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Gretzky NHL Cheats

Gretzky NHL cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Press start on the Gretzky Challenge unlock ables screen to bring up the cheat entry.

Get one Gretzky point - CANADIAN DOLLAR
Big boards checking option - ALL ABOARD
No skate fatigue - CAFFEINATED
Perfect Slap Shots - SLAP THAT PUCK
Unlock everything - SHOENLOC


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Bonus Gretzky Challange Points
Press start on the Gretzky Challange Unlockables Screen to bring up the cheat entry.
Password Effect
CANADIAN DOLLAR Get one Gretzky Point.
Unlock alternate uniforms.
Hit start on the Gretzky Challange Unlockables screen, to pull up the cheat entry.

Password [Cap] Effect[Non Cap]
FLYING VEE Unlock alternate Anaheim Mighty Ducks Uniform
THRASHED TO THE MAX Unlock alternate Atlanta Thrashers Uniform
NOMAR STILL RULES Unlock alternate Boston Bruins Uniform
IN THE SNOW BELT Unlock alternate Buffalo Sabers Uniform
SNOW DRIFTS Unlock alternate Colorado Avalance Uniform
WINDY CITY Unlock alternate Chicago Blackhawks Uniform
THREE ALARM BLAZE Unlock alternate Calgary Flames Uniform
BLUE SHOES Unlock alternate Columbus Blue Jackets Uniform
HOCKEY IN TEXAS Unlock alternate Dallas Stars Uniform
PUMPIN OIL Unlock alternate Edmonton Oilers Uniform
SOUTH BEACH Unlock alternate Flordia Panthers Uniform
IT IS GOOD TO BE THE KING Unlock alternate Los Angeles Kings Uniform
COLD AS HECK Unlock alternate Minnesota Wild Uniform
LAWNG ISLAND Unlock alternate New York Islanders Uniform
GREAT WHITE WAY Unlock alternate New York Rangers Uniform
ALIEN VS NASHVILLE Unlock alternate Nashville Predators Uniform
MAJORITY RULE Unlock alternate Ottawa Senators Uniform
FANATICAL Unlock alternate Philadelphia Flyers Uniform
GET A BIGGER BOAT Unlock alternate San Jose Sharks Uniform
HEY TERRANCE Unlock alternate Toronto Maple Leafs Uniform
WEST COAST EH Unlock alternate Vancouver Canucks Uniform
Unlock Everything
Input SHOENLOC at the Password Screen.
Unlock Vintage Uniforms
Press start at the Gretzky Challange Unlockables screen to open the cheat entry.

Password Effect
WICKED HAAAAAHD Unlock 1928 Boston Bruins Uniform
FRENCH FOR CANADIAN Unlock 1980 Quebec Nordiques Uniform
FLAME ON Unlock 1977 Calgary Flames Away Uniform
BEEP BEEP Unlock 1927 Detroit Red Wings Uniform
TWIN STARS Unlock 1970 Minnesota North Stars Uniform
THREADS OF CHAMPS Unlock 1979 Edmonton Oilers Home Uniform
A SCARY SIGHT TO THE HOME CROWD Unlock 1979 Edmonton Oilers Away Uniform
ALL HAIL WAYNE Unlock 1983 Edmonton Oilers Away Uniform
VOLLEY DOLLY Unlock 1967 Los Angeles Kings Away Uniform
KING WAYNE Unlock 1989 Los Angeles Kings Home Uniform
KING GRETZKY Unlock 1989 Los Angeles Kings Away Uniform
THE HABS Unlock 1910 Montreal Canadiens Uniform
LE HABITANT Unlock 1924 Montreal Canadiens Uniform
YOU LITTLE DEVIL Unlock 1975 Kansas City Scouts Uniform
DEVIL MADE ME DO IT Unlock 1977 Colorado Rockies Uniform
ORDWAY MADE ME DO IT Unlock 1978 New York Islanders Away Uniform
NEW YORK NEW YORK Unlock 1976 New York Rangers Away Uniform
UPPER WEST SIDE Unlock 1999 New York Rangers Home Uniform
THE SENANATOR Unlock 1929 Ottawa Senators Uniform
MIDDLE OF CANADA Unlock 1990 Winnipeg Jets Home Uniform
PORTAGE AND MAIN Unlock 1990 Winnipeg Jets Away Uniform
CHEESESTEAK Unlock 1967 Philadelphia Flyers Away Uniform
POPPIN TALK Unlock 1967 Pittsburgh Penguins Away Uniform
STEEL TOWN Unlock 1988 Pittsburgh Penguins Away Uniform
MARDI GRAS Unlock 1979 St. Louis Blues Home Uniform
A BLUE NOTE Unlock 1979 St. Louis Blues Away Uniform
VINTAGE BLUES Unlock 1995 St. Louis Blues Away Uniform
SHARK BAIT Unlock 1993 San Jose Sharks Away Uniform
NORTH OF THE BORDER Unlock 1930 Toronto Maple Leafs Uniform
GREAT WHITE NORTH Unlock 1977 Vancouver Canucks Home Uniform
CONGRESSIONAL WISDOM Unlock 1977 Washington Capitals Away Uniform
Unlockable Options.
Press start on the Gretzky Challange Unlockables screen to access cheat entry.

Password Effect
THREAD THE NEEDLE Unlock Perfect Aim Option
SLAP THAT PUCK Unlock Perfect Slap Shots Option
CAFFEINATED Unlock No Skate Fatigue Option
ALL ABOARD Unlock Big Boards Checking Option