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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (PSP) Cheats

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Roger (Boss Fight) Cheat
Okay. So you reach the part where you have to fight a boss fight with one of the Prince's Henchmen. Roger. (Fat Phantom Dude) Anyway, how you beat Roger? Well all you need to do is equip your Shock parts to your drill. Since there's water around you and those litlle islands (which u don't even need) around you too,all you need is your goggles on also. Then since Roger swims the majority of the time attacking you, you just need to guard dash or dodge. To attack, just use the moves: forward slash or pretty missile. These moves just require you to move and rotate around on one spot. When you attack and use these moves, the electric current shot from the drill will hit the water. And what happens when electricity joins water? The water also gets filled with electricity, therefore, you're able to attack Roger freely and easily!!! YAY!!! (SOMETIMES, KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENCE MUST BE KNOWN TO COMPLETE A GAME!!!) Oh and Roger sometimes jumps on you to land and does some kind of *bleep* sausage spin to squash you. Just dive into the water (that's what goggles are for) or do a guard dash/dodge.

The End


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Boss Rush Mode
In Boss Rush Mode, you fight all 8 bosses one after another.

To unlock Boss Rush Mode, clear game under Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Happy Mode, head to the last locked house in human town, and enter the password:
- English version: LEGENDARY
- Japanese version: yarushikanaiwane (in hiragana/katakana)

After clearing Boss Rush Mode under any difficulty, talk to BlackBean and you'll get access to see any movie in this game.
Japanese voice
To unlock original Japanese voice, clear game under any difficulty, start new game, while on the difficulty select screen, hold down the L and R buttons and enter: Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down. A sound will play if the code is entered correctly. (Thanks to Jeduthy, for the info).
Play as Popon
To unlock extra character Popon, clear game under Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Happy difficulties. Start new game, get the drill, and go back to town. You'll find her standing in front of Fan's cake shop, talk to her and ask her to switch. Popon use sword as weapon, she can't use any headgear or clothes, but she is powerful.
Unlockable Costumes
Armor - Give 30 Gold Medal to Hyperbolic at Beginner Mode

Chinese Dress - Get good ending on Hard mode

Kimono - Set PSP date to January 1~7

Leopard Suit - Get good ending on Crazy mode

Maid Outfit - Buy from vending machine at Spinach Caverns - Shadow Grotto

Monkey Suite - Get good ending on Beginner mode

Normal Clothes - Starts off with this

Nurse Outfit - Clear Boss Rush on Happy difficulty

Pajamas - Get good ending on Normal mode

Princess Dress - Give 30 Gold Medal to Hyperbolic at Normal mode

Samurai Outfit - Give 30 Gold Medal to Hyperbolic at Crazy mode

Santa Outfit - Set PSP date to December 25~31

School Uniform - Get good ending on Happy mode

Swimsuit - Clear Boss Rush on Crazy difficulty

Vampire Outfit - Give 30 Gold Medal to Hyperbolic at Hard mode

Witch Outfit - Give 30 Gold Medal to Hyperbolic at Happy mode

Work Uniform - Clear Boss Rush on Hard difficulty

Workout Gear - Clear Boss Rush on Beginner/Normal difficulty