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Football Manager Handheld 2010 Cheats

Football Manager Handheld 2010 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable features
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Place on the BoardTo unlock this you have to survive managing the same club for at least 10 seasons and also achieve a number of successes proportionate to the clubs starting reputation. For instance taking over a top club you'd be expected to have won at least one cup, european trophy and league for instance ... however taking over a minor club winning one division and say 3 promotions might be enough to impress the board enough.
Sugar DaddyStay at a club over two seasons and also win a certain amount of cup competitions (the size of which is determined by the reputation of your club at the start of the game).
No transfer windowsMake a huge profit from transfers during the game (exact amount dependant upon the team you're managing|+|ie. Chelsea requires a larger amount than Brighton for instance).
International ManagementWin an international competition while in charge of an international team.
No work permitsTo Unlock this you must sign 25 players who require work permits and get them sucessfully.
"Owe you one"This cheat allows you to use one board request sucessfully, it can be used once for the club at anytime of the career. To unlock just do well with the club and keep the board happy.
Your sonStay at a club for at least 10 seasons, play in a retiring players' testimonial, and make sure the player plays at least one match in a season.
How two buy any playerIf you put a bid in for a player and he accepts but you can't pay his contract cancel the offer and then put the bid in again then go on holiday and come back two days after and wait for him to accept the offer and you have sighned him


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How to sell any player for £60m
This cheat does work.

1) Select any player you want to sell.
2) Select Offer To Clubs and make it £0m.
3) Wait until a club offers.
4) Change the amount to £60m. After you have done this press the L button - Don't press accept.
5) After you have done all of that press square. You will go back to the offer and the offer will say £60m.
6) After you have done that press undo changes and accept.
7) If you want to check that you have done it right select the player that you wanted to sell and select Contract and it will say the price that you are selling him at.

Don't use this unless you're desperate as it ruins your gaming experience.
Remove Big Club release clause
Sign the player (with Big Club release clause activated) who won't accept the contract unless he has the Big Club release clause activated. When he has signed, go into preferences and change your currency to Australian Dollar. Go in to offer him a new contact, and you can offer him more money than before, meaning you can get rid of the Big Club release clause. Also, you can offer players in your team that didn't think you had the resources to match his demands a new contract.
Replay any game straightaway
First way: Make sure one of the players that's playing or on the sub's bench has you as their favourite player. In a game, if you're losing, drawing, or simply want to quit, simply select the player that has you as their favourite player, go to their profile, select you and select Home. You will be back at the screen just before the match.

Second way: Before you go into a match, bid for an opposing player. When in the match, select that player and select Transfer Offer. Select Home. You will be back at the screen just before the match.

Don't use these cheats unless you really are desperate, as they ruin your gaming experience


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get player who thinks club cant meet demands
when you offer a club for a player and they accept but when your offering a contract to him and he says that you cant meet his demands cancel the offer and then bid the same ammount then go on holiday for 2 days then when you come back you will have him