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Football Manager Handheld 2011 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable Preferences
Here is how to get them all.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sugar DaddyStay at a club for a minimum two seasons and make the board happy by buying players, keeping in budget and winning trophies. The amount you have to do is parallel to your clubs reputation.
Place on the boardStay at the club over ten years while keeping the board happy.
No transfer windowsMake a profit for your club in the transfer window (the amount is in conjunction with your clubs reputation).
No work permitsBuy a certain amount of players that require a work permit, these players must be Russian, South American or any other player with the tag 'FGN' by his name.
'Owe you one'Stay at a club for 4 seasons and keep the board happy while, gaining a respectful amount of trophies.
Your sonBuy a player and have him retire while having a testamonial (10 years at the club). He must play at least one game a season.
Start as international teamTake over an international club and win a competition with them.


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Aston Villa reccomended

I am now in my 2nd season at Aston Villa and have been quite successful.

My players are:

GK- Friedel, Hart

DEF-Beye, L.Young, G.Van Der Wiel, J.Enrique, R.Klavan, N.Moisander, S.Warnock, R.Albiol, T.Alderwield, J.Collins, C.Davies, R.Dunne.

MID- N.Reo-Coker, Y.Cabaye, Edmilson, S.N'Zonzi, D.Beckham, S.Ireland, A.Young, S.Downing, E.Hazard, S.Jovetic, B.Ruiz, G.Bale

FOR- G.Agbonlahor, J.Carew, E.Heskey, Liedson, M.Jovanovich.
Good wins included:

6-1 Birmingham
1-0 Man City
2-0 Chelsea
4-3 Liverpool
We reached:

Euro Cup: Playoffs
FA Cup: 4th round
League Cup: Runners Up

And finally here are some of the stats!
Most goals/ Carew/13
Most assists/Young/13
Highest Average Rating/Friedel/7.66
Most MOTM/Guzan/6
Most appearances/Ruiz/48
Highest Fee Paid/Hazard/19.75m
Hope its good as its my first post!


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Another way to sign a player who doesn't think your club can meet there demands.
when signing a big name player who thinks you can't meet his demands, on the contract negotiations page, simply click the undo changes button, then make the offer that comes up. you may also sometimes be able to remove clauses before submitting the offer this way.
Get a player who thinks club can't meet demands
When you offer a club for a player and they accept but when your offering a contract to him and he says that you cant meet his demands cancel the offer and then bid the same amount then go on holiday for 2 days then when you come back you will have him
How To Replay Any Game Straightaway
First way: Make sure one of the players that's playing or on the sub's bench has you as their favourite player. In a game, if you're losing, drawing, or simply want to quit, simply select the player that has you as their favourite player, go to their profile, select you and select Home. You will be back at the screen just before the match.

Second way: Before you go into a match, bid for an opposing player. When in the match, select that player and select Transfer Offer. Select Home. You will be back at the screen just before the match.

Don't use these cheats unless you really are desperate, as they ruin your gaming experience
How To Sell Any Player For £60m
This cheat does work.

1) Select any player you want to sell.
2) Select Offer To Clubs and make it £0m.
3) Wait until a club offers.
4) Change the amount to £60m. After you have done this press the L button - Don't press accept.
5) After you have done all of that press square. You will go back to the offer and the offer will say £60m.
6) After you have done that press undo changes and accept.
7) If you want to check that you have done it right select the player that you wanted to sell and select Contract and it will say the price that you are selling him at.

Don't use this unless you're desperate as it ruins your gaming experience.
Win all matches
First you must have one player in your 18- player squad who you are their favourite person.
Then, if you are losing or know you are going to lose, go on to their profile and click your name under favourite person and then click HOME and restart the match!!!