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Get the preference "Sugar Daddy", spend all the money with the preference on and when you have spent it, turn it off and then back on to get more money. Have fun (rate this comment)
most transfer fees
Chelsea will give you a starting transfer fee of £49.5m, which is probably enough to buy Robinho and Messi/c. Ronaldo providing you sell some people like Sidwell and Kalou aswell.
Quick Transfers and easy key players.
For easy players place a bid of £10m more than a key players value.

For quick transfers, when it says 'go to match', submit a bid for a player, save, than turn off the game. Load it up again, and click continue. You should have news. It will say whether the players team accept or don't accept the bid. If so repeat the save/load process until the player is yours.

e.g. Torres 17.5 offer atleast 10m more.

Hope it helps!
Unlockables - How to Unlock

A place on the board (no sackings) - Stay at club for 10 seasons
Sugar Daddy (cash injection) - Gain over 1000 loyalty points
No Transfer Windows (bid any time) - Make a huge profit from transfer sales


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Lots of Cash
OK here goes, this cheat can be used at any time in the transfer window to get rid of all your surplus players and gain £60m for each one which you can use to buy better players. So here what you do:

Put a player up for sale and offer him to a club for a low fee (100k)
When an offer comes in put it up to £60m BUT DO NOT NEGOTIATE
Press the left trigger to go back to the mail and press square on the offer again
It should still say £60m
Press undo changes and then accept the offer

Wait for the player to accept the contract and when it goes to confirm it will say you are completing a £60m deal which goes straight into your transfer budget.

Good luck!

Easter eggs

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Quick season and lotsa cash
Once you start a new file, put all of the players you wish to sell on the Transfer List, then go to 'Manager Profile' and click on 'Go on Holiday'. Select all the options you want from the menu. Make sure you only do:

Reject all offers below asking price
Reject all offers for players not transfer listed

Select 'Until end of season'

After that, press square to go on holiday. This bit takes usually 15-30+ minutes. The game will continue automatically through all the months until the end of the season. After, you may have lots of cash from transfer sales, meaning you can buy your own players during next season's transfer windows.