave him a couple of things and figured that he likes corn best of all vegetables,besides eggs and boiled eggs.Hope this helps.=)
Secret Crops
The secret crops are as follows:

Spring - Strawberries
Summer - Pumpkins
Fall: - Spinach

These seeds are obtained by shipping 100 of each crop for that season. For example ship 100 carrots, sweet potatoes, eggplants and green peppers to get the secret fall crop Spinach.
Selling Sick Animals
Instead of wasting 1000g on animal medicine for your sick animals, sell them to who you bought them from.

This is your last resort and should only be done if you don't have any medicine or gold to buy the medicine. Animals play a crucial part of the farm and the least you would want is to lose them.
Some Things About Cliff
He likes:
Wine, Grapes, Eggs and Spa Boiled Eggs.
And his birthday is on Spring 6th
Sprites Likings
As it turns out, sprites like more than just flour. They also like wild grapes, regular eggs, honey, flowers, and apples. I give them all of the above and they all LOVE me!
Thanksgiving Festival (Girl)
For the first year in summer, THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL (boys give girls) no one will actually come up to you to give cookies. You first need to give one of the bachelors a chocolate on the winter THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL (girls give boys) so that, by year two summer thanksgiving feast, the bachelor whom you gave a chocolate will give you a cookie. Hope this works! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
To have HONEY and Rare HONEY
First, you need to plant a flower near your tree(near the pond) and then make it grow. And then, when it grows, a bee will go to your tree and you'll have a honey. To make it rare, you should give a honey to louis(the bee searcher)and it will go to your house the next day and tell the buyer that the honey your selling is a rare honey. It will make your honey a higher prize
Upgrading Tools
When upgrading your tools.make sure to upgrade it with the blue metal ore. If you use the silver or gold, you will only waste money and time.
Very good tips for starters

1.Chicken Festival.(7 SUMMER) If you have a chicken that's all grown up and loves you, you should try out at the chicken festival! It's a tournament to see who has the strongest hen! The hen that wins will be able to produce GOLDEN eggs! Here are some of my tips you should try. When the round starts, always start off pressing X. (Even if the chicken isnt clucking.) Whenever you see the opponent's hen trying to scare your hen, simply press the X IMMEDIATELY or your chicken will get the fright.

2.Tomato Festival.(12 SUMMER) C'mon! It's fun to play even if there aren't any prizes! I suggest one of these moves; AIM. SHOOT. DUCK. Do this repeatedly or, if a must HIDE ALL THE WAY! That's what I sometimes do. My team mates usually finish them off!(I suggest to join Ann and Doug. They're good)

3.Harvest Goddess. Once you have enough animals to produce you enough AND have extra food, I suggest this. Bring as many of those extra food that COMES FROM YOU'RE FARM.(Vegetables,fruit,eggs,milk,wool,etc.Wood,weeds won't work) Now go outside the Mine where the hot spring is. OUTSIDE. With your back to the mine and you facing the waterfall, throw in the things that come from your farm. The Harvest Goddess will show herself, and will talk to you. If you give her 5 offerings, she'll give you lumber that you will sell to Gotz for a lot of money. 10 offerings-You'll bump into your sweetheart. 20/15(I can't remember!)offerings-She'll give you a power berry.

4.Harvest Sprites' home. They're house is behind the church.Just follow the path and you'll be there. You can ask for help from them. But don't ask during Spring...

5.Honey and SPECIAL honey.To get honey, simply just plant flowers on your farm. Some bees will come by the next day when your flowers bloom to build a hive on your apple tree. You can harvest honey ALL through Spring, Summer,Autumn, and even through WINTER. If you give a jar to Louis, the guy at Gotz's house with green clothes and a net, he'll come by a few days later standing at your apple tree. He'll say that the bees there are the very ones he was looking for and said that they are very rare. He'll ask the buyer,Zack, to increase the price of the honey.

Hope these tips help you a lot! :3
VERY useful tips. !!A MUST READ!!
I've played the game twice to the second year but unfortunately, my sister lost the memory card and I had to restart. I've a LOT of helpful hints so make sure you practice them cos their sooo easy.

1.Making $$
To make easy money,
(in Spring) Go to the Inn around 1pm and buy a few cabbage seeds from Won(the Chinese guy). Each cabbage seed cost 500G but selling one cabbage is 250G. So in one packet, you can earn profit up to 1750G.
(in Summer) I ALWAYS save up for Summer cos there's where I have to buy a lot of seed and make a LOT of profit. Same as Spring, go to Won around 1pm in the Inn and buy yourself some Pineapple seeds. You buy it at 1000G and each sells for 500G!! I buy about 4 seeds and when I harvest them, I earn up to 18000G. [keep in mind that Won's seeds take a very long time to grow)
(in Fall) You can easily make 500G every day by going up to the mountain where there is a lake. Pass the lake on your way to the peak. Just before the entrance to the peak, there is a mushroom looking thing called the truffle. Put it into your shipping bin and earn $$
(in Winter) Winter is the season I feel bored so the only way to earn cash is to either have a hothouse(which I don't recommend because you spend a lot on it and it can be easily destroyed by a snowstorm) or mining. Before Winter comes, make sure you got yourself a basket and before entering the mine, make sure your stamina is full and you have some extra food/grass to eat. TIP: I've mined a lot and a common thing is that I get a lot of ores and then I faint in the mine, bringing me to the Clinic. My basket is still left deep inside the mine so I have to go back for a stupid reason. So make sure when you're low on stamina, munch on some food or get out.

I've mostly played as a guy cos I find all the guys weird or ugly. In my previous games, I've married Popuri both times and had a kid. The secret to marrying is,
~Get the heart to red
~Buy the blue feather
~Expand your house
~Get married and don't forget to give your spouse gift or they'll be unhappy.

She very childish at times so when you come across story modes, just play along with her and you'll get on her good side. She especially loves;
~Egg dishes
~Pink flowers
(To make a hot spring egg which she LOVES, just go to the Hot springs on the hill and at a corner where it looks as though someone smashed it where there are stones on the ground, go there and face the hot spring. Throw the egg in (press x) and then you'll get the egg back, boiled.

4. Child
Like I said, I never finished so I never saw my kid grow up. After one or two season of being married, (when your spouse is happy) there will be event of the wife (you or if you're a guy, your wife) will complain bout tummy ache or stuff like that. Keep waiting and mark your calendars cos after a few more seasons, your kid will be born. I was a guy so my kid was a boy. I'm not sure if playing as girls meant you get a girl. For the first season of having your kid, the baby will stay in bed. Gradually, it'll start crawling and it'll be crawling in the living room. What happens next, I dunno.. yet.

It's okay to buy animals and upgrade your equipment. You should actually!
Here some stuff to follow.
i.Keep buying seeds and harvesting. Save up for Spring and Summer seeds from Won and earn the profit.
ii. Harvest truffles in Fall.
iii. Give a gift to your interest/bachelor/bachelorette EVERYDAY except festival days.
iv.Give gifts to the other villagers on their birthdays.
v. Upgrade your equipments (especially Axe and watering can)
vi. Try to chop wood stumps everyday(espeacially in Winter where there's lots of time)
vii. Buy chickens and win a chicken festival so your winning chicken will lay GOLDEN eggs.
viii. Buy sheep and cows and enter them in their festivals to produce GOLDEN stuff.. (lots of profit)
x. (optional) Buy mayonnaise maker and wool maker and cheese maker. ($$)
xi. Save up profit to expand HOUSE. and (optional) chicken coop.[chicken are easy to take care of. If you run out of folder, it's easy to bring them outside to eat. Easier than cows and sheep).
xii. Marry your soon to be spouse.
xv. Keep everyone HAPPY. (including spuse, dog, horse, animals, villagers, kid)

What To do In Winter
Actually, there's a cave in winter. Do you know the lake in the Mountain? It freezes and you can walk...enter the mine. You Must bring Your HOE tool to dig. You Might get these ores: Orichalcum,Adamentite,Mystrile and a Ketchup Recipe. If you dig the lowest point, there's an opening,. You can fish there.
winning the cooking festival
first,you must save the day before the cooking festival: example save it in 21 then go to the square and look at ann's dish and after the festival go to bed and note the "read diary" and prees it then you'll see the sprig 22 press it and what have you seen in the ann's dish try to cook it . I hope it helps you
Winter is not boring at all
In winter I'd never de occupied so I have more time to do things that in Fall ,Summer and Spring I will always be busy to do. These are the things that you might find handy in winter to do : Level up the tools, dig in the two caves and more time for fishing. This is about the caves one of the cave is after the water fall, and the other one is the one you can only enter in winter because the lake where the cave is found freezes and you can pass from it. And goodluck with chatching fish and the big squid ^^

I hope you will find this hint handy :3


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After marrying Karen
after marrying karen and she already lives in your house, you'll notice that her once green eyes have turned into blackish blue, and when you press the start button which displays your info, you'll see her icon and her eyes are no longer green! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
-is the bachelor who is easy to get....
-you can marry him for only about 1-2 yrs.(some 1-4 mo.)

here's how easy to get him

on your first day you get to meet the townspeople.... (almost all of the bachelors have their events even on your start)
just enter the church and you will meet him there and events will be triggered... by spring1 you can have him green heart by events.

Cliff likes: wine,grape juice, wild grape, fruits and vegetables(i'll try to figure up other things)
Cliff's bithday: Summer 6

One thing about cliff: on fall... there will be an event wherein dukes invites you to harvest his crops.... tell yes and invite cliff so he wont leave town.

OTHERS SAY WHEN YOU MARRY CLIFF THE GAME WILL END BUT I DONT BELIEVE IT(i didn't marry him yet his still red orange heart and going red...sorrry)
Horse Picture [Girl game]
If your playing the girl character and already has the large horse you can finally enter the race right? If you won the race you will have a picture taken with your horse. Sleep. The next day, the picture will be on top of the bookshelf, but (there's a but) the person in it is not you, its the male character
I'm actually talking to the mayor?
on a snowy day i wanted to visit the village and as it turned 10am there mayor thomas came out of the supermarket. Then i talked to him and a May appeared, saying " ( your name ) pls take care of ( name of your horse ) and if you talk to him again the glitch is over and there he says that he has no choice but to go to the inn. This happened to me two times on two different days.

Easter eggs

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Dirty food for everyone to eat
In fall the harvest festival will happen in the square and you get to throw something in the big pot and after throwing something in the big pot everybody will eat what's inside the big pot but the pot will stay full and if you climb the ladder try fishing in the big pot then you will get stuff like the things you get in the beach garbage!!!!!! You can also get lumber in there and the best thing is time is not moving. I don't know if you will also get fish in there because all I got was garbage. If you can't fish in the hot pot make sure the fishing pole or rod directly hits the upper part of the pots mouth.


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MAX Upgrade Tools to 400%
in the beginning of the game there's an introduction like your name etc...

there is a story about your character and the mayor is talking to you about your childhood was spent in the farm

after the story you you will able to move your character. then get your tools from the tool box and then use repeatedly you will notice at the stat's menu your tool's have: example (Water Can - 2%) [WARNING: Don't Leave the it will Trigger a Tour Guide to the Town by the Mayor and it will start your fatigue.]

when you fatigue and collapse after the tour guide
you will sent to the hospital and woke up in the next day

when all of your tools reach 400% that means its has the max level. then go outside and take the tour. after the tour in your farm straight to the left to the area and up there should be a Hot Spring go there to restore your strength:)

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