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Football Manager Handheld 2009 Cheats

Football Manager Handheld 2009 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlock Extras
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Place on the BoardTo unlock this you have to survive managing the same club for at least 10 seasons and also achieve a number of successes proportionate to the clubs starting reputation. For instance taking over a top club you'd be expected to have won at least one cup, european trophy and league for instance ... however taking over a minor club winning one division and say 3 promotions might be enough to impress the board enough.
Sugar DaddyStay at a club over two seasons and also win a certain amount of cup competitions (the size of which is determined by the reputation of your club at the start of the game).
No transfer windowsMake a huge profit from transfers during the game (exact amount dependant upon the team you're managing|+|ie. Chelsea requires a larger amount than Brighton for instance).
International ManagementWin an international competition while in charge of an international team.
No work permitsTo Unlock this you must sign 20 players who require work permits and get them sucessfully.


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how to win every game
how you do it is save your game before you play then play and and if you lose go home back on the game load it up again and try a new formation.
Win every game (without restarting your game!)
Before you play your next opponent, bid on a couple of their players (like the goalkeepers for instance).
While playing them, and you see you're going to lose, go to a player you've bid on.
Then go to 'transfer offer' and then, on top, you see (not continue but) home.
Click on home and you're able to play the same game again!
(this does spoil your game a bit, but it's a good trick to get your sugar daddy! without having to restart your game over and over again)


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100 mil for any player!
- Set the players value on the transfer list to £0, click make offer and wait until someone makes you an offer.

- When they do, set the value up to 100 million and then set the sell on clause to 50% if you want. When this is done, press 'L' to get off the offer then press square to get back on it.

- When back on the offer, press start and you'll go back to the news screen. Then you press square and you'll have an offer for 100 mil + 50% sell on clause and then all you need to do is accept the offer!