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Command codes

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Get to the other two irelands

First of all go to the poice station ater you get there drive into the car park and turn your car round so its facing at the main entrance.Then activate the drive on water cheat.Afterwards drive down the straight road go straight straight and straight until you drive off the edge of the harbour carry on and you will come to some piers and drive onto them.After drive up the steps until you get to the top.By this time your car might be a bit damaged so there is a red car when you get up the steps so jump in that and your there.To get to the third follow the maps round and go to the sea on the otherside of the ireland and because you activated the drive on water cheat you can go accross and brilliant your there!!!
Verified by: yuxian, james_desena Submitted by: emilyfreeman on December 21, 2010


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time speed up

PasswordWhat it does
L,L,Left,L,L,Right,circle,xspeeds up time
Verified by: ukayeracy Submitted by: bogoftricks12 on October 24, 2009


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a** tips

Well when you get to Statuaton Island your first missions are going to be Salvatore's missions so get ready to do some hard missions. i say hard cause his missions are very hard.

then when ya get to short side vale its gonna be harder because Salvatore is gonna be in JAIL
Verified by: sanklan10, awathif Submitted by: dda on January 01, 2010

Ambulance Missions Reward

Steal an ambulance, get in it and press Up to start the Ambulance missions. Do the missions and once you reach level 12, you will have infinite sprinting.
Verified by: xiiaodevil, sanklan10 Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

Ammo four Pistols

When you die and have lost your weapons, find a poilce officer, kill him and take the stick and pistol, pickup a health circle then use the stick on another police officer, he will fall down and keep hitting him when hes down and get another pistol. I did it to 6 police and got 120 ammo
Verified by: bubbles123, mcmans123 Submitted by: azza on April 18, 2006

Bullet-proof motorbike...

Bullet-proof motorbike

Complete the mission (overdose of trouble)were you kill Wayne and simply shoot him of his bike as he attempts to
escape make sure he doesn't get of the motorbike if he does, the motorbike automatically becomes un-bulletproof when you get on the bike just drive to your save house and park it in your garage then return to the mission and complete it. This is the only mission where you are allowed to obtain a bullet-proof motorbike so make sure that you collect it when you have the chance.

Hellenbach GT

For this quality vehicle all you have to do is to simply complete the four levels of the side salesman missions and there you have it a Hellenbach GT.
Verified by: piomuligande, jess12367 Submitted by: anonymous on April 21, 2006

Bulletproof LandStalker

Complete 12 "See The Sight Before Your Flight" side missions to have the bulletproof Landstalker spawn at your ShoreSide Vale safe house.
Verified by: johnis, freak_rosevic_06 Submitted by: Imagination on January 31, 2006

Completion Bonuses

Get a 100% completion by finishing all story line missions, all side jobs, all races in first place, complete all 24 unique jumps, complete the car list for Love Media, find all 100 hidden packages, and survive all 20 rampages. A tank will now appear in Fort Staunton, and speedboats can be taken in Portland. Additionally, all Multiplayer costumes will now be available in Single Player mode.
Verified by: psp80, psplord Submitted by: anonymous on January 14, 2006

cool cheat

when you put in the better handling cheat when you press down while moving in a car your car jumps into the air
Verified by: yeusie, harveyduenos5254 Submitted by: mat641 on July 30, 2009

Custom Soundtracks

Successfully complete the Radio mission for Donald Love to unlock custom soundtracks.
Verified by: wajdy2, mistap Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

Destory Helicoptors Easy

If you want to easily kill a helicoptor, get a sniper rifle and snipe the cockpit where the pilot would be. If you do this right, you will instantly destory the helicoptor. Just watch out..it could drop troops on you if your not careful.
Verified by: mistap, arsyadiva Submitted by: GamedudeV5 on December 30, 2005

Double Ammunition

It is possible to duplicate any amount of ammunition for a specific gun. This happens during any missions or odd jobs where you are driven by someone and have to shoot things with a crosshair and some type of automatic gun with unlimited ammo. Just have the gun in your inventory that you want to duplicate ammo selected before you start the mission or odd job. Certain missions where there is more than just the shooting part only require having the gun selected when you go into the shooting part of the mission. When the mission is completed or failed you should notice the selected gun has twice the initial ammo.
Verified by: kazuya25, imac Submitted by: Master Zhang He on January 28, 2006

easy hitman kill

on the level where your ma sends the hitmen after you, drive to a pier or the bridge that leads to the sea. stand out of the way and whatch as the hitmen carelessly drive off the edge!!! but beware one of the cars might knock you off the edge, so stay out of the way!!!

Verified by: albin245 Submitted by: jakster on February 19, 2007

Extra Body Armor

If you're running low on body armor or you don't have any body armor at all, just hop into an Enforcer Van and you're body armor will be maxed out.
Verified by: Petarr, sheendinoso Submitted by: The Don on June 21, 2008

Extra Health

If you''re running low on health, just hop into an Ambulance and it'll give you a short amount of health.
Verified by: Shindiggy, gtbaby93 Submitted by: The Don on June 21, 2008

Extra Money

If you're running low on money or you don't have any money at all, just hop into a taxi and you'll get $12.
Verified by: sanchitrocks6, kinwai Submitted by: The Don on June 21, 2008

Extra Shotgun Ammo

If you're running low on ammo or guns, just hop in a Police Cruiser and when you step out, you'll receive ammo for a shotgun.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: The Don on June 16, 2008

Firefighter Mission Bonus

Steal a fire truck, get in it and press Up to start the Firefighter missions. Do the missions and once you reach level 12, your character will be fire proof.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

Food Delivery Missions Bonus

Go to the Well Stacked Pizza shop found in Staunton Island or go to the Noodle Punk shop in Portland. Start the delivery missions and once you reach level 9, your maximum health will be increased by 25 points.
Verified by: hlbrown, jason26 Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

Free weapons!

If you want to get alot of guns, katanas, hockey sticks and more you will wanna read this, heres the steps:

1) Make peds have weapons press R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE
2) Kick all there butts and nick there weapons!

DONE!!! i done this all day and reiceve 10000 ammo
Verified by: chaz36, unohablola Submitted by: jcool123 on August 27, 2008

Get a pair of underwear

Complete 1 unique stunt to get some underwear (a boxershort with hearts) at your safehouse.
Verified by: torralbajohnarvin, freshboy_tahj_7 Submitted by: Turisaz on December 31, 2005

Getting Busted costs nothing

In order to get cost-free arrests, complete the Avenging Angels missions on Staunton Island.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Imagination on January 31, 2006

Good Citizen Bonus

If you see a cop running after someone, go up to the person he is chasing and punch them. You will receive $50 for being a good citizen.

You should only punch them once though. If you kill the person you may become wanted and the cop will start coming after you.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

GTA: Vice City Reference

During the introduction sequence for the Biker Heat mission, the poster above Maria's bed depicts members of the imaginary rock band Love Fist, which was the band Tommy Vercetti befriended and completed missions for in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Verified by: coltonmurphy12 Submitted by: anonymous on January 14, 2006

Have Six Cars!!!!

In Portland, you can store one car in your garage. In Stauton Island, you can store two cars in your garage. In Shoreside Vale, you can store three cars in our garage. You can own six cars at once!

Warning:Some cars may be deleted if you don't park them properly or park cars too close!
Verified by: sibayankathleen, realest1 Submitted by: move979 on August 15, 2008

Hidden Package Unlockables

Generate $50,000 at all safe houses - 100 Packages
Generate a armour at all safe houses - 30 Packages
Generate a flamethrower at all safe houses - 80 Packages
Generate a M4 at all safe houses - 60 Packages
Generate a MP5 at all safe houses - 40 Packages
Generate a python at all safe houses - 50 Packages
Generate a rocketlauncher at all safe houses-90 Packages
Generate a shotgun at all safe houses - 20 Packages
Generate a sniper rifle at all safe houses - 70 Packages
Pistol at Safehouse - 10 Packages
Verified by: faahadspy, torralbajohnarvin Submitted by: crash_x69 on October 28, 2005

Hidden packages

10 Hidden packages -- Generates a Pistol at all safe-houses.
20 Hidden packages -- Generates a Shotgun at all safe-houses.
30 Hidden packages -- Generates Body Armour at all safe-houses.
40 Hidden packages -- Generates an MP5 at all safe-houses.
50 Hidden packages -- Generates a .357 at all safe-houses.
60 Hidden packages -- Generates an M4 at all safe-houses.
70 Hidden packages -- Generates a Sniper Rifle at all safe-houses.
80 Hidden packages -- Generates a Flamethrower at all safe-houses.
90 Hidden packages -- Generates an RPG at all safe-houses.
100 Hidden packages -- $50,000
Verified by: rosellebergola, sanklan10 Submitted by: SamGamingLegend on March 28, 2008

Infinite Ammo

To obtain infinite ammo, complete the game 100%.
Verified by: naaim, johnakhs_99 Submitted by: Imagination on January 06, 2006



Angel- Without Leaning: 98 MPH
With Leaning: 120 MPH

Avenger- Without Leaning: 98 MPH
With Leaning: 120 MPH

PCJ-600- Without Leaning: 89 MPH
With Leaning: 114 MPH

Manchez- Without Leaning: 92 MPH
With Leaning: 113 MPH

Freeway- Without Leaning: 80 MPH
With Leaning: 112 MPH

Noodleboy- Without Leaning: 62 MPH
With Leaning: 103 MPH

Pizzaboy- Without Leaning: 62 MPH
With Leaning: 102 MPH

Faggio- Without Leaning: 62 MPH
With Leaning: 102 MPH

Sanchez- Without Leaning: 80 MPH
With Leaning: 101 MPH


Speeder- 85 MPH
Predator- 78 MPH
Reefer- 46 MPH


Hunter- 168 MPH
Police Maveric- 133 MPH
VCN Maveric- 126 MPH
Maveric- 120 MPH
Verified by: fmahatma, chris haskins Submitted by: SamGamingLegend on March 28, 2008

Love Media Rewards

When you have gave Love Media all the cars that they want, you will automatically have a V8 Ghost and a PCJ-600 generated outside your Staunton Safehouse. Even if you destroy them, they will always come back.
Verified by: ms8plan Submitted by: iReaperX on December 20, 2008

Lower Wanted Level

If you have a high wanted level, go into the safe house and save your game. It will take away your wanted level.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: iReaperX on October 18, 2008

Moon Increase in Size

When it's night-time, take out your Sniper Rifle and look for the Moon in the sky. Zoom in and shoot the Moon. The Moon will increase in size the more you shoot it and then go back to it's original small state when you shot it enough times.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Master Zhang He on January 28, 2006

More Money

To get some easy money, just get a motorbike and do a stoppie by braking and leaning forward. This normally gives you about $30 each time.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: iReaperX on October 18, 2008

Near Infinite Sprint Trick

Just tap default X button to sprint instead of holding it down. You cycle the sprint so it's like you never start. This can be done at any time; whether during a mission or exploration.
Verified by: james_desena, irka Submitted by: Levantine on November 10, 2005

Smillie face

On Statunton Island there is a parking lot on the top northeast corner. Look for a white staircase inbetween the parking garage and the parking lot entraces on the southside. Go up the staircase and jump on the short cement railing. Then turn east and jump up on the roof over looking the parking lot (Liberty City Tree Building) and run across the roof to the other side where you will see a courtyard. Jump down into the courtyard and run to the very end of the courtyard to the northwest. Then on a wall at the end of a courtyard has a white picture of a smiley face and says 'Hello Again'. This is the same spot where in Grand Theft Auto III, where a sign says "You arn't supposed to be here."
Verified by: Fungfook6 Submitted by: Levantine on November 10, 2005

Super Hero outfit

To unlock the Super Hero Outfit, complete the avenging angels mission on Shoreside Vale.
Verified by: shannstop, gtbaby93 Submitted by: Imagination on January 06, 2006

Taxi Driver Mission Reward

To get the Bickle '76, just drop off 100 passengers.
Verified by: rashon125 Submitted by: TrunksnGoten on October 26, 2005

The King of Liberty City outfit

To unlock the King of Liberty City outfit, complete all the main story line missions.
Verified by: wajdy2, robern123 Submitted by: Imagination on January 06, 2006

Two bulletproof vehicles


On the mission Biker Heat in Portland, simply steel Wayne's bike after the mission and garage it.


Ok, i have found the easiest way to obtain this one. Its on a mission for Salvatore in Staunton Island- via payphone, the one where you have to rescue him. Go through the mission as normal until you reach Sal, then on your way out, kill a few guys when you come out of the little cul de sac where you found Sal. Then head to the left, killing all the people that way. Make sure you leave a couple alive, when you look right out of the cul de sac- its important. Ok, so you've headed left and reached the road, steal a car or bike quicky as the couple you left alive will follow you. then go around the road and back to the limo. Park next to the limo. Sal will not get in due to the fact that you left a couple of guys alive. So then Kill Sal while you can still see the limo. You will fail the mission for killing Salvatore, then simply get in and drive it to a garage. If the limo is not in eye shot when you kill Sal, it could dissapear.
Verified by: xxxkillerxx, gtbaby93 Submitted by: Matt J on November 10, 2005

Unlimited time for firetruck etc...

Wait until the timer is at 1 and about to switch to 0 and put out the fire, Deliver the passanger, Drop off everyone at the hospital or whatever you may have to do. The clock will dissappear and you can carry on doing the missions with ease!

Warning: This is very very hard to get as you have to get it EXACTLY as it changes.
Verified by: billdo1134 Submitted by: o_snuffles_o on February 16, 2006

Unlock Dragon Jumpsuit

Complete the story mission <i>Crazy '69'</i> in order to unlock this outfit.
Verified by: Manos1, musatan2011 Submitted by: Imagination on January 31, 2006

Unlock multiplayer items

Enter the code during gameplay and use the directional pad for left, right exc.

Cheat Effect
up up up triangle triangle circle Left Right All cars and pedestrians unlocked for all 3 islands in multi-player
Verified by: erikwoon1990, freshboy_tahj_7 Submitted by: tidus04 on December 19, 2005


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drive a exploded car

alright what u have to do is find a car (note emergency vehicles wont work)
once u found a car hijack it when u have the person in the seat coming out enter this cheat L(2), Left, L(2), Right, X, Square. then tony will be in the car driving it (note: tony looks black in the car)
Verified by: piomuligande, yettuh Submitted by: scar2225 on November 25, 2010

Park Multiple Vehicles In A Garage

Park the car/motorcycle halfway in the garage. Next get the other car you want then park inside the garage fully. The garage door should start glitching but don't worry about it. Park the car/motorcycle that you parked halfway inside the garage then leave the garage.
Verified by: marules Submitted by: awgmuhdyazid on April 15, 2013

Still will get Busted if you so the NEver Wanted Cheat!

Do the never wanted cheat which is L,L,triangle,L,L,X,O,square. Then punch a police's car door where the druver is sitting. The police man will open his door, knock you out onto the floor and point a gun at you and say BUSTED!!!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: move979 on October 28, 2008

Easter eggs

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in the graveyard

if you go to the cemetery on Staunton island zoom in on some of the graves and it will say the name of someone important you killed or has been killed such as vincenzo cilli or Joseph Daniel O'Toole
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: total_gamer_freak on July 19, 2011


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Acquire $250,000

To automatically receive $250,000, press L, R, Triangle, L, R, Circle, L, R while playing the game. If you entered the cheat correctly, a message will appear notifying you that the cheat was enabled and you will receive the $250,000.
Verified by: tails_003, billdo1134 Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006

Boat Car- Ghost V8

If You Go To the harbor beach you will find a dune buggy like car drive it to staton island. Take any car there and drive it back over water.
Verified by: johnis, garvitgupta1999 Submitted by: Bob the Superiour on June 30, 2008

Random Cheats

Better handling vehicles: While playing the game, press L, Up, Left, R, Triangle, Circle, Down, X. If you entered the cheat correctly, a message will appear notifying you and the cars will handle better. Press Down after this code is enabled to make your car jump.

Change size of the moon: Shoot the moon using a sniper rifle and it will increase in size. Shooting it again will increase it's size even more, until it goes back to it's original size.

Drive on water: While playing the game, press Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L, L. If you entered the cheat correctly, a message will appear notifying you and you should be able to drive any car on water.
Verified by: demento, Shindiggy Submitted by: Jax06 on January 14, 2006