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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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EASY Materias (and costly punch)
This is how to get these unlocks in less than 10 minutes:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Costly punchaquire 1 DMW materia (charactar or summon i think) and one hammer or magical punch and fuse them in materia fusion- fusion tone is not required.
Unlock Genji Equipment
UnlockableHow to unlock
cursed ringgo to mission 2-4-4, 10-1-2 to obtain the curse ring. It is rumored that you might find a Curse Ring in the Wonders themed missions where a Cactuar is located.
Unlock Genji Equipment
UnlockableHow to unlock
Genji Glove (Breaks Damage Limit + all Physical Attacks Critical)Find In chest (as soon as you start it is in the closest place with a dead end, Check on Map) In Mission 9-6-4!
Genji Armor (Auto Wall, Absorbs All ElementsReach 100% with everybody in your DMW. (Easy)
Ziedrich (All Stats Increased By 100 Except for Luck)Find In a Chest In Mission 9-5-6
Costly PunchIf you have the Research Dept. QMC,buy any materia and fuse it with a another materia(anything you want will do).
costly punchto unlock costly punch first you have a goblin punch and fuse any materia you have but you have a hammer punch or magical punch and fuse with fat chocobo feather 48 that your hp wil be 99999
Ziedrich/All stats will increased by 100 except luckIn the mission 9-5-6(Tab 9, then tab 5, then tab 6
Ultima mag +40Fuse Materia Hellfire (when u have the shop) to any of these, Flare, Energy
Genji HelmBeat Mission 9-5-4, Get Net Shop Shade from a treasure chest, and purchase the genji helm for 1,000,000. Once you buy one and leave the shop you can't buy another so if for any reason you want another one make sure you have $2,000,000 +. This item grants 0 AP and MP Consumption and Atuo- Libra.
genji shieldGo to mission 7-6-6 and try to encounter the magic pot. you will need gil toss, costly punch, 99 999 damage and octoslash..( effect auto wall, and absorbbs all element attcks and prevents all status ailments) if you need assistance watch this vid( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi0KvJ0n5FA )
Divine SlayerBeat Minerva in mission 9-6-6 (It's not to hard, if you have all stats on 255, Genji Armor, Genji Glove, Genji Shield and Ziedrich...)
Heike SoulComplete all missions, including Minerva mission. Very useful item, because breaks all limits, adds Death, Poison, Silence, Stun and Stop to Attack command, automatically uses Potion when HP is low, has Dualcast ability, Smart Consumer ability, items dropped or stolen are always rare, doubles items dropped by an enemy, doubles gil dropped by an enemy, imitates SP Master 1st level, steal is always succesion, and it may have other abilities, but i don't know them. But it has ability to curse you


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Alternate Method for Massive SP convertion
Any materia + Limit Verge materia + 99 Mog's Amulets = New materia with +100 luck.

Cost to fuse, 1 million.
SP Gained from convertion, 2 million.
Net gain, 1 million sp.

Mog's amulets can be purchased at Sector 7-shop.
99 of them costs 99,000.

If you steal 99x Pheonix Downs from minerva and sell them, you can gain millions of Gil in no time at all.
Angeal Boss Tip
Go behind him and attack him two times then block, after Angeal done making his attack, cure your self then do what I said before. Do this till you beat him. He may move sometimes and attack you, but just make sure you block his attacks, they can do a lot of damage.
Avoid Battles
Most battles take place in wide areas and not halls, pathways, stairs, etc. because there simply isn't enough room to fight. When you're running through the wide areas, "stick to" or "hug" the walls. By doing this, you'll be able to avoid many battles.
Beat The Odds...
Whenever you start a battle and you're surrounded by enemies make sure to start off by getting out of the center and run behind any one of the enemies. Attack that one enemy and the others will follow and you may also be able to strike them with the same combo of attacks.

Note: This tip doesn't work so good with enemies that use ranged weapons or spells...
Block or Dodge
When fighting certain monsters it is sometimes better to do either Block or Dodge. On wild swinging combo attacks it is best to just block them. When it is only one or two monsters you should attempt to dodge their blows. Wutai trolls are a monster that you can easily dodge all their attacks by rolling. Summons however, tend to have multiple attacks that are more easily blocked than dodged.
The item Brutal can be obtained by completing the Contacts from P missions which is in the section Seeking Priceless Items. that mission will be available after you complete the other missions in that section.

Item Description: Break Damage Limit.
Critical hits
Every time you attack an enemy from the back, the attack will always be a critical hit. This works on bosses as well
DMW Activation % Guide
These Arent EXACT but they are pretty darn close.

DMW Limit Verge Activation Chances.
LOW 2%

Summon Chances, With Summon Materias equiped.
Summon materias can be purchased at Bone Village Commerce.

Number of materias equiped - % chance to activate.

Chocobo mode Activation Chances With Materias equiped.
Chocobo Mode Materias can be purchased at Junon Souvernirs.

Number of materias equiped - % chance to activate.
DMW hint
Whenever you get two people on the ends and the limit verge thing happens, while its spinning press up (d-pad) and x, most of the time the background will go blue and a video will happen which gives you the third picture of whoever was on the sides.
Don't overdo your combos
Most of the time, your full attack combo is
too long and will leave you open for an enemy attack. Go for the first
3 hits and then either dodge or block as needed.
Early Criticals...
Before you enter a boss battle it's much better if you "hug" or stick close to the walls and go around behind the boss. Then run up to the boss and the boss will be showing its back to you and then you can unload a quick combo of criticals as soon as the fight begins...
easy 200 or 1000 grunts
equip a mortal shock instant death for attack have a materia like jump and u should be done with 1000 soldiers in about an hour
easy 200 or 1000 grunts continued
have a ultima or flare materia that takes 9999 or more go to the mission and it should be easy (for ensigns equip mortal shock)
Faster Materia mastering
2 materia you want to level.

3 Moogle Power Materias.

1 luck stars materia.

then i jump into the first mission, and go wash the dishes or cook some food, browse the web, watch a movie / tv.
Usualy takes about 3-5 minutes for moogle power to pop up when the DMW is heavenly.

Then tada, 2 new masterd materia. - Rinse Repeat -
hit without being knocked down
If you ever get tired of the wait after being knocked down but dont mind being hit then just as soon as you get hit dodge and you will be up in no time. good luck
During later missions this won't work and endure can take its place.
How to level up on materia ~20 times faster
Wanna level up on your materia ultimately fast?
What you need is:
-Junon souverins shop address
-Enough gil to buy 4-6 Moogle Power Materia (10000\single, If I remember right)
-The materia you want ot level up
-The 1-1-1 missinon unlocked (May be other easy ones too, but the easiest one and easiest to unlock <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
-Around 2-10 minutes of time
-Levels to fight some crappy Shin-ra grunts
-Moogle on the chocobo DMW mode

What you might like to have:
+High VIT

So, to the real thing:
1:Buy the Moogle power materias. Buy 6 and equip them all. Or if you're still 2nd class, 4-5.
2:Start the mission.(1-1-1)
3:Kill every grunt until they stop coming, but leave one man standing. Either way the mission will end.
4:Wait until you get Moogle Power. Just run around the room.
5:When your materia has leveled up, kill the last grunt/finish the mission.
6:Now unequip as many moogle powers as you want. I sugges to leave 4 of them, since the more space you have free, more materia to level up, but the more Moogle Power Materia, the better change.
7:Equip some other materia you want to level up to MASTER on the empty slots.
8:Go on the mission again. Kill everybody expect the last one, again.
9:Wait until the materia levels up!
10:Repeat as many times as you want!
PM me if you think this helped you at all!
Item Fusion Tome
Complete the following mission to get the Item Fusion Tome. Seeking Priceless Items, Precious Things, Search and Destroy or in other words 7-2-1. It means you have to completer the Search And Destroy mission to get the Item Fusion Tome.
Junon Souvenirs Shop
To obtain the Junon Souvenirs Shop you have to go to the Monster Research Project, Unexplored territories (< which is unlocked by completing the other missions in that section), then go to the A Solitary island mission and head to the far East and you will find it in a treasure chest.
make the shina troop battles (training, 100 200 1000 ect.) easier!
1) you should creat a dark thundaga, so as to scilence and poision the enemy, or just equip a thundaga. (when the enemy appears in nines, cluster them then use the thundaga/dark and it has high chance of killing at least 4 of them at the sametime.

2) equip an item that prevents stop, 'cause it can get reall irritating when they stop you then use dynamite.
more money yaah!
equip a precious watch and go to the lowst tier great cavern o wonders or monsters gone haywire great cavern o wonders and you will get 20000 (if i remember correctly) gil each tonberry king
New Game Plus
Beat the game once and wait until the credits are finished. Save your game into a different slot (only if you want to keep your other file). You will be able to play through the game again and choose between either Normal or Hard mode. You will also keep the following from your previous file:

DMW ("Limit Breaks/Limit Verges" ONLY, you still have to unlock the characters)
Stats (Level, SP/HP/MP/AP, ATK/VIT/MAG/SPR/LCK, Gil)
Time played
Obtaining Summons
  • Chocobo: Mission 8-4-1 (Treasure Chest)

  • Cactuar: Mission 10-1-3

  • Tonberry: Mission 10-2-3

  • Cait Sith: Mission 8-4-3 (Treasure Chest)

  • Moogle: Mission 8-4-4 (Treasure Chest)

  • Magic Pot: He can be encountered in various places, such as Mission 10-2-3. Do what he wants you to do, and you'll get him.

  • Ifrit: Mission 8-1-1

  • Bahamut: Mission 8-1-4

  • Bahamut Fury: Mission 7-5-3

  • Odin: Mission 8-1-6

  • Phoenix: Check the water tower in Nibelheim
  • Research Dept QMC+ Shop & 777
    It always takes a while to get 777 in the DMW but if you equip one of the following it will boost your chances of leveling up:

    Rush Assault
    Air Strike
    Meteor Shots
    Healing Wave
    Lucky Stars

    They are all available in the Research Dept QMC+ Shop. you can only obtain it late in the game when you meet cissnei for the second time after you defeat sephiroth. it's somewhere around that area in the forest that is just past goongaga. those items will increase the chances of activating the DMW for that specific move. thus raising the chances of leveling up.
    Usefull Tip
    Whenever you cast the spell Energy it goes through anything it hits and if you use it against a large enemy that spell energy will hit your opponent multiple times and cause massive damage with just one cast.
    Wutai Secret Shop
    To unlock this secret shop that has some rare items/spells you have to complete all the Behind The Scenes missions the last one anyway. the Behind The Scenes missions can be unlocked by completing the Pursue the remnants missions. they are all in the To End the War with Wutai section in missions.

    Easter eggs

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    Hojo's random battling
    This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

    1) Will notice two machines, one to the left of the room, and one to the right.

    2) Examine the one on the RIGHT, and if you decide to touch it, you can do a random battle against a few monsters with different materia to those that you have equipped.

    3) Finish the conversation with Hojo that takes place after the battle, don't worry, his taunts of your wage decrease won't effect you.
    Hojo's secret items
    This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

    1) Examine the control panel (near Hojo, virtually centre of the room).

    2) Hojo should say something about defeating monsters and obtaining keys within a 3 minute time limit. Keys used to open rooms containing treasure.

    3) Use the elevator you used to enter the room (the only one active) to get to see monsters running out of the room and Zack in pursuit.

    4) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE STEAL EQUIPPED, and search the area for the monsters, using steal on each one before killing them to obtain the key.

    5) After defeating all 6 monsters (2 of them can be found in the next room), you can open the 6 doors in turn and get the 3 treasure chests found in each. Try to do so quickly as the time limit is still going.

    6) When you have obtained all the treasure, exit the area and return to Hojo. After a short conversation between Zack and Hojo, you can check out all your new treasure and then save after if you wish.
    Hojo's SP Increase
    This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

    1) Will notice 2 machines, one to the left of the room, the other to the right. Examine the one on the LEFT.

    2) After reading some text, you will be instructed to doing some sort of mako energy transfusion, that is, if you decide to when the options are shown.

    3) After the timer disappears, count 3 seconds at the same rate the computer previously did so, and if done correctly you can get an SP increase. But if done wrong, you lose SP.

    4)Try and use the save point frequently if you value your SP highly, as you can continue to use this machine for as long as you wish.
    Hojo's SP Increase Questions
    This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

    1) Go towards the chamber in the centre of the room.

    2) Examine it and there should be a conversation between Hojo and Zack.

    3) Hojo will begin to ask you questions.

    4) Follow the guide below or skip to step 5) to take advantage of this effortless SP increase.

    Depending on how you answer the following questions, you will get an SP boost at the end.

    Q1. Who do you admire more right now?
    A. A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth. (+300
    B. A SOLDIER operative like Angeal. (+100)

    Q2. What do you think ShinRa needs most?
    A. Many SOLDIER operatives. (+200)
    B. State-of-the-art technology. (+400)

    Q3. What kind of operative do you think SOLDIER needs right now?
    A. A person who will follow all the duties of ShinRa. (+200)
    B. A person who is unafraid to challenge ShinRa. (+300)

    And obviously at the end, when it says, Zack feels slightly closer to... that will end with whatever you answered for the first question.

    5) Get 1000 SP for answering the first, then second, then second options of the three questions. that appear.