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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Cheats

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Job List
A list of primary jobs with the requirements needed to unlock.
ArcherLevel 2 Squire
ArithmeticianLevel 5 White Mage, level 5 Black Mage, level 4 Mystic and level 4 Time Mage.
BardLevel 5 Summoner and level 5 Orator (Male only)
Black MageLevel 2 Chemist
Chemistdefault job
DancerLevel 5 Dragoon and level 5 Geomancer: (Female only)
Dark KnightCompletely Master the Knight and Black Mage job (golden stars above the job means that its mastered), kill (crystallize) 20 units, and reach level 8 with Dragoon, Ninja, Geomancer and Samurai jobs.
DragoonLevel 4 Thief
GeomancerLevel 4 Monk
KnightLevel 2 Squire
MimeLevel 8 Squire and Chemist, level 4 Geomancer, Dragoon, Orator, and Summoner.
MonkLevel 3 Knight
MysticLevel 3 White Mage
NinjaLevel 5 Thief, level 4 Archer, level 2 Geomancer
Onion KnightLevel 6 Squire and level 6 Chemist
OratorLevel 3 Mystic
SamuraiLevel 5 Monk, level 4 Knight, level 2 Dragoon
Squiredefault job
SummonerLevel 3 Time Mage
ThiefLevel 3 Archer
Time MageLevel 3 Black Mage
White MageLevel 2 Chemist


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Agrias' Birthday - Obtaining the Tynar Rouge
  • Chapter IV
  • Agrias, Mustadio, Lavian and Alicia must still be in your party roster.
  • 500,000 gils
In order to trigger this cutscene, you must land anywhere that has a store such as Castles, Towns or anywhere that has a store--EXCEPT on Zeltenia, Dorter and Eagrose Castle since these have a separate side quest and it won't trigger here--during day 1 of Cancer; Agrias' birthday. A cutscene will trigger and you'll obtain Tynar Rouge in your inventory.

    Tynar Rouge
    Physical Atk +3
    Magical atk +3
    Boost: Holy
    Always: Protect, Shell and Haste

Additional tips:Cancer 1 comes after Scorpio 32 so make sure to stay close to a town when you aproximate those dates. If you miss out, don't worry, you can let the time cycle fly by and attempt to trigger this cut-scene once again. The Tynar Rouge only cost 50,000 gil, but you;ll still be needing 500k in order to unlock.
Balthier From FFXII
1. When you reach Chapter 4, head over to The Mining Town of Gollund.
2. Check the "Rash of Thefts" rumor from the tavern.
3. Drop by The Merchant City of Dorter's tavern and read the "A Call for Guards" rumor.
4. Leave town, and you'll automatically enter a battle.
5. Win with the help of Balthier, and he'll join the party.
Deep Dungeon/ midlight Deep
Beat the Adrammalech battle in chapter four and go to Warjilis trade city. You'll go through a cut-scene. After that you'll have acces to Midlight Deep. The dungeon is pitch black, and to progress you simply need to land a character on a certain tile. Use crystals to light the area.
Defeat the Fell Knight - The easy way!
The Fell Knight, Gaffgarion, will betray you in chapter 2 and a battle will take place. He is a tough opponent while having the Fell Knight Skill. To defeat him easily and while he is still in your party, take off all of his equipment and change his job to a less threatening one. This way he won't be a Fell Knight during the battle you have with him.
Early Game - Monk Party
There is an easy way to kill most enemies (monsters and human) with 1 or 2 hits from very early in the game.

What you need:
  • Focus (a Squire technique)
  • Monk (prequisite is a lv.2 Knight)
  • Aurablast & Shockwave (both are Monk techniques)

Use Focus at the start of a battle. Make sure to power up each of your monks this way. A good tip is to only conduct the action but do not move the tile since moving is a -20 to your CT. After buffing up your monks, proceed to defeat you enemies with Aurablast or Shockwave. The benefits of these two techniques is that you can conduct a long-range attack, preventing your opponents from conducting a counter or from being to close to you. You can easily defeat enemies with this brutal method.
easy leveling
the way i like to do it is i put ramza in the fight with like 2 chemists and a knight or a squire...

then just another random person

then i get tailwind and focus on ramza..

kill everything but a chocobo

if theres no chocobo i just chose a random monster to pick on in the end

then i cast tailwind on ramza about 20 times till I'm getting around 4 turns in a row sometimes then i cast focus like 10 times

then i just do tail wind on random people get the chemists to heal the monster and throw stones or hit it with the rest
Easy Leveling with Steal EXP
1. Get into a random battle.
2. Kill all enemies except one (I suggest goblins) and damage it/him/her until it/him/her HP is Very low.
3. Surround the enemy and Use Steal EXP on it/him/her.
4. Do not use Steal EXP with someone with only 0 Exp. or else you wont steal the exp.
5. If you stole 12 exp. Then you get another 10 exp. You get 22 in total! If you stole 15 exp. Then you get another 10 exp. You get 25 in total! Do it 4 times (if your victim has enough for you to steal) you level up!
Easy Skills For Guests turned Permanent Members
When we get some cool characters joining our party that become permanent like Luso for example, we notice their skills are not entirely what we want. Because Luso has a skill that lets him raise his bravery, magic, speed etc. we know he would be a good summoner or we want him to do some magic like Flare. But it takes time to get his job levels to the level we want them to be at just to change to the next job. There is now a simple solution for this. Go to the Guild and make a new character. Train him in all the jobs you want Luso to be in and then when you're finished, remove all his equipment, enter a battle and kill him. Why? Because when you kill a human character, they turn into an Ability Crystal. What's an ability Crystal? It gives you 2 options instead of 1. It can restore your hp/mp to full or give you a list of their abilities. You may think "You can only get one ability from an ability crystal so all this work wasn't worth it." WRONG! If you select the ability on the bottom, you get ALL the abilities. Basically what you've done is created a disposable character used for farming skills and you kept Luso on his Game Hunter class the entire time. Hopefully this was a useful tip for you guys. Enjoy.
Few Advices
1. Ramza has an ability called Tailwind.It boosts the speed by 1 each time used.After about five uses he takes 2 turns while others take 1.This applies to all skills which increases speed.This way I gained 99-level and mastered all jobs easily.

I suggest that you start this before getting additional characters e.g Argias,Balthier. The higher level of Ramza the higher level of new characters.

2. Getting new warriors might be difficult when purchasing in Warriors Guild(they're all lvl 1). It is better to have Orator in a party and persuade to join.I suggest to battle at Mandalia Plain for knights and The Siedge Weald for monks.

3. When gaining new characters re-equip them with stuff from a shop.This way you gain valuable items. When rescuing the princess on the bridge remove all equipment from the black knight he wont be able to use skills without a sword.
Get Luso From FFTA2
i). Go to the Zekalus Desert after the Orbonne Monastary battles in Chapter 3.

ii). Once there, watch the FMV and complete the following battle.

iii). Congratulations, Luso is yours!
How To use Arithmeticks
Level: 99 (pretty much a basic requirement)
Class: any
Secondary Class: Arithmetician (with LV3x Holy)
Reaction Ability: any
Support Ability: any
Movment Ability: any

Required equipment: Chameleon robe OR Excalibur. (Absorbs Holy)

With a party of 5 lv 99's all the monsters are usually level 99 as well.

Arithmeticks ability Lvx3 + holy = Holy on every thing, and with Chameleon robes OR Excalibur all 5 characters will absorb holy.

Casting holy for BIG damage and BIG heals on all enemies and all allies.
Level up with 'Focus' ability
Join a battle with the desired job to level up and have everyone with the squire/mettle ability as a secondary job. Defeat every monster except for one. Lower that monsters hp or give it a status effect that won't hurt it or turn it to stone. Use Focus continuously during the battle for desired jp and exp gain.

Focus is a skill that triggers fast ie. it consumes less time and allows you to level up fast.
Leveling up low level characters in late game
It is best if you have someone that is Lv100 for this. Run into a battle and use five people including the Lv100 party member. Kill all opponent except for one. You don't need to attack him. Just take his attack power down, and lower his speed all the way to 1 with slow. Then put the Lv100 in the middle, and put your whole team around him with the person you wanna level up next to the Lv100. Then lower all of you team members' speed to 1 except for the person you want to get up, then make sure you have another person that can use slow to slow down the person who you were using to slow your team down. Sounds confusing, but basically you just need to make sure everyone's speed is 1 except for the person you want to get up. Then when everyone's speed is 1, the person you want to get up will be able to keep attacking the Lv100 multiple times in a row. Each time you attack him, you will get allot of exp. When the Lv100 gets low on health from your attacks, just heal him, then keep attacking him again. It also help if you use haste on the person you are trying to get up. This may be hard to understand, but once you understand and master it, you will realize that this is the FASTEST way to level up your whole team!!! You can level up your whole team in less than 2hours! But you got to know how to do this right. Embrace this cheat, cause I swore that I would keep it secret.
Leveling Up Onion Knight's
Onion knights (squire lv6 Squire lv6) is a unique job that in order to master it you'll need all of the other jobs mastered as well -- only that way it will be strong. Onion knights can't level up since they don't gain any experience in battles. There is a way to have it gain levels and that is by using the Bequeath Bacon with a boar that is standing near a character with the beasmaster ability. Onion Knight has the highest stat growth in the game thus for its worth leveling up as an Onion Knight.

A second tip would be to de-level a character as a chemist (they have the lowest stat growth) with traps or mindflayers and then leveling up as mastered Onion Knight for maximum stat growth.
Master jobs in 1 battle.
the one being leveled up must know fundaments (or mettle), you need ramza with his mettle ability, enough strong characters to defend yourself (but if you can do it with just 1 defender, ramza, and 1 person leveling up that would be best) and have the defender know arts of war, time magic, mystic arts, or some other skill that will allow you to make the enemy helpless.
as soon as the battle starts have ramza keep using tailwind on the one you want to gain JP. have the one you're leveling up keep using focus (a fundaments ability) focus is one of the quickest things you can do and still gain JP so its very useful here. have your defender(s) take out all the monsters except one, then use your skills to turn that monster into a toad, art of war him into nothingness, keep casting stop on him, or in some other way incapacitate him without ending the battle. after the trainee gets his speed up, courtesy of ramza's tailwind technique, he'll start taking 2-3 turns for everyone else's 1. then you can use focus rapid fire, while just having your guys wait, and the helpless enemy doing nothing. before you know it you'll have thousands of JP for that one character. or if you want, use the same strategy and train multiple guys at once. hope it helps =D
Mastering "-aja" Magic
For those of you who are tired of spending hours trying to learn the -aja Magic (Firaja, Blizzaja, Thundaja etc.) You have a 30% chance to learn those spells just by casting them on one of your own characters! They need to survive the attack in order to have them learn the ability. Have one character learn all the "-aja" magick. Once it has mastered those abilities, you can now have that character teach the rest of your party the "-aja" abilities.

Another easy way is by killing (crystal) a black mage with those skills in a random encounter battle or alternately have that character cast the magick on you. if you opt for the crystallizing your opponents (or party members), make sure to choose the last ability since an in-game glitch makes you learn all the abilities from that crystal.
Missable Skills - Ultima & Zodiark
Ultima can only be learned by Ramza and Luso and its a required skill in order to master the Mettle and Game Hunter. Ultima is a learned skill for which you'll need to be attacked with it and survive the blow to learn the technique. A message box will appear asking you if you want to learn the ability for what you'll choose "Yes". Ultima can be learned in Chapter IV from the Limberry Castle battle from Lettie and Celia or from a Chaos/Ultima Demon in a later battle With Eldimore Celia and Lettie in that same chapter. You can have Ramza learn the technique and then have Ramza teach it to Luso as well.

Zodiark is a learned skill for the summoner class and it is required to have Summoner mastered. You can only learn Zodiark from Eldibus located in the last level in Midlight Deep. To learn Zodark, you'll need to be a summoner (or have a party of summoners) and survive the attack. The attack takes a lot of charge time so you'll need to take down the other monsters so they won't interfere. A tip is to have Mana Shield as an ability this way your chances of surviving the attack are guaranteed if Mana Shield works. Zodiark can't be learned by your own characters so you'll need to learn this directly from Eldibus or alternately have a summoner foe learn it.
Obtaining Cloud, Beowulf, Reis, Construct 8.
First of all, this optional quest not only gets you Cloud, but some other great characters. It is available in chapter 4 once Andramellech is vanquished. ( Mustadio must be alive, or you can forget about getting Cloud. )
  1. Buy a flower from the flower girl in Zarghidas Trade City. ( Looks awefully familiar ^^ )
  2. Go to Goug Machine City, a scene will occur between Besrodio, Mustadio and Ramza.
  3. Go to Goland Coal City, go into the bar and listen to the " Ghost of Colliery " rumor.
  4. Go to Lesalia Capital City, you'll meet Beowulf here, say " yes " so he joins you.
  5. Go back to Goland Coal City and complete the 4 consecutive battles.
  6. Once you succeed in saving Reis from Sinogue and Co., you'll get a new stone, and Beowulf and Reis ( Dragon ) will join. You must accept them, or you cannot get Cloud.
  7. Return to Goug Machine City , you'll get Worker-8 after a funny scene.
  8. Now you must go to Zeltennia Castle, go into the bar and listen to "Cursed Island" rumor.
  9. Go to the Nelveska Temple, north of Zeltennia Castle, defeat Worker 7 New to get another stone plus Reis will be reverted to human form here. She re-joins as a Dragonner, accept her or no Cloud for you. ^^
  10. Return once more to Goug Machine City, the latest stone will activate a machine which summons Cloud. He runs off. Follow him, to where ????
  11. Go back to Zarghidas Trade City, here you'll have to save Cloud from a bunch of theives. Win it and Cloud joins. Yay !
  12. Go to Bervenia Volcano and get into a fight, the Materia Blade is hidden of the highest point on the map, a ninja with germinas boots can easily reach it, don't forget to give him/her Move-Find Item first.
Sticky Finger tips
The sticky fingers techniques becomes an easy way of obtaining extremely rare items from ninjas. Its usefuly in chapter IV when you have access to midlight deep. On floor 9, you'll encounter ninja's that throw weapons. Make sure to have characters with sticky fingers so you can catch weapons such as excalibur, chaos blade, Obelisk II, Masamune, Sasuke's and any other rare weapons that are hard to get.
The Ultimate Job Mastering Technique
Required abilities:
  • JP Boost (Mettle/Fundaments)
  • JP Accrue (Arithmeticks)
  • Rend Power, Rend Speed and/or Rend Magick & Rend MP (Art of War)
First, equip all the above. Then, get in to a battle (non-story battles suggested). With JP Accrue, you will earn JP as you move, and when you Act, you will also gain JP, and with JP Boost, you will receive 50% more JP! You should get 60-70 JP a turn!

You should kill all but one enemy and use Rend Power/Speed/Magick/MP to weaken it so that it do very little harm while using this technique.
Toad Training Tip -Fast leveling and JP
This is the main way I got my characters to level 99 and mastered most of jobs early in game.

Simply just kill off all enemies in battle except one and turn him into a Toad, along with 4 allies.
Have those 4 allies in Toad status surround the enemy and take turns attacking him for low damage. With JP bonus skill they will gain a lot of JP each time they attack and can max out job and level up quickly.
You could speed it up with berserk and have them attack automaticly, or by using Rend Speed on enemy or any speed boost on allies. (Bard's Rousing Melody, Ramza's Tailwind)
If you have trouble landing Toad and other spells on someone, casting Mystic's skill "Belief" on the caster or one being casted on uasually makes it land 100%.

Careful tho. Too much training could make you level 50-99 very early in game making monster enemies higher level and extremely difficult...
Undead Monsters - Defeating them the easy way!
Undead character's are easily defeated by using healing potions, phoenix down and healing magick against them. A good tip is to to activate a magick ability that cures when one of your characters is standing near the undead monster, this way you'll heal your character as well as hurting the foe.


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Crystal 'All Abilities'
When a character faints/dies, it requires 3 turns for it to crystalize. A character can then stand on the crystal and either heal mp/hp or obtain an ability of the deceased from the provided list. By choosing the last ability of that list, you'll obtain all of the abilities from the list instead of one. This glitch is useful for obtaining abilities fast as well as it saves you time and tp consumption.

Easter eggs

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Sound Test (U.S. Version)
To load the Sound Test, on the title screen, select New Game, and when you get to naming Ramza, enter in PolkaPolka exactly like you see it, and the Sound Test will load.